Operation Payback CS:GO Hosting
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Operation Payback CS:GO Hosting

While we patiently await for the new operation,
let’s try out the first one again! With the new operation now out… let’s
play the old one instead. Or as well. The first was Operation Payback which was
around for the middle part of 2013. Over 3 years ago! Aren’t we old. It contained 7
maps, which right now are all available to play on thanks to Pulse Servers who are kindly
hosting servers in both Europe and America, so you can relive a bit of CS:GO’s past
without even having to pay or anything. There’s Downtown, a popular hostage rescue
map set in a down looking town with no one around. It’s got… rooms and stuff. And
a bit outside as well. It’s nice. Favela is a beautiful map situated in Rio.
You can even see Jesus on the hill in the distance. BUT DON’T EXPECT HIM TO SAVE YOU.
Nothing can in CS:GO. This is a traditional defuse map with a prominent mid section to
snipe down. Library is like, the smallest map every accepted
into an operation. It’s a small room filled with books, where terrorists can plant the
bomb pretty much anywhere and every round is over in a matter of seconds. In my opinion,
one of the riskiest maps they’ve ever included in an Operation. But it’s a lot of fun.
Motel is another hostage rescue map- there were more of these included in this operation
than defuse maps! It’s situated in a place that wouldn’t look out of character in Left
4 Dead and you can shoot people in it. The combat takes place in very confined areas,
favouring SMGs and shotguns, making this level play very differently from most others. I
also like the effort that went into thinking up the near-by shop names. I’ll leave them
for you to discover. Museum was FMPone’s first map for CS:GO,
before he went on to do others that have also been officially included, like Cache and Season.
This is also a hostage map, set half inside and half outside a very grand looking museum.
Seaside is a fan favourite, being one of the smaller defuse maps. It’s been included
in 3 different operations and now THIS video as well! This map just goes from strength
to strength. Be careful where you step, though- touching the water is an insta kill.
And lastly, Thunder, another hostage map that originally appeared in Counter Strike 1.1,
and has made a return in 2 operations to date. It’s situated on a dam, full of corridors,
large rooms and one of the prettiest outside areas I’ve ever seen in the game.
Thank you to Pulse servers for kindly hosting the servers for us, you can use the code ‘KLIKS’
on their site to receive a further 20% off your own server- see the video’s description
for more. And as always, thanks to David Randall for the music. Which you can also check out
in this video’s description.


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