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Phone Trees & Hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Services —

What can my business do with phone trees? Here’s an example. Danielle is about to start
a floral business. But before she does, she wants do a little market research. So she
turns to CallFire, and designs a phone survey using CallFire’s easy-to-use IVR Designer. CallFire calls everybody in Danielle’s phone book, and invites them to participate in her survey. Her contacts vote on their favorite flowers by pressing
a key on their keypad. Soon, the results are in. Danielle’s customers overwhelmingly prefer
daisies over any other flower. Now Danielle knows what to do. She puts her previously
unemployed boyfriend Andy to work planting lots and lots of daisies. And she sets up
another phone tree on CallFire. This time, she sets up a phone menu for incoming calls
to her business. “Thanks for calling Danielle’s Daisies. Press 1 for Sales, 2 for deliveries,
or 3 for our address.” With the IVR Designer, she forwards sales calls to her cell phone,
delivery calls to Andy, and address requests to a pre-recorded message. Using CallFire
is simple, allowing Danielle to do it all on her own. Now, Danielle and Andy have more time to focus on sales, beautiful flowers, and timely deliveries.
They even found a little more time for each other. CallFire handles the rest, for just
pennies per minute. Developers can even use CallFire APIs to create IVR applications of
their own. To learn more, visit, or call 877 897 FIRE.

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