ORANGECRAFT! – The Annoying Orange Minecraft Server
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ORANGECRAFT! – The Annoying Orange Minecraft Server

Some people say you can’t fit a round peg
into a square hole, but we’re about
to prove them all wrong. “Orange” you gonna
ask us how? That’s right. The Annoying Orange got
servered Minecraft-style. [blocks clacking] [clank!]
[Orange laughs] -(announcer) Now you can
respawn all day long in our luxurious hub. Or take the plunge into
one of many worlds, and watch as the plots thicken. Or go get hardcore with
Marshmallow’s Parkour. Ready for more action? Then get your keister
over to Factions. You’ll make a few new friends and a whole lot of enemies.
[slice!] PVP is ready to rock
and so is Style Block. Still want more?
That’s why we’ve got Skywars. All your friends will be there
and so will ours. Orange! Pear! Grandpa Lemon! Passion Fruit! Grapefruit! Midge– I mean, Little Apple! There will be plenty
more surprises to come, like hidden coupon codes
throughout the server, special guest gamers, and weekly challenges to win
all kinds of cool merchandise as well as the chance to appear
on our newest YouTube show, This Week in Orangecraft! Just head over to and get in on the fun today! That sound good to you guys? Hello? Anybody there? The heck?
Where did everybody go? -[Orange laughs]
Sorry, trailer guy. Orangecraft waits for no one!
[chuckles] But seriously, get over here
and play for a while. I promise you guys
it’s a real blast! [ka-boom!]
[laughs] -(announcer)
Orangecraft! What’s mine is yours… unless we’re playing Factions, then you’re going down, griefer! [Orange laughs]


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