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if you’re looking for pbn hosting i’d like to show you a few of the hosting services that I used to have some of my PBNs on i know many SEOs use host nine and that that’s fine but you’re upping the odds in favor of Google’s PBN and spam team if they have a name like that to find your sights on host night you can use some free as free dns tools it’s available online and you can dig out for all those sites are from where they’re actually hosted that google knows the host lines are popular host for people for hosting PBNs and that should be a flag to you so hosting on various hosting providers brings the odds back into your favor as they are truly different hosting services if your Pbn look like baby ends then it does not matter which hosts you use it’s just a matter of time before they find your side and then they’re going to index it so make your site’s look like real money websites if you have 10 articles on the homepage and only pointing from each article that sure looks like a PB into may be smart here and build out your private blog network to look like real websites back to the PBN hosting this list here shows a few the host I’ve used most have a 15 or 30 day money-back guarantee so if you’re not locking what you’re saying you can get a refund so you’re really not out any money maybe a little bit of time many them offer more than one domain to be hosted some have unlimited add-on domains and you could possibly host through for pbns on one of these counts as long as they’re not connected in any way here’s Hawk host 29 a month unlimited add-on domains three data centers they give you a coupon here t HC servers a dollar ninety-five a month in it’s only for one domain though we do have the 30 day moneyback guarantee t1 hosting starts at 21 dollars a year which figures out to be a dollar seventy-five they have unlimited add-on domains and course the 30-day moneyback web hosting path on starts at two dining on a month or thirty dollars a year this is personally one of my go-to host here on on almost everything this is a good hosting service of course you’re only limited to one domain on them but you get you can get some add-on domains 02 hosting a dollar 99 again unlimited domains webhost exam $29 here unlimited domain server hub it goes on and on you need to check this out if you’re looking to really invest the your time and money into your PB in blogs that they’re like they still work but can still be very powerful but it’s it’s tough when your PBN his D index because you’ve just been cheaper than what everybody else has done on making your PBN bill to get out and where you host at it they can be safe and this makes your PBNsafer by hosting on various hosts


  • SEO Thrill Seeker

    Good call for warning people to not use hosting providers that are commonly used for hosting pbns. I do think google tries to solve most "problems" via their algo, but it does not take much of an effort to put a bunch of IP ranges in a blacklist somewhere. If i were google i'd do something different though: Crawl all sites hosted on the same IP and calculate a trustworthiness/authority score to uncover potential pbns or spammy sites. So if you wanted to be completly safe, hide in the cloud or use dedicated IPS. But then, there is too much fear and paranoia in SEO already distracting people from doing the work to actually RANK.

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