Protect Your Realms Server With Command Blocks
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Protect Your Realms Server With Command Blocks

hey GriMFreaks here and today we are going
to be taking a look at eight command block creations that you can use for
your minecraft Windows 10 realms server so before we get started I just wanted
to give a shout out to LegoAidan10155 who many of these creations are inspired
after so if you have a chance go check them out on Twitter and so let’s get
right into this already so the first creation we have here is the TNT G
spawner so of course as you can tell by the title what this does is D spawns the
TNT after it is ignited so that is a pretty sweet thing if you want to have
that in your server and you don’t want to have like an add-on installed or
whatever you can just do this very simple command block and creation and
that will just prevent people from destroying stuff so it’s a pretty simple
actually and I’ll leave a link of course like I said earlier to download this
world so you can see all the creations in more detail and so this one there’s a
little difference between these two here and that this one just do spawns the TNT
but this one has this extra block here which will clear the TNT from that
players tear from the Eze inventory so that is a pretty cool thing there if you
don’t want that person or any person in the server to have CNC that it will
actually just take it pick it out of their inventory so if that’s a pretty
cool creation for your own server so now let’s move on to the anti grease spawn
so this one is actually one of my favorites and that is it’s pretty
awesome that you can protect your spawns and you know people who can’t destroy it
or whatever so as you can see here it works by cloning a second one that we
have down here you can see what your cloning so pretty
much what you’re doing is you have to build your spawn or whatever it is that
you don’t want to be destroyed and so you build it wherever and then what’s
like command blocks you clone it to the actual place where you want it so we
want to up here so you would you would clone it over to your spawn or wherever
and so this is just using the clone command with a repeat command block and
that’s all you have to do is just clone it over to the spot where you want it
and then because it clones whenever you destroy a block it will actually drop
that block so people like if I was mining right here it would just keep on
dropping stone breaks and so that would be like a really easy way for people
just a kid stone brick so we have this other one which just removes the drops
so that will just delete whatever comes out of a person breaking that if you get
when I’m putting down you know I’m saying already up next is the automatic
shop and this one is also one of my favorite creations although there are a
few bugs with it we will see but let’s just test it out you know I got some
three emeralds and one emerald gives me 64 of City and that’s a pretty sweet
deal I’d say so you know I gather yeah a few stacks there I just used up to three
and you can see I have the three stacks and in creative mode that’s why it also
gives you this cool message here purchase successful you every see is
obsidian time 64 and so that’s awesome but one major bug with us
for right now is that you can click it one more time and it
well it will still give you another stack and that’s just one little bugs I
have with it but this one is a little bit more complicated than the others
although it’s not really if you just follow what we have made here pretty
much this is a if-then statement like so if the person has five the person has an
emerald then it will be true and it will give you 64 but if the person doesn’t
have any emeralds then it will be false and the person purchase will be failed
so that’s a pretty cool thing to do with the command blocks and you also have the
successful message communion block there so that’s another very awesome creation
and all I mean pretty much all of these are like so awesome for your server if
you want to actually you know have a really good flavor with people who you
might not even trust all that much and so the next one is going to be the
hidden door so this one is also really cool walk up to the course block and
there you go that’s all it is you can walk up and it will open the secret door
and so what this does is pretty much when you walk up to it this command
block right here will detect that you walked up to it and then it will trigger
this one which will remove these blocks by filling it with air and then when you
get out of it this little thingy here will trigger this one which then fills
it back up with the stone breaks so that is a very awesome thing and you can make
the store like much bigger if you wanted to or you could just really you can put
it anywhere and it would just be a so secret and it’s pretty sweet so that’s
not very sweet one let’s check out this one next this is the anti wither pretty
self-explanatory it’s pretty complicated as
well but it’s uh you know it’s still pretty a decent and that it’s not really
like all that complicated like you can just copy it and it will work but so
basically what you’re doing with this repeats command block is testing for
wither and so if we just go into here and grab some stuff we can spawn in a
wither and so what it does is it will send the weather when we make it over
this one get up there thank you it actually sends the weather
right up there all the way up really high and you can send it pretty much
wherever you just want to make sure that you keep it in range of the command
blocks so basically all I did was I cheap teleported the weather just really
high in the sky and so of course it went all the way up there and then this will
say that then energy is banned everything’s identity has been do not
Center something and so pretty much because the way the game works is that
the the command blocks does it doesn’t want to kill it on like the first try
here like look at here once you teleport it away then and use
some time to like load up like you know how when the wither spawns like that
little bar shows up and it starts to like a load so basically this will
teleport it away from you to avoid the danger or the threat of the weather and
then and then it will teleport it again to the same exact spot where it was
before we told ported it before and then it will kill it and then it will remove
the Stars eyedrops so that is a pretty cool creation that’s
why we had all the of these guys here and repeaters and so our next one will
be the jump block so this is awesome actually and walk up the stairs
and it sends you up like a little flight let me just get all the stuff out of
here yeah so this is like if you wanted to climb a wall or something you can
just walk up here and it could be like secret to like you could just have like
a little secret thing and another really awesome part of this is that the command
is so simple but you can also make this like 100 if you want and it will send
you all the way up so I thought that was really cool and yeah so that’s that’s
really sweet it’s really simple to just so one-line hope open in what all right
there yeah all right so this is mob protection so of course this is another
pretty cool thing to protect your server and so try to spawn that creep here we
go into here and we spawn a creeper and it automatically kills the creeper and
so you could also if you wanted to I guess you wouldn’t really want to put a
message on it because creepers could spawn you know naturally but uh pretty
much what it does it detects for the mob that you want so of course this can do
skeletons and zombies as well and it detects for that and then it will kill
that mob and then they’ll also delete the drops the mod drops so that people
can’t get them so that is a no they’re pretty cool the command block creation
and the last one we have here is a snowball and your pearl so we go check
this out so snowball to see what the kree
does all righty well enderpearl snowball and that’s what it does right there
oops bring the block there you you can also go like really high to like you can
go really high if you want it’s not crazy just wanna make sure that when
you’re thrown it that you don’t go out of the out of sight of the command block
because then you can drop in the snowball and you’re able work anymore so
that’s kind of just be careful not to leave the range you just want to be
careful that if you’re in survival of course and yes that’s pretty much just
another thing I forgot to mention is that you can overload these command
blocks here with the team cheat as well as creeper or the mob protection one and
so if a too many mobs spawn or too many T’s are ignited at once then it could
actually explode and so the way to prevent that would be to just have a
whole bunch of these things like right next like next to each other and then
that will prevent overloading and so I hope this has helped you out a little
bit and make sure to subscribe if you did
enjoy the video and thanks for watching and I hope they catch you in the neck
and who would know beyond the only ones that you love we’re like good did we see
hard hello hello get Sibyl little Amelia boom which they are meeting now sir
langa langa langa Oh we’ll wrap it over


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