Postgraduate Study in the Department of Computing and Communication Technologies
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Postgraduate Study in the Department of Computing and Communication Technologies

One of the things that makes our postgraduate programmes so unique is the environment in which students find themselves when they get here. We are keen that students feel part of a community, that they’re welcome and that they’re valued as part of this community and that learning and research is at the heart of that. We offer an excellent range of facilities here for our postgraduate students. We have six dedicated laboratories that are equipped with high specification computers and technology. One of the most recent developments we’ve had in research here is to open a new cognitive robotics laboratory and this offers an amazing opportunity to our postgraduate students with a range of facilities, small and large robots to do projects on. We already have had a number of postgraduate students doing some really exciting projects with this equipment. Our students when they finish postgraduate courses here are highly sought after by employers. There’s a huge range of job opportunities for them. We’ve had some big names employ quite a number of our students including Jaguar Land Rover, Sony, Microsoft. The feedback we get from these employers is that our graduates have the skills, the technical skills, that they need to do the jobs but also the interpersonal skills as well which they need in the workplace. We have very strong connections with industry. Our courses are informed by industry requirements. We’ve recently re-validated all our postgraduate programmes and an important element of that was to consult with industry, what their requirements were for employing students in this area. We also have an industrial advisory board that is very active and meets regularly and helps us in shaping the future of the department and the courses that we offer. We’ve recently added a new feature to our postgraduate programmes which gives our students the ability to do a year in industrial placement in an industry that’s relevant to their course. This is a very exciting opportunity for us and it does mean that our students
can embed industrial experience into their course

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