Parents Disapprove Of Wheelchair Bound Boyfriend  | What Would You Do? | WWYD
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Parents Disapprove Of Wheelchair Bound Boyfriend | What Would You Do? | WWYD

So you’ve met the one You’re both happy Things are great It all feels like you’re floating on air But introducing that special someone to your parents can bring it all crashing down and that’s just what happens to Sarah when her parents discover that her new boyfriend is in a wheelchair “Oh, hi” “Hi” “I’m Peter” If you saw parents reacting like this to their daughter’s new beau “I can’t believe you’re dating a guy in a wheelchair” “What are our friends gunna say?” “Do you realise you’re gunna have to be taking care of this man? That’s crazy!” What would you do? We’re at it again and the day’s final diner sits quietly, taking in the scene “What are my friends gunna think when I tell them my daughter is dating a guy in a wheelchair?” “How am I gunna explain that?” “You’re acting like he’s some animal, mum” “I’ll call you later, don’t you ever do this to me again” After Laurie storms out “Don’t, don’t cry, it’s gunna be okay” The customer has a very kind offer for our couple “I have a ballroom dance studio, I teach dancing if you guys wanna come in and learn some dancing” “Let me give you my card, depending on how long you stay out” “Okay” “If you’d just prefer some quality time together” “Thank you so much” “Have a good time”
“Enjoy your breakfast” Now with the couple gone, we send Laurie back in one last time “Did they, did they leave?” “The couple that was here, did they leave?” “I’m sure he’s a nice guy but I just can’t imagine what it’s gunna be like for her for the next 10, 20 years” [Walkie talkie] “I feel like she’s got half a man” “I feel like he’s half a man” “How you doin’, buddy?” “They were actors” “Get outta here” “You were very kind, you offered him something, in fact, in fact, dancing?” “Yeah, in my dance studio we teach ballroom wheelchair dancing” “It’s not right, everyone should be treated equally” “Your advice to parents whose, uh, son or daughter starts dating someone in a wheelchair?” “Whatever makes the child happy, then what is the big deal? That’s all you wanted for them, right?”


  • Eclectic Oddity

    This hit so close to home. I have had ex's parents treat me like that because of my disability and it tore me apart for a long time. It is shameful to think that people actually feel that way.

  • rox fox

    This man on the wheelchair and the other guys are very kind to that girl
    But I have a boyfriend that looks like me I'm going to talk about my ocs story had a boyfriend my dad did not really like him cuz they said that his to like my brother his Last name is yup and my last name is lop very sad time for my oc that story is soo dad for me cuz she's me but in a fox cat snake bird dragon chicken unicorn

  • Dorth Surreal

    I'd walk over and say you are very selfish, ignorant pair of. Troglydites. My wife was in a wheelchair, she needed a ventilator to breath. While laying down and a food pump to help her get nutrition to stay alive. I had to feed her and bath her dress her and place her in her wheelchair. Wendy went to collage and had a degree. I loved her with all my heart. I would have crucifyed these idiots.

  • The Cinema Cynic

    I can't believe this would even be a problem for parents. Who cares? As long as they're in love, what does it matter if he's in a wheelchair?

  • Nasrin Hatna

    Um guys am I the only one who doesn’t get what’s wrong with being In a wheelchair. Like dudes it’s not a big deal ?

  • Steven carroll

    Wheel chair people are the best of friends I have for wheel chair friends they are so nice I help them out when they ask me some time it just a force of habit Lol i love helping people

  • Teardropangel30

    i would date a man in a wheelchair and i will date outside my race
    as long as i am happy my parents are they made that clear too me so many times

  • Christina Gould

    Heartless rotten parents! I know it's actors, but shame on the producers for putting in disabled people in wheelchairs for the cruelty! Smh

  • Bill Anderson

    I understand where the parents are coming from. Imagine having a couple kids that the father won't be able to keep up with. She'll be working double time to care for the kids

  • Alexander Jones

    How kind was it to offer to take them to his dance studio? I mean no disrespect, but with the guy being in a wheelchair, there are some things he can't do! He'd be embarrassed, wouldn't he? I'm not in a wheelchair, but I have mild Cerebral Palsy, and so I can't dance and would stick out a mile at a dance studio!

  • Whitefoxf2x

    I don't like/approve the LGBTQ couples.
    But who cares if your boyfriend/girlfriend is in a wheelchair? As long as they love you for who you are, then you're complete 🙂

  • •`Ace SWEETX•

    "He isin't even half a man."
    He is, And he is more. He is stronger than most of us, This happened to my GrandFather and he had a wheel chair because of fighting in the Philippine Army. After 5 years of being in that wheel chair, He died on April 27 2004..

  • Lavenia Cleaver

    The guy in wheelchair is really cute; any girl would be lucky enough to date him. And the guy who offered him and the gf dance lessons seemed like really nice guy.

  • oofmeoofer

    So I'm a part-time wheelchair user which means I can stand up for a minute if I need to. So a couple of days ago I went to a store and I couldn't reach something on a shelf so I stood up and a man comes over and says, "You're fake. You're just using your wheelchair for attention. You don't need it. One for all I need that more than you do." I didn't even get a chance to tell him it was part-time before he walked away…

  • CiTizen of Earth

    I love to watch your show but somehow it seems that you made it up. It's look like all fake. Topics are good but there are too much resemblance in all episodes that all are like each other. Always there is some single couple sitting on next table and they over hear someone's talk

  • CiTizen of Earth

    Also the focus on cameras looks like total in front production. Not hidden cameras. Try to put reality in your show. I believe people will more like it.

  • Андрей Парамонов

    People from all continents are equally kind!!!I am from Russia and I like this program, I like to look at the citizens of America. Justice, honesty, respect has no boundaries.

  • Abbas h

    Why didn't you put a white man with a black girl why did you just put black man with a white girl com on I now you want to send the massege that there isn't racism but you can't only put black man with white women you must put a black women with a white man too ?❤

  • Samantha Owens

    So sweet of those folks. Totally agree! Question though,….did he just offer dancing lessons….to the guy in the wheelchair?…. Heart is in the right place…umm…but where is the brain…?

  • Kenneth Lieu

    Love is love. It doesn’t matter who your partner is as long as you two love each other and care for each other.

  • Nathaniel Carreon

    As a parent, your interest is the well being of your child foremost and not trying to be politically correct. At the end of the day the final decision rest on them but giving your best opinion base on your experience is the parents' responsibility.

  • Malayka .J Ms .queen Bee

    I don't get why people bully &And judge people its just Rude but I'm glad the TV show teaches A Life Lesson in reality

  • Charlotte Emily

    my really good friend is in a wheelchair and she also can barely move her arms so she has to pick stuff up with her mouth and things and she's really good at taking care of herself and she's really sweet and plus if that Mom's so concerned about her friends she shouldn't tell them it's not her friends business anyway

  • Abiland Fun Jewels

    Ok so no poor people, asians, Muslim’s, same sex, obese or wheelchair bound people for partners according to the wwyd parents

    Geez these people

  • adrianna roberts

    I love how WWYD just casually shows gay couples… we need more of this in the world cause it’s normal!?

  • Presidentialnurse2040 Futurenurse

    I would skip this step of marriage having my future fiancé meet my parents because I wouldn’t give a rats ass what they think

  • Austin and Mommy Do it All!

    I recently started seeing someone who has MS. My mother is upset about it, saying "you can do better than that" and "why would you date someone who's sick". Thankfully I'm my own person and make my own decisions!

  • Dorth Surreal

    My GF was in a Wheelchhair. Id listen patiently and then ut aq. Copy of a brief history of time in. Front of them aand tell 5heem Dr. Steven Hawking as in a wheelchair and besides Einstien he. Was the most intelligent man to ever live. So try that one on for size you backward mentally stunted trumploving POS

  • Kyzia Walcott

    This is very true as a person who is engaged to man who is in a wheelchair, what parents can say is very true. My dad was this mom. Its heartbreaking that people look down in those with disabilities. It's why my fiance and I started a YouTube channel about our relationship.

  • Melissa Barvels

    I am wheelchair bound this really hurt me that her parents said this .people can’t help the way they are born or if they got hurt someway we are who we are no one should tell someone who the can and can’t date or marry

  • Angelica Guerrero

    That's so awesome (and appropriate for the segment) that the young man teaches ballroom lessons to people in wheelchairs.

  • M B

    Chris is so sweet

    Not only because hes having a hard time in a wheelchair and being positive but his attitude is perfect for someone who might suffer through this

  • Sinead Dyer

    Whether your Partner's Culture, Religion, Disability, weight or height or age, you should love your partner unconditionally.

  • Aab V

    Why shall we sacrifice our healthy lives for half a man, parents are right if she was the same she might marry someone like her,a deaf for a deaf and a blind for a blind,healthy people must marry only the healthy ones like them this show is bullshit

  • م م

    I understand the parents they are concerned and worried that their daughter would have a hard life but, their is nothing wrong dating or marrying disabled people

  • Charles Watts

    Sorry, but, I am pretty sure that no one had ever been "bound" to a wheelchair unless there was a danger of the person falling out of the chair and injuring their self. We use wheelchairs, we aren't bound to them.

  • Jess Hull

    This exact thing happened to me. I'm in a wheelchair and when I met my gf at the times parents they were soo disappointed with me and asked really rude mean questions like "will you always be like this?" and "can you even take care of yourself?" Some people don't realize disabled doesn't meana we can't take care of ourselves we just do so differently then able bodied people.

  • Veronica Siaba

    As a person with cerebral palsy that requires and electrical wheelchair to get around I appreciate the episode immensely. People are people it shouldn’t be a shocker if they have a disability and they are with a person able-bodied or not 🙂

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