Post Acute Neurorehabilitation Webinar: What Every Attorney Should Know
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Post Acute Neurorehabilitation Webinar: What Every Attorney Should Know

Hello my name is Dr. Nathan Zasler
I am a board certified specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation
fellowship trained in brain injury and subspecialties certified in brain injury medicine
I am founder, CEO and CMO of the Concussion Care Center of Virginia an
outpatient interdisciplinary practice in Richmond Virginia providing care to persons with acquired brain injury and post-trauma pain I am also CMO and CEO as well as founder
of Tree of Life services which is a
transitional and long-term care assisted living program in Richmond Virginia
which has been providing care to persons with acquired brain injuries since 1998
I have published and written extensively over the last thirty plus years on the
topic of traumatic brain injury including addressing medical legal issues
I currently serve in numerous editorial roles maybe the most
significant of which is as chief editor of the international peer-reviewed
journal Brain Injury I am also chief editor of Brain Injury Medicine:
Principles and Practice, now going into its third edition which is considered
the core textbook in the field I invite you to join me on September 24th 2019
at 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time for a webinar focused on
Post Acute Neurorehabilitation:
What Every Attorney Should Know I will discuss the changing
healthcare environment and how it is impacting TBI care and in specific neurorehabilitation across the severity spectrum focusing on the importance of
specialized post acute transitional and long-term services for those with more
complex or catastrophic acquired brain injuries within that context I will
discuss the variability across such programs and the importance of looking
not just at costs or how costs are bundled but also how specialized the
staffing is with the experience and expertise of that staffing what the
diagnostic skill basis of the staff whether or not person-centered holistic
care is being provided and whether or not levels of healthcare surveillance
are high which is important particularly with more severely disabled individuals
I will discuss the typical path from acute care and how payers are driving
this more so than science which is obviously unfortunate and in my opinion
inappropriate lastly I will discuss the literature supporting
post acute rehabilitation including information on its efficacy impact of intensity of care
on outcome and what you should know as a plaintiff attorney when advising clients
on potential admission to such programs I hope you’ll join me to learn more
about post acute rehabilitation for persons across the injury spectrum from
concussion to disorders of consciousness I extend a special thanks to HMR Funding
for hosting this important webinar Thank you and I look forward to
talking with you on September 24th

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