Professional Video Hosting Vs. YouTube Hosting
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Professional Video Hosting Vs. YouTube Hosting

Once your videos been made it’s now time
to share it with the world. It’s vital that the right people see a
video and it drives a ride action. One of the main questions that I’m asked by video production clients at this stage is, should I be using YouTube to host my
videos. Or should I be using professional video hosting. If this something you’re wondering
about, keep watching, as I give you the pros and cons and the
right strategy to maximize the success of your videos. Now really you can and should do
both it’s not either-or.YouTube is the second largest
search engine in the world. Everyday millions of people going
there they’re looking to be entertained, but, increasingly, they’re looking for answers to their
challenges. By having a video on youtube, you have the opportunity to engage with
an audience, educate them about what you do, and then drive them back to your website to
find out more. But one of the biggest mistakes I see
businesses making is sending web traffic to YouTube to
watch their videos. Which means they’re being hit with all
sorts of distractions and competitions for their attention. and I’ll talk more about this in the
video. So it’s important to understand that if you’re using YouTube to promote
your business, there are some things that doesn’t do as well as professional video hosting. Good professional video hosting, like the
service offered by Dream Engine simply looks better. It’s less compressed
than YouTube, so its more vibrant and clear and it
also streams faster. Which means you’ll be seeing less and we
all know how frustrating it is when you waiting for a videotape to load. Now I like YouTube but not
so much that I want to advertise them in my videos. I’d prefer my audience to focus on my
brand and I think you should too. Because the more you can command the
attention of your audience, the more you get to control the message,
and action they take. These days you to give you
some interesting information about your audience. Like demographics and location. But
professional video hosting will give you far more of an insight into how engaged your audience is. It’s
even possible to track on individual level who’s watching your
videos, and how often. Now this type of information is
invaluable to a sales team because it gives them the perfect Trigger
to follow up with a prospect. If you’re in discussion with a
prospect, and knew that they just watched a video about an aspect of your business, wouldn’t that give you a powerful, timely
opportunity to follow up? Just because Google owns YouTube, people automatically assume that YouTube
videos ranked best in Google searches. This is actually not the case.
Because a professional video hosting service, like the one dream engine offers, has
built-in search engine optimization tools like a video site map. Now if this sounds
like gobbledygook the most important thing to remember is
that by using professional video hosting your video is more likely to come up at
the top of the search when people do a Google search. With professionally hosted videos you
can tailor a specific message at the end of your
videos so people can actually click on them and
go to the page that you want them to such as an Opt-in page or contact page.
Now compare this to YouTube. Look what YouTube shows at the end of
their videos. They want you to take your traffic and
drive it somewhere else, like a cat video or worse video by your
competitor. We can actually capture
email addresses within our video hosting. You can
give viewers the opportunity of entering their email address within the
video itself and this is really powerful because it means
that you’re far more likely to capture the contact details people
who’ve wondered across to your site. say can now continue the conversation
with them Cilacap mentioned YouTube is fine but there’s a number of
areas which just doesn’t compare to professional video hosting it’s like
the difference between having a focused video marketing strategy,
and putting a video out there and just hoping for the best. We send a monthly report to clients
that use of video hosting service and this means that you know how well
your videos a working, you can take the right follow up action, and you can better a measure you return on
investments. So in summary, when considering YouTube versus
professional video hosting, the answer is both. I hope you found this
video helpful, if you have questions into them below or
contact me directly on this email address. Thanks for watching.


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