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Welcome to the AdRoll and PrestaShop
on-demand webinar. We’re excited to talk to you today about AdRoll’s
recently-launched integration with PrestaShop, and walk through how we partner with store
owners just like you. My name is Beth Thurnher, manager of strategic
partnerships, and I’m joined here by Max Blaha from AdRoll’s product team. In this quick webinar, we’ll teach you how
to improve your PrestaShop cart abandonment with streamlined retargeting and custom ad
creative. First, we’ll walk through the benefits and
features you get with AdRoll, determine if your store is a fit for retargeting, and show
you how it all works in a live demo. To begin, let’s start out with some basics
about AdRoll and the integration we’ve built. So, who is AdRoll? AdRoll enables thousands of small and medium-sized
businesses to reach their customers across any device or browser with access to over
500 plus ad exchanges, including native inventory like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google. We give you control and transparency over
your ads, including the ability to conveniently place ads, monitor performance, and fine-tune
your campaigns with one easy-to-use platform. And last, you won’t miss out on a single customer
with our proprietary real-time bidding algorithm, BidIQ, which ensures your ads receive the
right placement for the right price. So, what makes the AdRoll and PrestaShop integration
unique? We built this integration so that PrestaShop
store owners can decrease shopping cart abandonment by targeting people who put an item in the
cart and maybe have not yet converted. Our campaigns are cross-inventory with a single
shared budget, meaning your bidding algorithm will automatically give budget to the best-performing
ad spaces. Last but not least, dynamic ads are a huge
value-add for PrestaShop store owners. Upon successful integration, we’ll create
a feed of all items sold in your store, customize the look of your dynamic ads with our easy
ad builder, and set up your first retargeting campaigns. Dynamic ads are proven to significantly increase
digital ad campaign performance, and you can get started with them in minutes. The best part for small business owners, like
yourself, is you don’t need support from designers or developers. We know how busy you are and in that case,
we’ve made it simple and straightforward to get started. In this next section, we’ll determine if your
site is a fit for retargeting. Before we walk through a demo, let’s make
sure it’s the right time to kick off your retargeting campaign. How do you know if your store is a fit for
retargeting? Here are three practical tips for deciding. First, AdRoll works by tracking the behavior
of every user on your site. If you don’t have a site or access to your
PrestaShop store credentials, it’s not the best fit for your business. Second, retargeting works best if you’ve had
at least 500 monthly site visitors. If you’re unsure of how many monthly site
visitors you have, you can find out in your PrestaShop store analytics. And third, AdRoll can help you run top-performing
retargeting campaigns, but if your site has no clear way for visitors to take action,
such as completing a purchase or filling out a form, it’ll be very difficult to see positive
results. If you answered yes to all three of these
questions, then your store is a great fit and you should continue on to the next section
for how to set up your PrestaShop store. In this next section, we’ll give you a demo
of how to get started. Thank you. Max: Okay. Now, we’ll go over how to connect your PrestaShop
store with AdRoll within a few minutes. There are three easy steps here. First, we’re gonna wanna search for the AdRoll
module in your PrestaShop back office and click Install. Once installed, then you’re gonna connect
to your AdRoll account, and this can be either a new AdRoll account or an existing AdRoll
account. And then three, the integration will then
tag your site and create a free set of ads. Then, you are ready to launch your first campaign. So, let’s walk you through how to do this
here. So one, let’s go to the module section in
your PrestaShop back office and search for AdRoll. Once we see the module, simply click Install. This should take a second here to install. And then we’re gonna wanna configure. So here, if you’re already signed into an
AdRoll account, you can connect with that AdRoll account. Or you can sign in as a different user or
create a new AdRoll account here to connect your PrestaShop store to. So here, we’re gonna connect to our existing
AdRoll account. So, it’ll take a minute here, and then boom,
“Congrats, your shop is now connected to AdRoll.” Here, you can then go to the AdRoll dashboard
and you’ll see two main things on your AdRoll welcome page here. One, you’ll see that your PrestaShop store
is now talking to AdRoll. This means that the AdRoll pixel is on your
site. And then two, we’ll also create you a free
set of ads given the products in your product feed, so that you can serve dynamic product
recommendation ads to your site abandoners given their browsing history. Now that you’re all set up, let’s go over
how to launch your first campaign. So going back here into your AdRoll dashboard,
you’ll see that your PrestaShop store is talking to AdRoll, that means you’re collecting your
site visitors. We already created a set of ads for you, but
you can always upload your own set of creative or edit any of these ads at a later time. And now it’s time to launch your first campaign. So here we’re gonna create…select Create
Automated Campaign. If you have a Google Analytics account that
you want to connect, you can connect to that here. We’ll then take you into your PrestaShop template. This template is optimized for all PrestaShop
users, and you can run your ads on the web, on social, and you can also run retargeted
emails. So here, we’ll give you a recommended budget,
given your audience size, and we’ll also give you a recommendation for what your goals are
for this campaign. Once you’ve filled out the settings, then
you can choose which ads you wanna include in your campaigns or you can request a free
set of ads from our design squad. Here, for your Facebook ads, you can add any
copy that you like, such as Free Shipping. And then, you’ll also need to connect your
Facebook business page to serve Facebook ads. Then, once you’re done with the Facebook section,
you can start to create your first email retargeting campaign. And here, we will already pre-fill all this
out for you, given your account settings, but you can edit this at any time. So once you’re done creating the email portion,
then you’re going to go to the Tracking ROI. This, for all PrestaShop stores, is already
done for you, so you can skip this step. And just like that, just put in your payment
information, and select Launch.

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