Podcast Hosting & Submission Made Simple (iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play)
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Podcast Hosting & Submission Made Simple (iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play)


  • The V Show Greece

    Hey Pat! Thanks for the video! You helped me a ton on setting up my podcast. I have a question. What if i want a different artwork for each individual episode? Thanks in advance!

  • larson smith

    Hey question how do you do a video podcast and how do you feel about using a gopro hero 5 for video and what program (free) would you recommend for video and audio editing?

  • mahesh kumar

    Who here has a Wix site that is converting leads on a daily basis? if the answer is no, then you should check this new software out that does just that! LeadMachine.xyz

  • [OB] Thatsninja

    Thank you sooooo much pat! This helped me sooooooooooo much! I subbed and if anyone wants to check out the podcast here it is! Ninjacast1.podbean.com

  • Adventure One

    I had to download and install itunes and set up a payment method. Then went to podcast > submit a podcast. One more reason I prefer not to buy apple products, they force you to connect to their ecosystem just to use a feature that is open on other platforms.

  • JRob Cal

    I did this a few years ago and your tutorials where slightly outdated, it was the most frustrating thing I've ever done online. This new tutorial is current in 2019 with some minor changes on libsyn…but it was so easy to accomplish this time. Thank you!

  • David DaVinci

    Hey Pat, thanks for the great info. I was supposed to be on your Ask Pat podcast, but have been trying to schedule for over a year now. Frustrating… but glad to get this value here. Thank you! Thanks to this video, my new podcast is up and running!

  • Trygvi Johannesen

    I'm not good at making websites and it's not for me I'm asking this question. My question is, is it possible to have a play button on my website without having a libsyn watermark? I think the plan is to only upload to libsyn and use that link on the website. I'm helping a friend out 😛 thanks!

  • Oscar Lopez

    Thanks for doing thing, brother you really helped me out. Not sure if your into football but I talk about a lot of stuff on my podcast and youtube videos check it out sometime.

  • chenelle hancock

    How do you add your podcast feed to your YouTube channel after droping it from your podcast feed? Thank you so much and have a great day

  • Rhett Shull

    Man, this video is such a great resource. I had a podcast years ago and just decided to get back into it, so I needed a refresher. Thank you for putting this together Pat!

  • Miguel Ramirez

    I submitted my podcast on itunes 3 days ago and it says "Submitted for review" Does anyone have any recent experience with how long it takes for itunes to approve a podcast? I read somewhere that it was anywhere from 3 hours to 3 weeks… My podcast appeared everywhere else pretty quickly.

  • Francisco Chaparro

    It seems to be easy after this clear explanation. You save me a ton of time as I was coding my own .xml RSS feed. What a deal! Thank you

  • Jon & Jess McCaw

    Thanks for sharing this information, Pat! We started doing our podcast late last year and are seeing some growth from week to week. very exciting! We are on all the top networks for podcasting under 'The Relationship Revivalists'.

  • Heather of All Trades

    Can I create a podcast on a PC and upload it to iTunes? or will I be restricted to Google Play, etc.? Great series of videos!!

  • Heather Jergensen

    Hey Pat, Thank you for offering all of this information. I've learned so much, but my head is about to explode! I will definitely be revisiting these videos as I get my first podcast up and going. Thank you again, and best of luck to you!

  • Let's Talk about Life Podcast

    Very Informative and discriptive. Thank you Pat, you have helped me get everything set up!

  • Brooks Agnew

    Nice video, but it does not work for a series of chapters. I am at my wits end after a week of dead ends with I-tunes.

  • The Signature Sara

    Thank you SOOOO much!! The code was super useful too 🙂 Thank you for such a wonderfully detailed post!

  • Ethan Halfhide

    Libsyn has an option for a customized mobile app, anyone have any reviews on how that worked for them?

  • Esau Reyes

    Such and amazing video! Explains everything in depth and helped me out! No one else has a video like this one! This guys is awesome!

  • rugdagod07

    Quick question maybe I missed it but once your paying for a hosting service such as libsyn do you have to also pay Apple, google etc etc to use their platform?

  • Childish Brandino

    Well I don’t have any money and am currently jobless so I can’t cop that service. I just wanna put my stuff out at no cost

  • afuzzychewbacca

    Question? I was able to submit it to iTunes and Google Play the only thing is that when I had the date to be released on a certain time it would not let me have it checked inside of iTunes or Google. I had to take the future date off and then have it published inside of Libsyn then iTunes would let me publish for approval. When can you add the date for future release.

  • Coecludd

    I find this whole thing confusing! My podcast host says I have 31,000 subscribers, yet, it says I've had less than 10 downloads in a day? I'm wondering if I'm wasting my time to be honest! Any info for this pessimist would be greatly appreciated.

  • Steve Holstein

    This is a better tutorial than those available on Libsyn. And the Apple, Stitcher and Google Play links are exactly what a new podcaster needs. Thank you!

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