President Trump Attends a Dinner Hosted By the Secretary of Treasury In Honor of the Amir of Qatar
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President Trump Attends a Dinner Hosted By the Secretary of Treasury In Honor of the Amir of Qatar

The President: Well, this is a who’s who, Tamim, of business. Even you are impressed,
and that’s pretty hard. (laughter) But
this really is. This is a great room. Many friends. And everybody I know
and recognize just from reading about you and
your great successes. I want to say that our
country has never done better. We’re setting records. On Friday, we had the
all-time — in the history of our stock market — the
all-time highest number. And we intend to
go a lot higher. I think we will be a lot higher than even what we’ve done. We have tremendous
potential. There’s a lot of
room for growth. And during the campaign,
I’d talk about growth. And we’ve had great
growth, but we’re going to have a lot more of it. And a lot of people in
this room are going to be the reasons for
that growth. And, Tamim, you’ve been a
friend of mine for a long time, before I did this
presidential thing, and we feel very comfortable
with each other. And I have to say that the
investments that you make in the United States —
one of the largest in the world — but the
investments that you make are very much appreciated. And I know the planes
you’re buying and all of the other things
you’re investing in. And I view it differently;
I view it as jobs. Because for me, it’s jobs. And today, we set a
new record for jobs. We’re setting it almost
on a daily basis. We’re up to almost
160 million jobs. And that’s a statistic
that is just so obvious and so — there are more
people working — if you think, more people working
in the United States today than at any day
ever in our history. That’s a very
important number. And it’s simple, but it’s
probably as beautiful as we can do. Everybody in the room
understands that very well. But I just want
to thank you. We’re meeting tomorrow,
and it’s going to be a very interesting meeting. Maybe we can do
everything tonight. We don’t have to
bother tomorrow. And that would be okay. (laughter) We’ll save some good time.
But I look forward to it. We have a big meeting with
your representatives, and we have a lot
to talk about. There are many things
we’re going to be talking about, from defense to
purchases and trade. And I know everything is
going to be very positive. You’ve been a great ally,
and you’ve helped us with a magnificent military
installation and military airport, the likes of
which people haven’t seen in a long while. And I understand there’s
been another $8 billion invested. Thank goodness it was
mostly your money, not ours. In fact, even better — it
was all of their money, not ours. That’s even better. But you have been
terrific, and you’ve been my great friend and
I appreciate it. And I look forward to
seeing you tomorrow. We’re going to have some very good talks. Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you, everybody,
for being here. Thank you. (applause) Amir Al Thani: President Trump, friends: It’s a great honor to join you again
in Washington, D.C. Thank you for your
continued hospitality. And a personal thank-you
to Secretary Mnuchin for hosting the
dinner tonight. My visit this week will
reaffirm the ideals we share. And, tonight, we
are here to celebrate the strong economic partnership. Our nations share a
commitment to human capital, working to create
resilient, knowledge-based economic — economies,
with an emphasis of education — on education,
openness, and opportunity for all. Unfortunately, there are
some in my region who do not share our beliefs. In today’s world, at
times, alliances have to be made with
necessary partners, and certain allies are not
actually friends. But with the United
States and Qatar, we are partners, allies, and friends. Qatar and the U.S. are working together to
eradicate terrorism and its financing, wherever it
may take root, to ensure a more peaceful
and secure world. We continue our mutual
commitment to remain closely invested in both
military and security alliance, as we are
expanding Al Udeid Air Base to accommodate U.S. troops and their families. We are also partnering
with charities here, like the Bob Woodruff
Foundation, to support veterans. And our political
cooperation in the wider region creates
stability so that economic development can flourish. Together, our two
countries continue to seek more investment
opportunities to further enhance our common
prosperity. Qatar is one of the
fastest-growing economies in the Middle East, and
American companies are a treasured part of Qatar’s
success and development. We have a long history of
exchanging expertise and resources, and oil
and gas, to make both countries top
energy exporters. Our partnership also growing in many non-energy sectors. One being the exciting
back-to-back World Cup 2022 in Qatar and
2026 in the U.S. This year, our mutual
economic partnership is estimated at $185 billion
— a number which we both intend to grow. This has already
created more than half a million American jobs. And, in Qatar, America is the number-one source of imports. You should all be happy
— especially you, Mr. President — to hear
that there is a trade deficit between our
countries that favors the United States of America. (laughter) (applause) We
are looking forward to the continued partnership,
alliance, and friendship of our two nations, and to
the health, prosperity, and happiness of the
people of the United States of America
and Qatar. Thank you very much. (applause)


  • Iran is evil

    Nice of Trump to make Qatar invest and pay for many things out of Qatar's money not American money. Qatar has a lot and don't really need the money. We deserve it.

  • Sam Abbo

    The best president ever in the history of America god bless America and god bless president trump 2020 and beyond

  • violinhunter2

    President Trump is not just a fantastic president, he is a fantastic man. He is totally at ease being president. He knows how powerful and secure he is and therefore shows a very confident attitude wherever he speaks and wherever he goes. TRUMP 2020


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  • Mike Wong Hong Kee

    Trump 2020 MAGA 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  • nateriovideos

    Cadet Bonespurs is a total fucking loser! Isn't the First Amendment great!! Fuck Trump! Fuck Trump! Fuck Trump!

  • Ahmed Ibrahim Hassan haji Ali

    I appreciate the seriousness of the Republican and that President Trump's and vice president Pence preserving more formalities than the previous administration.

  • Ahmed Ibrahim Hassan haji Ali

    I would rather have liked Qatar maintained the rank and file of its status in the Gulf countries.

  • Nigel Village

    Jeremy Hunt defending Kim Darroch !! When Boris is our PM Hunt will be gone, hopefully…. President Trump is correct to say Darroch is a Pompous fool !! Why would you bad mouth the Whitehouse…that is so stupid when the USA is the UK's closest friend !! Hunt is now looking like a fool over here in England !! Boris for PM now !! We don't want Hunt as our PM !! Nigel Village, England, UK

  • MGTOW La Monk

    Long Live America and Long Live The Donald ! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    Vote Red or The Republic 🇺🇸 is Dead !
    If you vote commie blue (🇨🇳) America is Screwed !

  • sciblue27 anangrymaninthelightofthelord

    Are you tired of winning yet? Just let me know when you are😉. We Love you. God Bless You.

  • a isb

    Qatar is our ally and has been for years. It is a very smart move to reinforce the bond between our countries. As you can see their strategic location. We need them and they need us, plain and simple

  • American Patriot Who Hates Trump

    Why isn't Trump hosting the women's soccer team?

    Oh, I forgot that they told him to go fuck himself….

  • Clineski

    I visited Qutar on an R&R from Iraq and it was one of the most eye opening experiences of my life in regards to culture. Of course, coming from Iraq, my understanding of what the middle east is was a very narrow understanding, but I went to their mall on one of the 3 days I was there and witnessed what life was like in the middle east from the viewpoint that Iraq did not represent the whole of the region. It was like being back home. People just walking, talking, shopping, interacting and they even had an ice rink in the middle of the mall! Although it was the nicest mall that I have ever been to, it felt the same. Also, I don't think i was able to afford anything since every shop was a high end boutique! I think I ended up bring back a shoe horn for my uncle…haha Also, after 4 months of fighting in Iraq, we were allowed 3 beers a day and those 3 beers went a long way in the desert heat!!! Best bar tab I ever had in terms of low cost! But I missed my boys terribly and was glad to be back in Iraq believe it or not!

  • Lucas Melton

    It’s all shut up money which is a shame.😪 8 billion when they buy slaves from Libya refugees crossing the Mediterranean Sea.

  • M Khf

    Greatest Top Leaders. Peace and Prosperity for all. Great leaderships and high dedications, with low profile personalities and hospitality. God bless President Trump and Amir Al Thani and all their nears and dears, and all the people of the United States of America and Qatar, and every one and all. Thank you, Mr. President. God be with us ❤

  • vinm300

    2:25 "It was all of their money not ours , that's even better".
    Trump can't resist humiliating the Arabs with his condescension.
    One has to laugh : the Arabs are the puppets , incapable of anything (look
    at Yemen) without the US. Marines even had to clean the Kuwaiti Emir's
    palace for his return after he'd fled. No wonder Trump has contempt for them.

  • Free Energy Education International

    (Zero Point Energy) + (UFO Disclosure) = (Spaceships) – (Warships) | (End The Fed) = (Economic Security for All) | (The First Amendment) = (Protection for Whistle Blowers) – (Tech Tyranny) | (Build The Wall) = (Justice) + (No Child Trafficking x No Rape) | (Bringing All Our Soldiers Home) + (Fire (Bolton+Pompeo) = (International Peace and Prosperity) | (Save Tommy Robinson) = (Saving International Common Law) |

  • 大谷公介

    しrsir president Trump,when you ponder international politics based on terrestrial globe geographic thinking is far between west and east but globe is near point,and earth is spherical so cf if you can fly vir the north pole you can reach Europe faster than flying the equator,therefore when you ponder international relations between USA and Other countries you will should use globe so you can hit on blight idea,I guess,so before then I recommend roteing globe automatically,small globe sold by Cartoreria stationary store, Kitijyouji
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    written by Kosuke Otani,adviser to sir president Trump
    PS your First LADY weii done as top of ladies ,who should conduct as leader of all ladies on the Earth, good luck with Ivanka who is adviser to sir president Trump ,too.

  • hunk5525

    So much investment, don’t do infrastructure right now the Democrat dirty politicians are waiting for to steal that trillion$$ in Infrastructure. Do it after the election when they have lost the election because they have done nothing than Russia Russia Russia👍

  • mike mike

    What a trustworthy con man, This is the same president who gave the Saudis the OK to invade Qatar a little over a year ago, Ask Tellerson the former secretary of state who resigned because he was totally against it.

  • Pearl Murphy

    President Trump looks younger than in 2016. He’s up for this challenge with the grace of God and millions praying for him.

  • Francelee Paris

    I can hear BigEars OBummer… mumbling while watching the..’it’s all down to me.. I did it all… I should be famous…I need a huuug..’..🤔😂😂😂😂

  • deplorable joeymc

    The entire 8 year mission of destroying America the Obama administration, media and ilk could not even pronounce Qatar correctly. How did TRUMP administration fix this? He made
    nice to the Amir on behalf of America. Dims suck so bad they can't even do the easy shit right.

  • American Patriot Who Hates Trump

    The Federal Bank Chairman Jerome Powell, who was nominated to the position by Trump told Trump to go fuck himself today.  
    Trump has threatened him, and that he may remove him.
    Trump cannot remove him, Powell won't go, TRUMP LOSES AGAIN!
    Trump only hires the best (hahaha), until he doesn't and then he fires everyone and says bad things about them

  • drakola shady

    اداء ممتاز من تميم ..الرجل مو جصر مع الامريكان…طبعا كلنا عارفيين ان امريكا عملت قواعد عسكريه فى قطر ( لو اتعملت فى مصر كانت بقت فضيحه) الاجمل بقى ان ترامب طالع يشكر تميم لانه حيدفع ثمن التوسعات فى القاعده و تبلغ 8 مليار دولار اه و اللهزميبؤلك كده و بيقول الحمد لله مش من جيوبنا …يعنى ترامب واخد قاعده و كمان بيتصرف من جيب تميم…… .. تكبيرررر ….قناه الجزيره طبعااا عملت نفسها ميته و شعارات العروبه و الاونطه بخ و شوف يابنى مصر و توتكوتك انقلب على فرخه و العسكر يحكمون و كدهو ………..نسيت اقول ان ترامب بيقول ان قطر اكبر مستثمر فى امريكا 😂😂😂..فى الحقيقه الخليفه نمبر 2 فعلاااا بيحارب من اجل الاسلام و كدهو يعنى ..ترامب صايع بصراحه جاى يقلع العرب هدومهم بنظام الفتوة الاونطجى قديمه اوى يا مون بيه

  • محمد صالح

    Tamim is working on exploiting Trump's tendency because he tends to deal more financially than political positions. Tamim's position and the provision of billions of dollars to spend on the military base are meant to cover Qatar's practice of supporting terrorism after Qatar reached an area where it can not go out because of failure.

  • Suziq darlin


  • David Harris

    I can't imagine having to endure another six years of this guy. Just think, he's an unindicted felon, former junkie, crook, liar, bully, misogynist, racist who has turned Washington into a sess pit of corruption and scandal. Oh, I forgot to say, moron.

  • Akaizha Crets


  • Free Speech

    This motherfucker trump sold america to israel. Epstein is a mossad operative to trap american politicians with under age sex operations. Acosta only got the job because he let epstein go with slap on wrist. Why he has not fired acosta? It seems like israel control this fucking traitor. I hope he fire acosta and prove me wrong. Also acosta should be put in prison for cooperating with foreign intelligence.

  • Blue Boy

    Yup, its all about business. Lefties want to spend money without asking where it comes from. Trump is all about growing business, law enforcement, and jobs, jobs jobs.. Lucky for us Brits our business people are much smarter than our government, that is why we have 100 billion two way trade a year with USA, and have well over one trillion dollars of funds invested both ways  ( That means Trump is great for Britain… GO TRUMP 2020 £££££$$$$$$$$

  • top dog

    Qatar is a strategic Western ally given that's ranked #2 for freedom on the Arabian Peninsula (after #1 Kuwait); source: Freedom House, which analyses political rights, civil liberties, and the overall freedom status of all these 7 peninsular authoritarian regimes)

  • Meechie X

    This is a special period of Grace until Jesus returns for his bride: REPENT for the Kingdom of God is at hand. Enjoy these years of the Trump Presidency. for the time of the Anti Christ will not be forsaken. Romans 10:9; John 3;16.Christ died for your sins- accept his gift of salvation for your lives and that of your families. That is His promise to those who believe.

  • m. ab

    Lol it's almost funny seeing Trump supporters so blindly praising this. The economy is not in good shape thanks to Trump, but simply moving along as expected based on tendencies started long before Trump's election. More importantly, America is losing dominance on the world stage FAST. This means missing out on trillions in the long term. Trump's "buy my friendship" policy is superficial, fragile and not sustainable. It makes a joke out of long running international foreign policy principles that are about long-term investment not just selling planes or bombs here and there. China and Russia are taking control of Middle East and Africa, among other regions. They don't offer alliances based on "buy me" principles. They are long-term thinkers and winners who will earn trillions in the decades to com from the vacuums left behind by Trump, in countries that might not afford buying his friendship at the moment, but will go though rapid economic growth in years to come. At the same time, countries who can afford buying Trump's friendship all do it with bad taste because this relationship is economically disadvantageous to them and unreliable. Soon they will shift towards Russia and China like Turkey and other countries are doing.

  • Troy Crith ll

    If you persist on not helping me then go ahead and start the apocalypse because if you don't start the apocalypse then I won't make it and that's all

  • Dave S

    Thats a first…..Qatar telling the U.S of A that we should be proud of our Commander and Chief…..haha…thats GREAT!!!!!!! Democrats are probably shitting their pants with that one….If "KILLARY" had taken the helm , it would be the total opposite!!! Thank the LORD she did not win the Presidency….OBAMA destroyed our country…..Traitor! He infiltrated the US Government, BSed his way to the highest office and gave it ALLLLLLLLL away……Jobs, money,……list goes on……SMH!

  • Rebekkah Risien

    Like the history of this fuck up bloody land that no one will make great how can you make something great that was never great since you heathen became gained little power by robbing everything you touch you destroyed the land the people go back to the beginning of your fathers forefathers fathers fathers history and see the hate you peoples have for other I bet if we could leave we would I know I would but you peoples took our land and splitting among yourself so you can have it all …father YAHUA we wait for for your return to destroy all Satan children’s and they evil work Edomite nation will fall like other in history repeat itself nothing change your background the heathen are greedy greedy dogs 🐕 now that you got all the other you don’t want here now you can pick up your boot 🥾 strap and get to work on your farms do all the work yourself clean 🧼 your own houses work you own fields plants 🌱 your shit our self them go pick it all yourself and get your lazy kids out there too so you can burn in that hot 🥵 ass ☀️

  • Rebekkah Risien

    Father YAHUA almighty we pray for the fall of this demon in white skin posing as a man but YAHUA almighty know who these evil demons as our Heavenly Father said this world was given to Satan and he will give it to whoever will do this will now we see who took this offer.have fun live it up while you still have what little is left.we will see the fall of Babylon in do time yah we I pray for our mighty vengeance apron the heathen nations

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