OsCommerce On Hostgator Installation, How To Install
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OsCommerce On Hostgator Installation, How To Install

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Hi Bestiespar Today we’re going to install an oscommerce
cart right inside a hostgator account par And if you’re just joining us go back to the
other oscommerce tutorial we’ve done Link to the videos down below and don’t forget
to subscribe so you don’t miss any of the oscmmerce tutorials coming out later par
Now let’s go to the computer and I’ll show you how it’s done par
After you log in to your Hostgator account you’re going to want to scroll down until
you see a section called software and services Here it is here and in that box look for a
fantastico and we’ve actually shown installation on both GoDaddy and Bluehost hosting companies
before this one but if you’re hosting company isn’t HostGator or Bluehost or GoDaddy you
can still install oscommerce if you have fantastico in your hosting par
So go ahed and click on that and i’ll show you how to install it These are all the built-in
software that you can activate and install right in your fantastico range inside your
hosting account and you’ll see a section called e-commerce go ahead and click on oscommerce
and you’re just gonna see some information about it you’re gonna see there’s no current
installation there so you’re going to click new installation. Now go ahead and click the
URL where you want to install the shopping cart and choose the directory you want to
install it in I stronly suggest that if you have a wordpress cider even just a main site
in the main section of your URL that you put your shop inside a folder like this I’m going
to put all the files involved with this shopping cart inside a folder called shop and this
will help it so that you’re not fighting files like this person here has wordpress site on
thier main site and then I had an oscommerce thing Oscommerce isn’t a widget for wordpress
they will fight with each other so it’s best for this person to leave their wordpress on
their main site and then add oscommerce inside a folder called shop and they just have to
link to that section of the site It makes easier for them that way Now if this folder
already exists then this fantastico staff is really mad at you so choose a folder that
doesn’t already exist make sure you don’t put in the slashes before or after it just
leave it as is and it will be created for you par
Go ahead and choose your admin username and password these will log you in to the back
in make sure you select really secure password for that and then the base configuration here
a lot of this is just preference Choose your shop name that was at the top and then the
SEO information and then the owner’s name could be you or your company’s name as well
and this is the from field when you sent out emails automatically to customers when the
shopping cart does it then it will say from this email and I suggest not putting a do
not reply email in here because when people get their orders and they have question about
it they’re gonna press reply to that and they’re not gonna reach you so you need to make sure
that they can reach you here and then all of the copies of the orders they will be sent
to your customers as well but you’re gonna want a copy of the order sent to you so you
know an order was actually placed so your email should be here as wellpar
Now if you don’t know what an SSL is I suggest you get one it’s not that hard every hosting
company have them and they install it for you usually right now I don’t know if this
person has an SSL and you can install that section later in oscommerce and I can do it
tutorial later if I get enough requests but for now I’m going to put no and install the
shopping cart and if you don’t have an SSL don’t click Yes you do or else the shopping
cart won’t install and will end up with all sorts of errors and won’t workpar
Next you want to include the taxes shown in the price choose yes or no there and this
is all preferences do you wanna require any of this information and these can all be handled
from the administration site of your shopping cart after it’s installed as well so don’t
worry about having to choose all of this information now if you’re concerned You can concentrate
just on installing your oscommerce site and then go back to our other tutorials to see
the settings here and how you can change all of them as well It’s really easy to do Go
ahead and click install oscommerce After it’s installed it asks you if you want to email
the information to yourself and I suggest you dopar
That’s it we’ll do some more settings next week and soon will do the branding and the
templates as wellpar Luv you allpar
Peace out yof1fs20par }


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