Phoebe Waller-Bridge Might Revisit Her Fleabag Character Eventually
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Phoebe Waller-Bridge Might Revisit Her Fleabag Character Eventually

-You had a wonderful week. -Yeah, exactly.
-The Emmys were just a delight. I was lucky enough to see you right after you won
your first one. -Yes. -There was sort of
a backstage bar, and I’m standing
with Bill Hader, and you came in the room, and everybody’s
very happy for you. And Bill said, “How are you?” And you had an Emmy in your hand
and you said, “I’m really well.” [ Laughter ] And I thought that was
a very honest yet also very British way
of responding to how… -“Very well, thank you.”
-…your night had been going. I mean, obviously, it was beyond your wildest
dreams to win three Emmys. -Yeah. I mean…
[ Laughs ] I still,
even hearing you say it there makes me go,
“No, that didn’t happen. That just happened in my head.”
-Was this a situation where, looking back you,
you were just happy to be there, and then it just went so beyond? -Yeah, and we had
a whole gang — Like, the team that makes
“Fleabag” is quite small, and we’d all come out for it,
so it just felt like we were the kind of naughty kids trying
to get in through the back door. And then we got there, and then
we were like, “Oh, no! What’s happening?
This is terrible.” I feel like
we were stealing them. [ Laughter ]
-And everybody reminds you — You know, they say,
even if you don’t think you have a chance to win,
you have to write a speech, but no one says,
“Write three speeches.” [ Laughter ] So, at the end of the night,
you really have to show your chops as a writer to
come up with new stuff to say. -Yeah, that was —
that was a horrible moment when I was like, “What if…?” And they’re like,
“You don’t want to tempt fate.” And so I think just
repeating the jokes… [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. -Like, wow, really. It’s so blurry what actually
happened that night. I mean, it was —
it was amazing. -I think, again, you — You looked very glamorous
that night, and then I think
there are people that think there is something glamorous
to writing. I don’t know
if you were young — When I was young,
I thought of writing as this really glamorous
endeavor that… -Yeah.
-…you do with a, you know, coffee and in a…
-Or a whiskey. -…cozy room and just —
[ Laughter ] And I thought
it was really lovely that you posted this photo. This is on your way
to the Emmys. -Yeah.
-You were writing. -Yeah.
-Which is, uh… -Yeah. No rest.
-No rest. -No rest for a writer.
-I think this is such a helpful thing
to young writers is, even Phoebe Waller-Bridge
was late with a script. Is that accurate?
If you’re writing… -Oh, oh, that is not
the first time, either. [ Laughter ]
Very much. Yeah, that was honestly,
I closed — We got the deadline
just as we were pulling in, and it was like —
[ Breathes deeply ] “Okay! Let’s go.”
[ Laughter ] -It just speaks to, again,
the complete — It seems like people
are on the top of the world. You have so little power that,
even on the night of the Emmys, people were like,
“Where is the script, Phoebe?” -I know!
I know. It’s actually —
And it’s kind of — It was — I was writing the end
of the book of the scripts that’s coming out,
and I was writing all these, like, emotional bits about
the people who had, you know, really influenced it. And so I actually got myself
really riled up before I went there,
’cause I was like, “My director was just
such an amazing guy.” [ Laughter ] So, I was really —
I was really in the right place. But it is — Yeah, I mean,
it’s right up to the line. -And that is —
So you’re writing, sort of, this is a collection of all the
“Fleabag” scripts that’s gonna be for a book.
-Yeah. -Now I would assume then,
after you win three Emmys, the publisher probably says, “Hey, you want
to rewrite the ending?” ‘Cause, I mean, you really did
add on a fantastic post-script to the entire thing.
-What? What do you mean? -Well, the book.
I feel like now, like, in the part of the book that
you have the “Fleabag” scripts, I feel like you should add,
“Also, right as I finish this, I went out and won three Emmys.”
-Oh, no. That would be amazing.
-Yeah, yeah. -Yeah, yeah.
I mean, as I was finishing it, I was like, “And I’m on my way
to the Emmys.” [ Laughter ]
But yeah. -I know you had said that
this was the end of “Fleabag,” and it certainly has
as wonderful an ending as you could ever want
for a piece of television. But I’ve also heard you say
that maybe years from now, you might revisit the character.
Is there something…? -Yeah, I quite like the idea
of coming back to her when — Well, me, when I’m 50.
-Right. -‘Cause I feel like
she would’ve had, you know, more life then, and God knows
what she would have got up to. And actually
seeing a character like that in her later stage of life,
I think, is exciting. But I think, for now,
she’s been through enough. -Yeah, she’s —
[ Laughter ] -We got to let her go.
-Let’s let her have some rest. -Yeah.
-Well-deserved rest. “SNL” this week, you’re at the
very beginning of the week. -Yeah.
-Is this a show you had any sense of,
growing up in England? -Yeah, but only really
through YouTube and stuff. I mean, everyone was sharing
all the skits and the clips and everything, but we didn’t —
it was never aired in the U.K. So I didn’t know the madness
that it is and how you create it and how
it’s written and how fast. You know, we just thought
it was a sketch show, like, that you have time
to prepare for. -Right, right.
[ Laughter ] -And turns out you don’t.
-You really don’t. I mean, because at this point —
Again, so it’s Tuesday night. You have a show on Saturday,
and it’s safe to say — I know from experience — you haven’t seen
a single word yet. You haven’t —
-No. -Yeah.
-No. I mean, when do they do it?
[ Laughter ] Yeah, I’ve heard that today’s the kind of calm
before the storm. -Yeah, I think tomorrow —
I’m gonna check in with you tomorrow just to see
where you’re at. -Yeah. Can you just help me?
Can you just help me with it? -Yeah, I’ll try a little bit.


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