PLEX Media Server Review & Overview
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PLEX Media Server Review & Overview

Hi guys and welcome back to another episode of Tech Sway with me Jay. So today we’re looking at PLEX Media Server. we’re looking specifically at what it is, what it does and essentially the most important part is it any good? So first of all what is plex? Well Plex is a media server or a centralized database of your own digital content that allows you to basically access it from a whole host of different devices whether that’s your mobile phone tablet TV your PC wherever you are you should be able to get access to it and that can basically be both at home and also whilst your holiday, around a friend’s house wherever. As long as you’ve got internet access you’re good to go. So the application itself is available on the whole host of different mediums as we can actually see by the website here it lists all the different things that it’s currently available for and there is a lot for it. So that is essentially what it is. So, its your own content. I mean essentially a simpler way to think of it is it’s your own netflix that you control what content goes on it, who has access to it and well… you could charge people but probably not advisable because you probably won’t be a very good friend. So that’s what it is and essentially what it does in the same nutshell as well so what does it look like well this is kind of the web client and the web client is also the management application that you use of adding libraries so I’ve already got my films added here I’ve got TV shows on here as well I’m actually using a different view . So earlier on searching for a year for TV shows and then I was actually doing it by the last episode of the date being added. If I wanted to I could just do it by the network that has come from, particular collection actors genres or we can just select all of the ones I’ve not actuall watched or can just select all and then it will load everything up. Same with movies, you get the exact same feature but you can even goes far as doing the resolutions for it if you want to as well or even doing custom filters. Now if you want to you can also add other libraries so these would be your music, your photos or even though the videos like home video you may have taken or your your own YouTube videos if you’re a youtuber and you can add them at any point and that’s it. Plex itself is free of charge now the non mobile applications are also free of charge to sort of demonstrate that a little bit more they actually have an article that does go over this so essentially everything is free. All the applications are free you don’t have to pay for them but if you’re using say a iOS windows or android device and you want to use their the Plex application is free to install it does have limitations and the limitations basically force you to look at getting a flex pass and these come in at different prices and they do have different features so you have a monthly yearly or lifetime now whilst I’m actually speaking of these Plex are running a 20% off on their lifetime one and out of all of them I would probably say that’s the best one to go for because if you’re paying yearly well after 3 and a bit years on this current deal well you would have already paid for the lifetime one so just pay for the lifetime job done but each to their own. If you’re not sure why you would want to do Plex Pass then if we go back to this original document which I will link in the video description below it actually tells you what a plex power subscription gets you so as well as getting you free useful of the pay for apps as well as the features and benefits you get things like like stream trailers and extras so if I should go to mind film library to Captain America for example and you’ll see you get extras down here so if a friends with me and I haven’t watched the film before rather than trying to explain it and go well just watch a quick trailer and decide if you want to watch it if you’re a film buff like I think I am but probably not and you can actually then start watching over the behind the scenes so interviews with the actors now not every film has this I should say it all depends on the film and whether or not to actually record this so that is all down to the film and making it available with Plex as well but that’s one of the features that you can actually get other things in here are you can like record like TV to your own library so what we’re talking about flex pass I did actually reach out to plex himself who we’re kind of especially provide me with a lifetime pass not for me but for you guys so that’s right we’re basically doing a competition that answer thanks for my subscribers so thank you for spoiling me and my way of giving back was reaching up to them and they give me one lifetime pass to give away if you want to enter that competition check the pin comment down below and enter via the gleam door i’ll link val provide for you guys now the competition itself will only run for two weeks after that i’ll choose one lucky winner and i’ll announce it basically on twitter and i also put a comment under the video but i will need that the email address from the winner so i can actually communicate plex directly and then will basically get your account upgraded to a lifetime one so we’ve looked at plex what it is what does briefly how it works and or the actual plex pass features now we’re basically talking about is it any good so once you compile all of that together is this entire sort of host of films it’s extras that give the extra detail all that is it any good yes if I was going to write out 10 7 out of 10 the reason why doesn’t get 8 is well I’m not a big fan of paying for stuff especially when you’re forcing it on to the mobile applications now if I had the choice of just purchasing maybe sin parts great i’ll probably see that as a better option but then depending on the company some companies may try bump the prices up stuff but overall what do you pay for that lifetime thing is like a one of costs and yes whilst there are open source projects out there and this is actually a fork of actually at the old XBMC they’ve done so much more with it more than a lot of people I see expected so seven out of 10 is a score purely because i think the monthly cost or yearly cost or even the lifetime cost is still fairly expensive even with the twenty percent off another doing at the moment that sort of make the lifetime pass more and more comfortable i would say as the phrase by it’s still not great so found out attend there’s two improvements to be made as always but there’s certainly interesting features if the Plex cloud works very very well then we may see that raised to a in a half half 10 but for now seven out of 10 on clicks I’ll recommend / Cody and mb myself that’s just for the way that I manage my own library for others they literally swear by Cody until the day they die so it’ll depend on you I’ve used everything this in my opinion what do you guys think of it what do you think of it compared to Cody or mb drop comment below I’d love to hear from you guys and I’ll quite happily discuss these of the pros and cons of each one down below in the comments if you fancy doing that so don’t forget the competition guys good luck to where everyone that entered it and until next time thank you for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next video


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    One lucky subscriber will also have the chance to win a lifetime Plex Pass (courtesy of Plex). The competition is open World Wide. To enter, follow this link:

    Competition closes on 7th May 2017. Winner will be announced on Monday 8th May 2017 via Twitter and a pinned comment on this video.

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    Congratulations to the competition winner! To see the results, click here: 👍

  • Brian Gardner

    Late to the party, but I have not used plex pass, and I love my PMS. (sounds dirty) I have purchased the $5 iOS activation, but it works on my personal phone, work phone, iPad, and my wifes devices as well. So that was just a one time purchase. I have dabbled with purchasing it just to help promote the developers, since I use my plex almost daily and have gotten a ton of use out of it for basically $5.

  • AdamTheMan23

    plex is a waste of time and money. I bought a lifetime plex pass and sharing my plex server with family and friends now thr plex team has been blocking my account. only answer I get is that I been accepting money for plex and that is not true. I asked even for my money back and the support told me to get a lawyer. now everytime I create a plex account it gets banned the next day. very bad support and plex doesnt even run great anyways on all devices. they say they explained to me but not true. Also support says if I want to go back to plex I need a lawyer what BS. I switched to emby so much better 🙂

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