Personal Branding and Why You Need a Website VS. Social Media
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Personal Branding and Why You Need a Website VS. Social Media

Hey everyone, this is Roberto Blake of helping you create something awesome today. Today we’re going to talk a little bit more about personal branding. Growing and developing your personal brand has never been more important and today I want to talk to you about why you still need a website in 2017 instead of just using social media. There are a lot of people in the online community around marketing that will tell you that you probably don’t need a website today because you can go directly to the platforms that already have traffic and where there’s already a great user base for you and there is some truth to that, but I would still make the argument that there are many reasons you still need a website in 2017 and today, that’s what I’m going to talk to you about Social media is amazing but the reality is that you don’t own and control the platform. You don’t get the fully control how it looks, how people interact with it and you don’t control the rules. We’ve seen social media companies go away but we’ve also seen social media companies change the rules of how you’re able to engage with people you need your own platform to be able to do that on your own terms. A website lets you do that not only was having a hub where you can control content and you can set your own content guidelines and rules but, where you also have the ability to have a direct relationship with your audience by getting them onto your email list or newsletter. What if your favorite or most popular social media platform went away like Vine did? what would you do to be able to reach people and to connect with them directly? How do you have ownership of the relationship? That’s why having your own website matters. It’s not just about having a .com or a .net. It’s about being able to have a sense of security and certainty when it comes to your brand and also knowing how people will find you. Having your own website and the ability to put out content in the form of a blog or articles also means that you have the opportunity to be found in search engines the way that you want on your own terms and that you have a more effective tool for marketing yourself. A website can also help you consolidate your brand. It means that if you happen to have a podcast for example, you can get people to that through your website as well. If you’re like me and you’re doing public speaking you have a way to get them to information about that they can download in the form of speaker sheet. If you’re a digital artist of any, kind you have a portfolio that people can download and that they can print out and take the decision maker, so they can vet you. There are multiple things that you can do with a website that you just can’t do with many of these social media platforms. All social media pro.. platforms are still very important for your brand and that you should go directly to where the audience is participating to where the conversation is being had. You also need a hub of your own where you can set the rules and you can dictate the narrative and we’re not to beholden to someone else. Our lab brought up having an email list. Having an email list still is very important for your personal brand and for your business today, even with all the things that you get in social media. Having that direct access to somebody’s inbox really matters. To be able to do that and you have lead magnets and to be able to do drip content in the form of auto responders or give someone a free 10-step course, you need to be able to have a website that you can tie to this email marketing campaign and where you can have Google Analytics and all these other things that are going to be important for you to make decisions around your audience and around your brand and business. I know setting up these things can feel really intimidating and overwhelming. It’s just easier to have a social media profile. It’s just easier to have a Facebook page than to set up a website. I get that. I actually am putting together some tutorials that can help you guys I use about maybe I think four or five different web hosting companies for different online properties and projects that I’m doing right now. I’ve also used probably the the top 10 or top 20 via clients that happen to have websites there in the past, so I actually can recommend some good web hosting companies. I’ll have those linked up in the description below and i think I have some of the info card up here, but ultimately what you need to do is you need to accept the fact that at some point if you’re going to take your brand seriously, you’re going to need to have a website that people can get the information you want put in front of them in one place, it also makes you look a lot more prestigious and if you’ve got to work with brands and do sponsorship you’re gonna wanna have this website as either another property that you know, you can you throw ads against a new sponsorship with, or as a place where they can learn information about your download your press kit, but also because you want a professional email address. Being able to have people email me at is very important and makes me look a lot more professional and also means that I don’t have to worry about an email address that might be tied to some of my other social media things so I have a way to break this up in case those accounts get compromised and that could actually be really good from a security standpoint. I’m gonna have some videos that can walk you through the basic setup for wordpress if you want put a blog out because I think that’s going to be important for you. That’s probably gonna be with my account over on Bluehost that there is a new website that I’m actually setting up over there, so maybe I’ll just walk you guys through how I set up a completely brand-new website from scratch. Maybe that’s what helpful to you guys. Let me know if you want to see that in the comments section. Also in the comments, let me know if you’re still on the fence about starting a new website. What’s holding you back? Why have you not launched a new website yet? Is it just that you find social media easier? Do you think you don’t need one? Do you feel they might be too expensive because you have to hire web designer? Let me know that stuff in the comments, maybe I can answer some of your questions. I found this helpful. If you want more information about personal branding I do actually have an e-book called the seven points of personal branding. Maybe it’ll help you in figuring out and defining your personal brand along with the other video content I have here on the YouTube channel. If you want to check that out, go to I’ll have that linked up in the description as well. I give a lot of really good resources and advice through the newsletter every week, but also motivational stories about what I’m doing and how building my brand and building my business, on my successes and failures. So if you ever want a little bit of a more personal look at how I think about this stuff I kind of use the newsletter as a dear journal entry with regard to my brand in my business. Anyway, I hope this helps you guys out like this video if you liked it. Don’t forget to subscribe. Check out the are awesome content on the channel. Remember I do have a personal branding playlist here so you can get all kinds of tips while you develop your brand. As always you guys thanks so very much for watching and don’t forget create something awesome today. Take care.


  • Jenna no Manga

    Even a blog can be enough to reach another audience. My manga blog drew traffic to my youtube channel when I was posting.

  • Roberto Blake

    If you need recommendations on web hosting and email marketing here are the ones I'm using:
    Wix (for beginners who don't use WordPress)
    Convert Kit (email marketing for professionals) (email marketing for beginners)

  • Cristian Sandoval

    On the Fence/Want a website but: I feel like I should gain more momentum on platforms first, in order to show them a path to a website. Where as right now, It would feel premature to have one because of worrying about upkeep, and no one around to even go to the website.
    Sorry if that was hard to understand!

    Loved how you took off your glasses in the beginning of video lol.

    Also I know that your an affiliate with blue host, why do you vouch for them instead of other websites like Wix and SquareSpace? Also do you have a video on this topic?
    (I know of Wix from advertisement, and SquareSpace from Phillip Defranco)

    Love your content Roberto!

  • Cristian Sandoval

    Also, what is that animation called (in the start with your name), and do you have a video on how to create one. Been looking around but to no avail/

  • Samasu Creative

    I have two youtube channels , one for gaming and one for art . Should I make a one website for all my youtube channels or make separate websites for each channel?

  • Doyin Sule

    Hello Roberto,

    Quick Question: How many days or weeks did it take for you to feel comfortable managing 1-2 websites?

    I am looking to build my own t-shirt brand and was wondering if you can make tutorials on heat press printers or DTG printers. Thanks for the content.

  • Jakira Mou

    Hey I'm an aspiring model , youtuber, and cosmetologist. What's holding me back from starting my own website is the financial aspect and also knowing whether or not to make 3 separate websites or how to bring all 3 aspects of my business together on one page. Yes I do think it would be helpful if you gave a tutorial. Thanks for the great videos btw … your videos have helped me with YouTube alone… I can't wait to start marketing myself in modeling more with the help of your videos ☺

  • MonajaiBeauty

    I would love a video on how to build a website on bluehost. I'm using them and working on my site. That would be very helpful ?. Thanks

  • Gizmo Goose.

    Superb! Really on point.
    Social Media is a TOOL for your own core presence…NOT a career path!!!

    Relying on someone else's business to carry yours is a bad business model no matter how you slice it.

    Anything can happen. YouTube could get hit with a monopoly rap tomorrow and be gone in a couple months . . . 'fer instance.

  • Gadget Inspector

    A tutorial on setting up a site from A to Z would be incredibly helpful. Not sure if anyone out there is providing help like that.

  • Gayle Crabtree

    I noticed sound issues with your video but the information is dead on.  My online experience began in 1996.  There have been many changes but the one constant is that you must have a website.  The importance cannot be emphasized too much.

  • Timothy Bennett

    Great video. I agree 100%, social media is great but nothing says professional like your website. The video and light quality on this one was stellar, are you shooting in 4K?

  • Anthony White

    Hi, I would really value your opinion on this.
    I've been an artist since I was a kid, and there's nothing I want to do more. Right now I'm in community college, and even wondering if I should even go off to a 4 year school. But that's not my issue. I want to be a comic book artist or animator, and I feel I can be successful. I even wrote an extremely popular fan comic in high school, but now that I'm older and I want to tell my own stories I've been having a hard time getting my comic DAVIS on Tapastic into the eyes of viewers. How do you recommend marketing (for younger people) with a website or social media? What are the best tactics to get your webcomics to people without being annoying or forceful? I really would appreciate any help.

  • Wright Ideas with Susan

    Thanks Roberto. This is a topic that really interests me. Yes, info on what it takes to set up a website would be helpful. And does it take a lot time to manage a website? I'm a small you tuber (not monetised yet) with slow steady growth, however my viewers are wanting to have access to the resources and lesson plans that I show, etc. I think a place where they can download resources would be helpful for them. I have no idea how all that sort of thing works. Making money isn't my goal, but could be helpful. Helping people be better at teaching children is the main goal.

  • Wright Ideas with Susan

    Thanks Roberto. This is a topic that really interests me. Yes, info on what it takes to set up a website would be helpful. And does it take a lot time to manage a website? I'm a small you tuber (not monetised yet) with slow steady growth, however my viewers are wanting to have access to the resources and lesson plans that I show, etc. I think a place where they can download resources would be helpful for them. I have no idea how all that sort of thing works. Making money isn't my goal, but could be helpful. Helping people be better at teaching children is the main goal.

  • DarthShadie Lavellan

    Totally agree. Before I decided to be more present on YouTube, before I ever had a Twitter account, I had a website, and my email is @ my company name. I'm able to refer potential clients to specific pages on my website and I've gathered enough content over the years to have something to show clients, which helps when people want to look me up and contact me to discuss working together. I've also used the website as a place where I can advertise partners or list perks from fundraisers and help promote other people. My website is on, and I had a lot of ease setting things up when I first got it. My hosting is with OVH and it's not very expensive for the .com. It's about $40 for 3 years. I'm quite satisfied with the service I got from both. With wordpress, I was also able to set up "alternate" email addresses, such as [email protected], [email protected], etc. I can change that at any time. Combined with google business it works quite well. WordPress also has a bunch of themes, so you can pick one that will fit your style and brand. I have the basic WordPress package, so it's free, and I have infinite amount of pages that I can create. If you know code, or know someone who knows code (my husband knows code) you can even change up a few details to personalise the theme even more. And I mean, I still have to go and find these potential clients, I still have to work for it, put free ads up here and there, but I have a website to link to those places and to sign with when emailing people, and I know it's helped me land some of those contracts. I see a website as your sidekick. You do the heavy lifting and the website backs you up 😉

  • Scott Davis

    Hey, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the great content you put out. These videos are helping me tremendously in getting my personal brand moving. Thanks!

  • Avene

    I totally agree. And for anyone creative with an Adobe subscription, the easiest option would be the Portfolio site they give you. Which are great, and the content can be cross posted to Behance also.

    Still running a WordPress site myself though. They're hard to beat with all the plugins available.

  • Aaron Explores

    Great video, I would love to see you make a video on how to set up a website. I started researching more into that topic and you are right, I did find it a bit overwhelming.

  • Ken Lang

    My friend and I were just talking about this the other day. He's studying photography and he told me he wants to start displaying his work on social media (facebook page) because he thinks creating his own website is a big step for him and he wants to start off small. I'm gonna show him your video, lets see if everything you just explained gives him a new perspective on his decision to create one or not.

  • Lin

    I really enjoy having a personal blog to be able o make content on my own terms and my own terms alone. I would love for you to create a website and go through the important aspects of a good lay-out! 🙂

  • Konstantin Kolev

    Great work. Do you have a video explaining how you manage several websites and engage with different social profiles?

  • Nerd Strategy

    just saying having a website also helps you turn your simple YouTube channel turn into a brand. you can use it to tie what you do online (such as youtube and doing podcasting and if you like do art or something you can make it into a brand that can bring people in. you want an example? xplosion entertainment (sorry if I spelt that wrong) or penny arcade or channel awesome(nastagic critic and his online friends) and what about cinnamasecre (avgn's channel) if you go to their websites you can see a variety there and it has things that don't want post to YouTube there cause like reberto said they control their brand. sorry just wanted to give some examples. and yes I'm just lazy but I am making a website cause I want to add comics to it and I can't exactly do that with YouTube effeciantly. and he's also right about social media sites coming and going. anyone remember Myspace?

  • Terasets

    I've used html to create a page before and I've seen software to help create one as well. But the part i don't know is actually hosting the website/having a domain name were anyone can access and if this costs anything.

  • Aliex Folgueira

    I want a new web, the problem is time, I'm having a hard time shooting, editing, and promoting daily videos. I have 2 twitter accounts, 2 inst one fb and a fb group. I want to scale back to 4 videos per week and do the website as a hub

  • TankersleyFX

    I had a website at one point, but all it did was cost money. Not much, just a small annual fee, but it brought in 0 revenue, so I let it go.

  • Simply Handmade

    I definitely want to create a website this quarter! I feel my apprehension comes from which platform to pursue (WordPress vs. Wix vs. squarespace) I want something that is user friendly, and that I can upgrade to add a store so I can sell some of my work or merch in the future.

  • The Garlic Farm

    I was signed up for a 12 week course to learn about using wordpress to build and monetize a web site. Snowstorms prevented me from getting to the first and third classes. The instructor was understanding and let me reschedule for a class starting in May. I will have a web site before I have a presence on Facebook or Twitter. With social media I'm antisocial.

  • Tamera Weeks

    Thank you for explaining this Roberto. My next goal for this year is getting my broken website up and going. I use and I'm going to call them so they can walk me through building it. I paid a web guy awhile back and he disappeared so I'm going to just make a temporary landing page. I don't really know what to do with a website at this point.

    When I get the website going again, I will then capture email addresses so that I can send out newsletters by the last quarter of 2017.

    I'm working my goals for this year and so far they are coming right along. Thank you for your encouragement and help in all of this. 🙂

  • Glenn Miller

    I like the "hub" analogy. But these days I see the personal site as just that — the hub that centralizes all your social media feeds. is a great option for doing this I think.

    Time is the main reason I have for not doing a personal site. I think the time can be used in more effective ways.

  • Billy Schlotter

    This is great stuff. I always go back an forth about creating a website or just using a social profile. You bring up some great points!

  • Rhino Dan

    Excellent Video I been holding off because I don't have any merchandise to sell a website wasn't on my to do list.
    Thank you for the video.

  • NoVision Media

    I have been studying different kinds of platforms and building prototypes on them to see which one fits my needs. And that I think that is one of the reasons besides personal life reasons that has held me back to fully launching my website. Along with always making changes to my design concept of the site. But thank you so much Roberto for this video. I am going to dedicate time this week to finalize my website and launch it without regrets. I think I should let people provide the feedback instead of me breaking down my web design and functionality every single time.

  • GamingMermaid

    I would love to see a step-by-step process of starting a website from scratch. Personally, I haven't started a website because the tutorials I've seen appear complicated. Another concern I have is cost. I don't feel I have a big enough audience to justify the costs of creating and running a website at this time. Thank you.

  • Marie Designz

    I don't have a website yet because I don't feel I have enough content for one. I made on while in design school a few years ago but really do need more than IG and twitter to get my foot in the door

  • Ricky Garcia

    While I have a website I'm holding off while I skill up as well as get experience at my job. I just started as a web developer 5 weeks ago and I want my website to be look like it was coded by a professional, because it is.

  • DJTronuk

    Hey Roberto, I love this video. You explained everything so well. (Loved the End Screen by the way). One question for you, could you go over proper techniques for creating an email list in a video? Or is that explained in your free online book? (I'm assuming you've already explained this kind of thing before). Let me know when you get the chance. Thanks again!

  • Old Iron Shops

    Hey Roberto I never have built a website because I really have no idea how to go about it or what I would do with it. I have a machine restoration channel here on YouTube. just hit 300 subs I can feel it starting to take off . been a lot to learn to get here. I would really love to see a series on starting a Web sight how to use Google Analytics there a lot more to learn and it would be nice to have it all in one place.

  • Julie K Munden

    Thanks for this video. I was just thinking I need to have a website in addition to my social media. Great tips! I haven't had a website because I didn't really think I needed one, but you made some great points as to why we do. Owning the content vs. social media owning it.

  • MissAmyxo

    My hold back is fear of being spread to thin with my youtube channel, various social media accounts, and my attempt at a blog. I work full time and go to college full time so I'm afraid that it would be too much to juggle 🙂

  • Andrew Parsons

    My biggest issue is coming up with a brand name that is not taken. 😀

    Generic name. Most of my original names were already taken ten years ago. But been hitting the dictionary every day to come up with variations.

  • Rock Paper Crafts

    I still social media sites. I do have website for my channel. I do DIY and craft tutorials. I use wordpress. I plan to have it as a place where viewers can go and download a PDF of my instructions and where new people can view the videos from my channel. I use wordpress because it is free. I have enlisted my cousin to help because I started to have trouble with it when i would post something and then what I posted ended up on the page I did not want it on. It acted more like a blog then a website.

  • Dhanushka Herath

    hi #Robertoblake
    if we made good content with youtube ,how we share it throng social medial? i mean 1st 2nd 3rd like that ]
    ex- instagram,fb,google+ and more
    what do you think what should first?

  • Bigs Bandit 2

    I've been on the fence about creating a new website for the past few weeks. This video completely solidified my decision to go ahead and do so ASAP. Thanks.
    This channel is an awesome resource.

  • Akin Awogbemila

    I am at the point where am considering a website as an insurance sales manager. Would having a website be relevant for sales and marketing training ?

  • Justin Drakulich

    I'm in the process of trying to start my own one man auto detailing business to free myself from working for someone else for the rest of my life. I started with a Facebook page and it got me some work for a little while but it slowly dwindled away. I've been brainstorming lately on where to go from here to get steady business to allow me to devote all my time to it and quit my full-time job. I've been considering having a website through that can allow me a better place to showcase my work and also set up some affiliate marketing to sell the products I use to people who do their own detailing. I would also like to start a YouTube channel with how-to videos. This can not only show the work I am capable of but also show how well products work that I can help sell for extra income. If you have any extra ideas that I can add to my arsenal or better alternatives to my ideas please let me know. Thanks.

  • Ronald Malcolm

    I honestly don't relish the idea of building the site, but I guess at some point, I'll have to do it. I'm not good at design. However, your reasons for platform ownership are sound.

  • Robert Ochoa

    great video @Roberto Blake, I am just start my professional boxing career this year and am currently, 2 – 0 ( 1KO) and looking to build my personal brand. I'm trying to Soak in all the info I can get to get my personal brand growing to its fullest potential, Thanks for the great video!

  • MightyJBeats

    I use Sellfy and recomend it for people who are just starting a business it has everything set up and you dont have to invest money right away because it can be hard to profit from business anyway!!

    Heres my affiliate link

  • DragonLordLeda

    I have been on the fence on creating my own website. I had one in the past, but abandoned it within a year. The only reason why I’m reconsidering making my own website is to use it as a portfolio as a video editor/bts for my channel.

  • Allen Alexandre

    hey wassup Roberto im Allen Alexandre, Hey should I start getting e-mails from off my Instagram and other social media? and what exactly makes emails the most talked about these days?

  • Its All About The Real Estate

    I have always seen social media pages as a platform to draw people to your website. Just like you said, you don’t own the social media companies.

    Question is, do you keep your website a one page site or offer multiple pages?

  • Dolores Nazario

    Should I create a website and have different sections on my website. For example I am a writer and makeup artist, should i put them all on the website but do different sections?

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