PREMIERE PRO OPTIMIZATION GUIDE – Top 10 Tips How to Optimize Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 (In-Depth)
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PREMIERE PRO OPTIMIZATION GUIDE – Top 10 Tips How to Optimize Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 (In-Depth)


  • EposVox

    Check out TubeBuddy –
    02:25 – GPU usage and choosing a graphics card
    04:56 – RAM usage and allocating the right amount
    06:11 – Cache/Scratch optimization (VERY IMPORTANT)
    09:20 – Previews
    10:07 – Overlays
    10:38 – Adjustment Layers
    11:39 – Sequence Sizing
    12:24 – Color Labels
    13:39 – Codecs & Proxies
    17:20 – Photoshop

  • MrMario2011

    My only concern with the scratch drive for cache would be using up write cycles, if that's still a worry in 2018. I sparingly use my SSDs for anything I plan to use and abuse, so for example right now I've had all of my Adobe cache files go to a designated 1 TB scratch drive. I still don't want to touch my m.2 SSD with that but I do have a 120 GB SSD in my system which really isn't getting used anymore, so I might nuke the Windows 7 install on there and start using that as a cache drive.

  • LB

    With libx264, you can use the "fastdecode" tune when encoding so that it produces files which are faster to decode. It's rather situational though, you'd want to use it at the point of original encoding. I don't actually know how much it speeds up decoding time, to be honest, I just know it exists.

  • NathanPandaGuy

    Does anybody know why 5gb out of 8gb of my ram is being used with 1 firefox tab and discord running? (I do have other programs running in the background but only one of them is using over 100mb)

  • Toasty Bros

    Thank you for this, its crazy to see actually everything I have learned using premire pro just by trial and error, but its always nice to hear other people's perspectives, especially another G7 user

  • haloboy456

    Great video! Quick question:I have a boot drive in Raid 0 in addition to a Raid 0 scratch disk. Should I install Above PPro on boot, and set both the cache and the scratch files (and raw footage) from project to project on the scratch disk?

  • Jah Gamer

    sorry i know this is not apart of your topic but. is there away to capure gameplay from my phone? i use alot of apps but they all keep recording my background. i have a laptop and wondering if theres a usb capture thing that dont cost alot and with alot of wires to connect

  • MichalPlays

    Very awesome tutorial… Finnaly I can use Premiere Pro without getting out of memory error and random crashes ^^
    I use Sony Vegas and back this year I got two year license for Creative Cloud from one of my Friends but I wasn't able to use it on my Workstation where I had an Xeon E5 2658 cpu, 32gb ddr3 RAM and Asus GTX 1060 6gb because it always crashed.

    Now thanks to this Tutorial I was able to run it very smoothly without any problems XD

  • Taran Van Hemert

    you, uh don't use keyboard shortcuts for your label colors? Or even mention that it's possible? :*(

    I learned a few things about GPU and RAM stuff

  • Just Quan

    This video needs more view!! Every cpu reviews on Youtube only have only shown faster render time. But to me, a smooth playback(scrubbing) performance on timelines is so much more important. You did a very great job sum up all the tips, but there are still some aspect that i suggest you to test it out, let's say that we don't have time to pre-render proxy and edit straight out of a GH5:
    – Ram speed correlation to timeline playback performance
    – Cpu cores or cpu frequencies are more preferable to playback performance
    – Why do my GPU usage jumping up and down when exporting and playback, even though using many GPU accelerated effects
    – Does the amount of cuda affect any playback performance, or which GPU spec indication to look for when buying a GPU to edit

    Thank you so much for putting this video up, great job!

  • The Search For Awesome

    Thanks for the video – great info here. I switched to Final Cut about 2 years ago because of the issues I had with premiere. I used premiere for about a year and I was aware of these solutions (glad they are all in one video – it was a pain researching all of this), but even with the extra firepower of my desktop pc (i7& 16gb of ram & AMD Graphics card) I kept having crashing, random slowdowns, and several times where trying to turn a project into a video – the render would fail.

    On a whim I tried Final Cut with my 2014 Macbook Air expecting it to be terrible with the lower power and I was blown away. Similar performance to my much more powerful desktop and not nearly as much crashing with 4k videos – although it does crash from time to time.

    I'm glad Premiere is working well for you – I do believe it is more powerful software with tons options and I do miss adjustment layers…sigh…but for me Final Cut has been a game changer.

  • Jim Leonard

    You're spot-on with all of your suggestions. You've come a really long way since you went pro a few years ago. Fantastic work.

    I'm not sure if you have tried it yet, but if you are doing screencasts or desktop screen recordings, you actually don't want to use prores or dnxhd if possible. That's because they typically subsample chroma, so you may find fuzziness around high contrast color edges. The cleartype font rendering is what suffers the most, especially if the subsampling is 4:2:0. If you have the ability to configure it in your Ninja, try to pick a codec with no subsampling, ie. 4:4:4.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Duckzorly

    Hey mate – always love your content…. just wondering whether you may be able to help – I have suddenly found that I can't move any items on my timelines, even from projects I was working on a few days ago where I could.. I have seemed to have exhausted my interweb searches, but figured you being the Oracle may have a suggestion possibly?

    Thanks in advance if you do! lol

  • Patrick Holmes

    Would additional RAM and SSD improve the lag issue? I'm using 6gb ram and 1tb hdd. And my premiere pro lags like hell and if I want to put text on my footage. Some text doesn't even appear. Help.

  • Tomas Loktionoff

    This video must be #1 option when looking for tips. This video was easy to follow and you werent "annoying" 😀 AND BIGGEST THANK YOU for breaking down proxies and complex stuff and actually acknowledging them as "complex" because other big channel just assumed that viewer knew what it is. Thank you man. subscribed.

  • Rahul Gopalakrishnan

    i have a i7 7700k 4.3ghz, zotac 1050 4gb, 250 SSD and 8 gb of RAM.

    1 hour of 4k timeline editing with LUT and a playback at 100%, my system goes crazy fast.

    So if someone who's reading this.

    Adobe says, any multicore with min 8gb RAM and 2g of Graphic card is enough.
    buy an i7 or i5 or ryzen with 4 cores
    but a 16gb RAM cards
    and 1050 4gb
    enough for 4k editing. Stop building overkill systems.

    FYI i shoot on blackmagic ursa mini

  • Jonathan Dearth

    remember apples closed door platform is such because the NLE is made to utilize all the hardware specifically. the reason premiere needs to be optimized to your system is because its written to be generic with the hardware that runs it. pros and cons for both certainly.

  • Jonathan Dearth

    EposVox: what have you done to optimize your processor though? I have an i9 7920X and I'm getting render previews times for cineform from h264 of like 15 minutes for a 3 minute timeline. Wondering if you fiddled with your clock or turbo boost tech.

  • Sci-Fi Fanproductions

    I have an I7 6700, 16 GB DDR4 and an GTX 1060 with 6 GB Vram. And my Premiere Pro Experience is top notch. No hick ups or great Problems so far. I am using Premiere Pro for only a couple of weeks now. And there is so much to learn about. But it is every cents worth of the 2o Euros i am paying every month for it.

  • Touch Oudom

    So far, This is the best best best best!! PREMIERE PRO OPTIMIZATION GUIDE

    Gear I used:
    -GTX 1050 ti
    -x2 SSD 128 1-System & 1-cache
    -3TB for temp file or gaming app
    -10Gb Nic (Intel x450T-2)
    -12TB NAS server 10Gb network
    – 3 monitors

  • paul phoenix

    You sound like Stephen Hawking's voice device, which actually I like as I feel I'm getting precision factuality. Very helpful indeed.

  • the Bullring Live

    In OBS I'm recording to .mkv. What would be the best format to transcode to w Handbrake, VLC or some other. My files are typically 4 car races that I edit down to about 1 hr

  • Powder Dog Productions

    brand new gtx 1070 with max-Q on this laptop, and when i render in CUDA, i get the purple and pink colors overlayed on my videos. When i use software only, it renders fine, both in media encoder and PP. any tips on how to get my GPU to work correctly with premiere pro? I looked for a CUDA text file, nothing. plus that's not the problem I think, since it gives me the option. it just renders all fucked up

  • Frappy

    For some reason, GPU Acceleration is broken for me. I can select the Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration in the project settings but if I apply for example Turbulent displace on my video I still get the big red text saying that This effect requires GPU Acceleration even tho I've run the GPUSniffer.exe many times and with admin. Because of this bug, I can't use most of Premiere's effects. Any idea how to get it to work?

  • Peter Sanjur

    Every time I try to put multiple effects on my project premiere pro keeps telling me that I need GPU Acceleration even though I already have the CUDA drive activated. Would anyone happen to know what the problem is?

  • hazonku

    I ran into the media issue with my tiny 250GB 960 EVO M.2 Sure it's lightning fat, but ADobe eats it up. After moving my media cache to my 860 EVO SSD no more issues.

  • Nicolas G

    hey when i'm editing my 4k video on my laptop my gpu0(intel gpu) goes to 100% in video decode and my gtx 1060 sit idle and the preview can't keep up so it's unusable, do you know how to use the right gpu for decoding ?

  • Miniac

    Just so I fully understand, is the claim that if I edit on a 4K sequence with my 4k footage (all stuff scaled to 100), that'll produce better playback performance v.s. a 1080p sequence and everything scaled to 50? Thanks for the video!

  • Aladdin Benchmarks

    i had an issue with dual monitor setup when i minimize premiere window and go to in other apps the sequence preview sometimes jumps suddenly to fill my two full screens and it's a very annoying thing to happen when i works in something else any fix out there?

  • James Maher

    My dude, I have NOTHING set up for Premier Pro and I've been wondering what all those things were. You sir, have changed my life

  • amanieux

    does someone knows if premiere pro cc cuda code uses fp16 or fp32 ? do they let us set this in the rendering parameters or even better : automatically choose one over the other based on our gpu speed ? on the gtx 1070 ti it is 64x faster to compute fp32 rather than fp16 so even if they only need 16 bit precision they should rather use fp32 to be 64 x faster on this card, on more recent cards such as gtx 1660ti, fp16 are 2x faster than fp32 so they should use fp16 on this card (if fp16 is precise enough for they computations which should be the case for typical video codecs such as h264 or h265 which only have 8 or 10 bit per y,u,v values so fp16 with its 10 bit mantissa is enough.

  • First Last

    i have 16gb of RAM and a i7700 HQ but it never uses more than 45% of RAM and 25% of CPU during editing and goes soooooooooooo slowly i have to wait 10 seconds just to spool through the preview. i wish i could use more of my CPU and RAM and go faster

  • Hexspa

    Kind of unrelated but have you undergone voice training? I hear well-enunciated diction and a slightly nasal tone which smacks of broadcast. The reason I ask is that I've done vocal training for singing and my ears have been tuning into the various accents and speech deliveries on YT and you obviously care about audio. Thanks.

  • Hexspa

    So, you said that Premiere doesn't delete cache automagically but, there in the Media Cache preferences, it has an option for that. Is there a detail I'm missing here? Thanks.

  • Hexspa

    Just want to mention that, according to Puget Systems – and iirc – you only get about a 3% performance gain when using an NVMe vs SATA3 SSD. In addition, I haven't been able to sus out whether After Effects or Premiere benefit more from having the cache vs project files on NVMe vs SSD. If you watch the Puget video on drive optimization and the School of Motion World's Fastest After Effects computer, there's conflicting information on this though they're talking about two different programs – yet still made by Adobe.

    Of course, either is better than a platter drive.

  • Hexspa

    Another thing: I went through Adobe's guidance on setting Media Cache and you can set the defaults in Media Cache preferences. These show up when creating a new project. Also, in Project Settings>Scratch Disks> the last three are set to project folder by default. Since these aren't technically cache, I'm guessing it's just fine to leave them there. Not sure why you'd want Project Auto-Save set to your cache folder anyway…

    I'm not trying to be argumentative. It's just that I've recently set up a PC for media creation and I'm relatively new to Adobe software and I'm trying to nail down the details. If anyone can chime in with good info, I'm thankful.

  • Hexspa

    Have you done any videos on using Adjustment Layers and Nested Sequences in Premiere? These are interesting options. Thanks.

  • Hexspa

    13:56 – How are you getting Windows to show the file metadata in the File Explorer footer? Thanks. EDIT: apparently, right?

  • SuperDerek RPGs

    Hey @EposVox, I've been considering upgrading my PC RAM, upgrading from 16GB to 32GB, but the information I've been seeing about appreciable effects are inconsistent and not very detailed. Some people show Premiere Pro render time decreases by 60% or so, but others show only 12% depending on the work being done. You've upgraded to 128 though because 64GB somehow wasn't enough. I guess what I'm curious about is what kind of content requires how much RAM, and at what point do are there diminishing returns?

    I'd really love to see a detailed, controlled experiment or series of benchmarks for what you can do with how much RAM in Premiere, and in OBS too for that matter. Maybe some tests of 720 60p vs 1080 30p vs 1080 60p and so on, does it affect quality of life on the timeline editor? Is it more of a factor of editing large file sizes that eats up RAM? Is it multiple clips? Is it high-compression video?

    Sorry for the rambly comment, but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of detailed info, and you seem like just the kind of guy who could put this question to rest for me. 🙂

    edit: looks like you've upgraded to 64, not 128 GB, my bad. Still super interested though! 🙂

  • DaimyoD0

    Great video, extremely helpful. Subbed. (even if you do talk shit on Peter McKinnon's production style then put decade-old dubstep in the background of your videos lol)

  • Richard A

    U should mark your videos with tip one, tip 2, etc. So we can skip past GPU, etc, seeing if we can find another tip that is more helpful.

  • Travel Here

    This video helped me to speed up my workflow and render times and export times in Adobe Premiere Pro.
    Even when I didn't understand more then half of the video, because I'm still on a beginner level instead of professional level and I don't understand yet what all these terms like ''creating proxies'' mean.

  • Broker Naples

    I set my preferences to 58GB RAM for Adobe, and it is still using max 11GB. Any tips what I can do to make it use more of the available RAM?

  • Insurance Claims Practitioner

    UPDATE after talking to Intel we discovered that Dispay NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 4GB GDDR5 graphic card was dead on delivery to me. That why I had so much problems. So, DELL went ahead and replace my laptop for free no extra charge. Thank you dell. It take about 2 weeks to receive the replacement.

    I bought dell xps 15 7590 with i9-9980HK 32 MB RAM and nvidia GeForce gtx 1650 4gb gddr5. My workflow has come to a stand still in premiere pro after updating to version 13.1.5

    Pr IT support is no help and Nvidia say to clean drive and to do a clean install. Which I did. And I still can not play video playback on my time line. Even using proxy files.

    Does anyone have same system as mine and had better results with different settings?

  • Hong Kong Blog

    Thanks for this detailed video I'm watching and rewatching it to fully digest it – I'm a little confused about nesting a sequence instead of scaling. This might be a bottleneck for me as I'm constantly working with 4K footage in a 1080p timeline. As soon as I bring in the footage I typically "set to frame size" and then work with it and use scaling effects to create the look I want.

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