Profit Download Review ⚠️ (Caution)⚠️ Don’t Buy Profit Download until you see this!
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Profit Download Review ⚠️ (Caution)⚠️ Don’t Buy Profit Download until you see this!

Hey everyone Rob here from RobThurnham dot com
and welcome to my profit download review. as you can see I’m in the members area
here and shortly I will take you through that now if you’re interested in
purchasing profit download today you can click the link straight below this video
and that will take you through my bonus page which looks like this and on my
bonus page I’ve got actually got over five and a half thousand dollars worth
of bonuses for you today now if you decide to purchase profit download
through my link what I’ve done is I’ve set up a whole bunch of bonuses and the
further the more upsells that you purchase from me the more value the
bonuses will be so if you buy the front end
say for example from me today that bonus is worth a hundred and forty seven
dollars and then if you buy the first upsell the bonus is there are worth four
hundred ninety four dollars and so on and so forth
until we get to the final bonus number four which is worth two and a half
thousand dollars and what those bonuses are I would like to show them all to you
but there’s so many that time doesn’t allow so the first one is Commission app
and that’s the one you’ll get with the front end offer that’s worth one hundred
and forty seven dollars the second one is push click Commission’s so if you buy
the first upsell you will get the commission app plus the click
Commission’s and that’s how it will continue through
if you buy all the upsells you will get all the bonuses bonus for is a huge software package and
then bonus five is a mega bonus package in just a brief description that one
that’s got hundreds of background music tracks stock images video clips in
hi-def and YouTube video course niche and keyword research course Facebook
Authority and high ticket authority then bonus number six is a final one that’s a
super mega package as well how to make 2000 a day video training course rapid
google account creator 20 wordpress plugins and 70 sales letter templates
and an internet marketing toolkit and also if you purchased from me today you
will get a surprise unannounced bonus which is free super affiliate training
that I’ve arranged for you and you’ll get that with all the bonuses regardless
of where you buy just the front front end or you buy the whole thing so what
profit download is is actually a whole bunch of websites stores and video sales
letters that you can use and resell for profit
you know flipper is involved with this but the beta testers for this product
have made money pretty much straight away with it so figures of if we go back
to the heading some of these figures in the in the headline 650 750 and a
thousand they’ve actually done those figures so now we’ll just cross over to
the sales page this money magnet can get you
paid 650 750 even 1000 dollars in the next 60 seconds and then we have the
video sales letter there and also this is starting out really cheap which we’ll
get to later on but the price is going to be going up every 60 minutes so you
need to get in early to get a cheaper price now profit download is really great for
newbies so it doesn’t matter where you’re at in the make money online game
if you’re older younger and if you’ve got a lot of experience or haven’t got
much experience then it’s really good for anyone you know just cross over to
the members area and the first thing you’ll see is a video from Jamie just
welcoming you to the to the members area and what you need to do then up here we
have video tutorials going there’s another welcome on there
and then it teaches you what you need to go through how to sell and flipper
flipper sales that have been made members area walk around and why you are
broke there’s also a case study in there you can check out over here we’ve got
some specials you can check out this is the VIP area if you upgrade you’ll get
access to this Jack our traffic so you can make some big money from that and
then you have the VIP membership and resources we’ll just have a quick cool
look in there and as you can see this is teaching about outsourcing so you can
make this totally hands off if you want also there is weekly webinars to help
you along and we’ve got the dates there for the different ones with Jamie that
you can register for in your time zone yeah we’ll come across to the automation
this is where you can build your websites so as you can see there’s a
whole bunch of different niches it’s mainly make money online in the health
niche so you can pick one of those put your domain in and install the website
you know the money magnets you can use these for capturing leads as you can see there again there’s a
whole bunch of different niches and I think that’s a very coveted well
we’ve got downloads of course here are your email swipes resource box the video
database that you can download funny sales videos and more so again if you would like to purchase
profit download through my link today click below this video there’s a link
there that’ll take you through my bonus page and then if you click on any of
these yellow buttons they will take you through to the sales page where you can
find out a little bit more and then you can purchase profit download there now
we’ll just go through the upsells okay so the front end profit download is
sixteen ninety five and that’s gonna go up every sixty minutes till it hits
seventy seven dollars so the earlier you get in the cheaper it’ll be just a
little drink the first upsell is the Pro Edition for forty seven dollars and then
you can download unlimited templates and digital products for sale 100 times
income unlimited money magnets uh throttled unlimited sites swipes and
videos upsell number two is $42 and that’s the automation version so you get
the 100k pro upgrade automation instant money magnet activation fully automatic
site builder and agency rights plus the original Jamie Lewis bonuses upsell
number three is one hundred ninety seven dollars and that’s the done few traffic
and sales so Jamie and his team will drive all the sales for you in the
traffic and there’s coaching and webinars available as well upsell number
four $47 reseller opportunity and that’s
where you can use our funnel that cost them a fortune to build apparently and
then upsell number five is profit download one hundred ninety seven
dollars and that’s a license to jack their traffic so you can put your target
retargeting pixel on their pages so that’s got it covered for now don’t
forget you’ll get those five and a half thousand dollar bonuses and you need to
do that before this timer runs out so you’ve got a bit of time at the moment
but after that timer runs out this bonus page will be removed and you will miss
out so that’s all for now thanks for your time bye


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