Pres. Moon proposes hosting special Korea-ASEAN Summit next year in Seoul
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Pres. Moon proposes hosting special Korea-ASEAN Summit next year in Seoul

South Korean President Moon Jae-in is in Singapore
attending the 33rd summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN. In a meeting there with member countries,
he explained his vision for relations between Korea and ASEAN over the next 30 years. Traveling with the president, our Shin Se-min
reports. President Moon Jae-in shared his plans to
build closer economic ties between South Korea and the 10 ASEAN member nations in a speech
to mark thirty years of diplomatic relations between Korea and the Southeast Asian bloc. The president highlighted the positive trajectory
in recent months,… including the surge in trade volume between Korea and ASEAN, which
reached 120-billion U.S. dollars this year in the period up until September, and the
8 million reciprocal visits over the same time period, a 17-percent on-year increase
in visits. President Moon mentioned the progress his
administration has made since introducing the ‘New Southern Policy’ aimed at strengthening
political and economic ties between Korea and South and Southeast Asia. He also unveiled his plans for future cooperation,
including holding a special Korea-ASEAN Summit next year in Seoul and establishing a Korea-Mekong
Summit,… to help build closer ties with countries like Cambodia and Laos. “Korea-ASEAN relations will move to the next
level. With the united force of ASEAN, I look forward
to peace and prosperity in Asia in the near future.” President Moon also managed to find time for
bilateral meetings with the leaders of Brunei, Laos and Russia,… calling for greater economic
cooperation and support for his push for peace. “Ahead on his schedule,… President Moon is looking
At the center of attention though,… is still President Moon’s sideline diplomacy with
Russian President Vladimir Putin,… the fourth such meeting between the two,… as their
discussions could include talks of Russian Far East development cooperation, seen as
pivotal in denuclearizing the divided Korean Peninsula. Shin Se-min, Arirang News, Singapore.”

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