Premisthe Chukkal Chupistha || Episode 6 || Telugu Web Series || Wirally Originals || Tamada Media
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Premisthe Chukkal Chupistha || Episode 6 || Telugu Web Series || Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

What’s wrong, uncle?
– My nephew is interested in Yeissha. Both of you like Yeissha. Yeissiha likes you, our family likes my
nephew. Let’s call it even. He is quite rich.
That gives him an extra point over you. I don’t even have to pay him dowry.
He is already damn rich. I don’t have to worry
about marriage expenses. I told, what I had to say.
Judgment is yours. But please remember,
Your daughter life hangs on it. Tell me,
what should I do now? Yeissiha, you
yourself can’t decide your husband. Even if you choose one among them. You can always decide whom to love.
But can look elsewhere for it. If you marry Karthik,
you will have to start from nothing. Probably, would take you 25 steps higher. If you marry your bava,
you would start at 25th & reach much higher. So, would you like to marry Karthik
and start from nothing. Or marry your bava
and start from 25th level. I’d be extremely happy if you marry your bava
but we won’t complain if you marry Karthik. Give it a thought.
It’s your call. Clearly, Samrat had better qualities
and qualifications than me. Though, Yeissiha loves me,
I was scared to hear her discussion. Hey, whom did she marry? It’s true dad, I would start
at 25th level, if, I marry Samrat. And probably, I’d receive
same kind of love for both. But there would be a difference
in the amount of love, I can reciprocate. It’s not that easy for me
to love someone else. Maybe one can have such calculations before
falling in love but not while in love. It’s not about how far life takes you
but how happy your life’s journey is. I shall find that happiness
only with Karthik. I’ll marry Karthik, dad. Yeissiha got married to you.
But why are you upset? The real problem started
after first six months of marriage. My problems started from the 7th month.
She even complaints about me standing. Married guys happiness
last only for first 6 months. It’s typical of wivies.
You got to adjust to their demands. It’s easier said than done. Vikramarka was born
to answer Bethal’s questions. But never in history, we had a guy
who could answer his wife’s questions? I’ll tell you one of her questions for me.
Do let me know the answer if you know. Hey, close your eyes.
– What for? It’s a surprise. Close your eyes properly.
– Okay. Stay calm and don’t open your eyes. What’s it?
– Keep your eyes shut. Let’s go. Don’t open your eyes. Not yet, wait.
– Okay. Open your eyes!
– ‘Wow, Karthik!’ ‘It’s so beautiful!
I didn’t you were this romantic, are you?’ I know you’re gonna say,
“Wow, Karthik! You’re so romantic.” Weren’t you gonna say the same? From the time I met you,
you said those words 37 times. Do you think I don’t know how you would
react when you like something? You’re fab!
– This is the 31st time you said that. Stop annoying me.
– You said that plenty times. Stop that all ready. Karthik, I’m madly in love with this house. Thank you!
– Isn’t the rent really high? It’s 1.5 crores.
Not for one month but for our lifetime. What the hell are you talking?
– Don’t you think this house is big enough? Did you buy this house?
– I kind of planned it when I first saw you. I never want you to board an auto.
And when I came home to see your dad. I was stuck in the lift and went through
1st floor to 5th floor for 10 times. Wouldn’t you had faced
that problem 100 times a day? I decided,
you shall not face such problems again. So,
I bought us this villa. Now tell me,
how is the house? I love you! “Lovers life is beautiful.” “But once you’re married,
you can’t take it anymore.” “Life seems empty.” “If you spend an hour with your love,
she would be happily pleased.” “But bro, she won’t be happy even if you
spend a whole day with her after marriage.” “People are called legends,
if they can bear their wife.” “If you somehow hurt them,
they shall pour down tears.” “At home, if there is a fight,
then I’m the one getting bashed.” “Vemana didn’t say those words for fun.” It’s my responsibility to convince
the client. I’m about to leave. Flight is in two hours.
– Have you got all the details? I have all the details with me.
– Okay. What’s wrong?
Why are you crying? Karthik please don’t go,
it’s making me cry. What’s making you cry? Did you hurt
yourself? Let’s go to the hospital. Karthik, where are you?
– I’m about to start. Stop crying
and tell me what’s bothering you. Dads..
– What happened to him? Dad met with an accident. How did it happen?
Who told you about it?


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