OVH.COM : How our servers come to be (in North America)
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OVH.COM : How our servers come to be (in North America) s global stock of servers passed the
150,000 mark in the first quarter of 2013, a figure which reflects the increasing needs
of its customers. The European web hosting leader’s exponential growth has further increased
with the official launch, at the beginning of the year of BHS, its North American datacentre,. One of the most appreciated advantages is
the high availability of machines, a server ordered on is available just one hour
later. This impressive delivery time is because every machine is assembled and tested in our
production facility. It’s here at the production facility, located
within the BHS (Beauharnois) datacentre in southern Montreal, that manufactures
servers intended to fill up its racks on a lean production basis. From cases, processors, hard disks and motherboards
to RAM… every component has been carefully selected by OVH. The technicians assemble
them in 15 minutes, this includes the watercooling equipment, the green technology that allows
70% of heat emitted by the processor to be evacuated. Every machine produced is systematically subjected
to rigorous testing. The series of quality control tests ensures
conformity and maximum server performance. can thus guarantee high quality services
and hosting solutions which are both flexible and reliable, at competitive prices. Once the servers have passed the tests, they
are immediately housed in racks and brought into operation. The production processes in
the hosting provider’s North American datacentre have been duplicated and continuously optimized
over time. offers customers the best quality and value for every service and solution
offered, as well as genuine guarantees. BHS is expected to eventually host more than 360,000
servers, making it one of the largest datacentres in the world.
As constant R&D made it possible to considerably reduce the datacentre’s environmental impact,
the location is highly strategic since it is situated 300m away from a hydroelectric
dam which supplies it with green energy.


  • BarryCarey

    Must say I'm a big fan of OVH. We currently have 210 servers with them. Spread over BHS, RBX and SBG. Prices and quality cannot be beat.

    Also very excited to see the changes to the SP line and the reduction in price.

  • Jota Cals

    That quality? I had to change a server 3 times to get one that could have a nice performance. Of course OVH always said that "our servers work fine, the p`roblem it's you". The OVH way ….

  • LatteCannon

    I have 8 SP SSD dedicated servers from them. All those staff in the datacenter? Yet not a single one of them can find a server for my clients to be on? Yeesh.

  • Mark Dulisse

    OVH is crap. I used them for 3 months, and everyone of my HDD disks failed, and this happened 3 times over only a 3 month period. They use crap hard disks. And the service is lowsy. Takes them two days just to replace a disk, while your websites are completely down. And this happens every month. Don't go near them. You will be sorry.

  • PlepperGuy

    Purchased a VPS with this company. Installed my OS (Arch Linux), installed firefox and teamviewer… next day received an email that my server had been terminated due to a violation of my contract. Called customer support and their answer was basically to buy another VPS. Will do, but never will I use their services again.. nor do I recommend to anyone else!

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