oscommerce tutorials installing oscommerce into godaddy hosting free video tutorial
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oscommerce tutorials installing oscommerce into godaddy hosting free video tutorial

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Hi Bestiespar A lot of you want to start an oscommerce site
but you have other hosting besides Bluehost which I literally use to show you how to install
oscommerce par Then you have godaddy or hostgator so today
I’m gonna show you how to install oscommerce on godaddy then next wednesday I’ll show you
how to install it on hostgator par Ow but I have a problem I don’t have a hostgator
account ehpar Someone with a hostgator account contact me
then I can use your account to install oscommercepar You get the installation free and I get to
use the tutorial for my bestiespar Deal par
Now let’s go the computer and I’ll show you how to install oscommerce on a godaddy website
par For those of you who are just joining make
sure you subscribe for free to access the other oscommerce tutorial par
yeahpar Once you’ve log in to your godaddy hosting
you can easily see something here that says options and settings popular apps just click
show all par Now it’s easiest if you just search right
upfront oscommerce and it will pop right out Here we go go ahead and click on it par
Then you simply drop down and you will see this big Install Now button go ahead and click
on that You will see an end user license go ahead and agree with that if you agree then
you’re going to ahead and choose which domain you want to install it on and click Next par
Then we’re gonna set it up par Basically for the database description this
is just for yourself for your own notes so that you will know what this database is so
you don’t overwrite it with anything else par
Next create a database password and verify the password We want this to be as complex
as possible to make sure your store is safe I’ve actually done thatpar
Click Next then you will choose where to install it par
Make sure you put in 8-14 characters and must contain a lower case and an upper case letter
one number begin with a letter and include of the special characters par
Okay now that I’ve fixed that go ahead and click next and now we’re going to choose a
folder to install it into par It’s really importnat not to coincide this
with any folder with objects that are already installed for example I am installing this
at knotawbeads.com and I can tell this is her main page I don’t want to conflict with
any of the sites that she already has and I can tell she doesn’t already have a shop
folder so I’m going to go ahead and actually for her pink boutique would be quite clever
so we’ll go ahead and have her in a folder called boutique and that would be her oscommerce
site in there par And then last it’s simple it’s the configuration
you’re just going to choose the admin username the password password the store name the store
owner name and the store owner email par After that’s all entered and really this is
preference decide if you want your username to be put the store name in there what you
want to show up on invoices and in your SEO like title and everything and that just shows
up anywhere and then store owner name your first name and the store email and then you
just click finish par Excellent par
Your installation request for oscommerce has been submitted depending on the application
your application may require additional set tools to complete set up par
View the status of your application and store request by navigating to the My applications
page par It should be set up now par
Now we take a look par Oh there it is par
It’s creating the database for you par We can see the database is still being created
so just come back later and I’m sure godaddgy will have it all set up for you I’m sure that
it’s just take a little bit for the database to be created and then it should show up as
soon as you go the URL par That’s all there is to it to install you can
back to the other oscommerce tutorials that I have to get you all logged in in oscommerce
once the database has been created par Luv you allpar
Peace out yo f1fs20par }


  • Patricia L. Logan

    Renae, I have a hostgator account. Does it if I am still setting things up? Never mind, I will put something on there by next Wednesday.

  • manolisvlog


    Yayyyy for the green screen! Looks great!

    Another great tutorial, and a detailed one :-))

    Oh, and THANK you for what you did with the other Fantastic 4…ya know right?

    Have a wonderful day! Peace out yo!

    p.s I will send you laughs in the weekend hahahaha!!

  • Jennifer Greenfield

    Ah! I was so excited to see this video only to find out that godaddy is doing away with Hosting Applications.. FROWNY FACE

  • Khyber Little

    I love your tutorials! They helped me build a website for work. I was wondering if you know how to create a login page that allows each user to have their own my account page, where they have a form showing their id, password, info on themselves. I have used theme my login, which allows users to register and login so they can access hidden parts of the website…I just want to allow them to have like a "my profile" page

  • Techguy 4556

    It is better to go with OSCommerce recommended hosting.. one of them is https://www.accuwebhosting.com/web-hosting/os-commerce

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