Plesk Partner: Michael Schinzel – IP Projects, Deutschland
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Plesk Partner: Michael Schinzel – IP Projects, Deutschland

I’m Michael Schinzel from “IP-Projects”. I’m the owner and we build individual hosting solutions for our customers. We’re a Plesk partner since 2014. We are on the market for eleven years
and we grow yearly about 10 – 15 – 20%. We work mostly in the area of individual hosting, from web hosting, to domains,
and over to cluster solutions we do, let me say, everything. So, we started with free platforms IMSCP and so on, which are on the market and then, our customers said: “Hey, there is Plesk and other panels on the market. Don’t we want to add Plesk to our product portfolio?” And then, we decided okay, because customers decide, more or less, which solutions we should provide. So we had a look at this Plesk topic. Back then, we treated it a little “stepmother like”, because it was considered as a confusing and complicated panel and yes, in the beginning, we bought it from someone else, but then, we said we prefer to buy Plesk directly and have those advantages like the Plesk support. One has to say, we kept track of Plesk’s development from the very beginning. So, we knew Plesk even before Confixx times
and before Plesk was existent. We have to say that during the last years
Plesk developed to really good software, especially when it comes to plug-ins. There are more and more plug-ins, DDOS protection, filter solutions, WordPress toolkit, Joomla toolkit, so one recognizes,
work is being done at the panel. It is analyzed: “What makes sense for the customers? What can we implement as extensions, as add-ons? How can we give the customer additional value? One must mention also the excellent Plesk support. We have created tickets and were quite surprised; sometimes 8:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m., within 30 minutes we had a contact person, who handled the problem.
Within two hours the problems were solved. We have to say, that Plesk became an extremely reliable partner in the last years and an extremely good one as well, and provides more value to our customers, too. Not ourselves, because we are no agency.
We do the classic hosting, but our customers, agency customers and so on they use the WordPress toolkit, for sure; it is wonderful. Cloning blogs and all those things. One doesn’t have to start at the beginning, over and over again. One can do the installations automatically with a few clicks. That saves a lot of work on the one hand. What is really nice, is the firewall management via the Plesk panel. It means that the customers have the opportunity to activate and to configure the firewall area without much know-how, such things as the Kernel update utility. These are several such points. Moreover, the update features; in those days there was no panel on the market, which supported functions like updating the operating system automatically or automatically updating the panel to the latest version, without doing backups before, without investing all this administrative know-how.
Today, it is one click with Plesk and the whole system is updated. Yesterday, we updated a Debian 7 system with Plesk and the support said: “Oh, we do not support this anymore”, but it worked out perfectly without any failures, without any disruptions. There is nothing annoying about Plesk.
I would say, for us the initial access was rather hard, because we did not have a huge purchase power like the competitors on the market and so, we got worse conditions in the beginning. It means, that you start with 1 – 2 – 3 licences, 4 licences and pay effectively more than if you paid to your competitors on the market for the licenses. It was a big negative factor for us, but we said, okay, in return we get other services without needing another service provider, who delegates the whole thing back to Plesk. You have to keep the ball rolling. That is really important. When you start, you can’t be discouraged. There are always setbacks in life. That’s how it is and you have to score with support these days. So I say, you have to set yourself apart from the competition, you have to find points that make me special and that make the company special and that distinguish you from another market participant, where the customers then say: OK, I am ready to pay you more for your service.

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