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Oscommerce Shop, Best Free Shopping Cart

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Hi Bestiespar And Hi Somewhat Simple Bestiespar
We are right in the middle of our OsCommerce tutorials seriespar
Wait what is OsCommercepar Oscommerce is a super easypar
and freepar shopping cart that you can easily install
on any Websitepar and I’ve been showing you how to install and
use itpar totally freepar
on YouTubepar But someone has had the audacity to ask whypar
Why did I choose to teach you how to build the easy and free shopping cart that is oscommercepar
How did I miss doing an introductory video for the tutorial seriespar
OsCommerce sounds really technical but really it is notpar
It’s a program that’s been around since the yearpar
2 0 0 0par It’s an open source project which means thousands
of programmers have been perfecting it since 2000par
The best partpar It’s absolutely freepar
Wait Are you saying we get the work of thousands of hours from thousands of programmers to
create this program absolutely freepar Yes!par
If you aren’t already you should be dancing for joypar
OsCommerce is also recognized as one of the best shopping carts for many reasonspar
And Google loves it toopar Ooo Dr. FrankenSEO how are you todaypar
that’s none of your concern I just heard you mention my boyfriend Google so I had to come
and make sure you weren’t badmouthing himpar No I wasn’t badmouthing him, why would we
bad mouth Googlepar Either way yes OsCommerce has many widgets
you can add that will automatically supe it up for SEO and my boyfriend Googlepar
Ok ok So OsCommerce, the word itself sounds really scary doesn’t itpar
But it’s not par Z Go get the proofpar
she’s not comingpar Because OsCommerce is such an amazing successful
and easy to use shopping cartpar all of the major hosting companies have it
already built inpar You just need to activate itpar
Wait how do we activate itpar that’s easypar
I have tutorials to activate it in GoDaddy and Bluehostpar
If you have hostgator that tutorial is coming next weekpar
I also have several other OsCommerce tutorials to show you around the settingspar
and soon I’ll have a tutorial to show you how to brand itpar
Who doesn’t love brandingpar Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss
itpar Branding an OsCommerce is just as easy as
picking your nosepar wait par
I mean checking your emailpar If you haven’t already don’t forget to subscribe
to my 2-minute funny daily videos at richmombusiness.compar totally freepar
Disclaimer I am not an affiliate of oscommerce.com and I never get paid for my endorsementspar
I wish I did thoughpar Luv u allpar
Peace out yopar }


  • Mara Gillott

    Where on earth did you find this wig? LOL
    WAHOO! HostGator! 🙂 That reminds me. I need to call them…. thanks for the reminder. 😉

  • Natalie Cuen

    Oh my…I thought it was just me, had I missed something? Thank you for explaining it with your post- pre- introductory video to OSCommerce. I felt so out of the loop but now I'm back on track! Sorta…

  • manolisvlog

    Hahahaha!! Your dance of joy!! hahaha!!

    LOL! Love your accent and the wig!

    Outtakes FTW!

    Have a good one Renae!
    Loved the video! Fun,fun and interesting!! 🙂

  • Renae Christine

    You're welcome. My daughter wore this wig for her Halloween costume last year. I have stolen it now and she shall never get it back.

  • manolisvlog

    You are welcome Reane 🙂

    My week is a good one so far.Not a restful one though , day job, a gig tomorrow, but that's normal for me! hehe!!

    Take care 🙂

  • Vicky Lyashenko

    OMG Renae! You are the CUTEST! Love your videos!!! Your family is so beautiful! <3 James Wedmore raved about you during his CreativeLIVE workshop. So glad to find you! Subbed! <3 xoxo

  • Renae Christine

    Thanks Vicky! James and I are Besties too. If you scroll through my vids you'll see one I made imitating him. He loved it.

  • Graham Commander

    You are Fun & funny – Are you really a Rich girl as the title says?
    Do you film the video yourself or do you have a camera person?
    That tune at the begining, I've heard it before on ad video advert somewhere, sure is catchy though

  • Veeqo

    Lol at Dr. FrankenSEO! Glad I wasn't sipping my coffee at the point. That wouldn't have looked cool in the office.

    Back on topic. While OsCommerce is a very capable platform we did a comparison with it and Magento recently and Magento definitely came out tops. To summarise what we found:

    1. If we compare Magento and osCommerce, the former content management system is quite new in comparison to the latter one, and hence it is definitely accommodated with advanced features, which help business owners to manage their online stores in a better way.

    2. The updates for Magento come within every 10 to 15 days, whereas it takes a long time for the updates of osCommerce to come.

    3. Now if we talk about the cost of these content management systems, both of them can be installed free of cost, as they are open source eCommerce applications.

    4. Though Magento allows the free use of community version, however when you need to use additional features, you have to invest some money in buying the executive version of this content management system.

    5. In that case, Magento becomes a little more expensive than osCommerce for eCommerce business firms, but considering the fact that it has umpteen advantages, one can easily ignore its cost.

    6. This indicates that though Magento is a bit expensive for small-scale online firms, but it can provide them with long term benefits.

    7. On the other hand, when we talk about large scale business firms, Magento undoubtedly remains their first choice.

    8. Due to its large-scale and high-end features, Magento allows its users to organize their websites according to their requirements.

    9. In addition to that Magento is also very useful for online businesses when it comes to managing multiple stores with ease. However, osCommerce allow its users to develop just one store for their products and services.

    10. Apart from that Magento is also very useful to customers, when it comes to making payments for the products they want to purchase as it gives them the option to make payments through all most all the payment methods.

    11. On the other hand, osCommerce provides the users with only a few payment options, which makes it difficult for users to purchase the products online.

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