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Opera Touch – Why smartphones need a new web browser | BROWSER | OPERA

We believe that the web experience should be a seamless extension of our everyday lives Where moving between your phone and your laptop feels like a natural, constant flow At Opera, we have a rich history of innovating web browsers Last year, we launched Opera Neon our concept browser for computers, where we tested some of our boldest ideas This time we are launching a brand new mobile browser, Opera Touch It’s a completely new browsing experience The browser starts in searching mode Switching between tabs and closing them can be done with a single swipe Thanks to the Fast Action Button which is always at your finger tip the whole browsing experience is possible with just one hand The result is a browser that is faster and easier to use But we didn’t stop there We observed that the real obstacle is when people find something on the web that really matters to them but they can’t easily access it on other devices That’s why we connected Opera Touch and Opera for PCs with a feature we named Flow Flow is your personal way to share stuff with yourself. There is no need for usernames, passwords or social logins All you have to do is scan the QR code and a private and secure connection is established Opera Touch is a completely new mobile browser, designed to fit the way you actually use the web Get it from Opera.com. I think you’ll enjoy it


  • MKaan 98

    why the hell every company try to make their addvertisement like apple addvertisements? apple's addvertisement odd and stupid

  • Senari

    I'm a software developer and I've been using Opera over the past 10 years. I've been applying to jobs at Opera but never got an interview I want a job at my favorite company but never get any chance :'(

  • Music Factory Studios

    Finally something from Opera that will hopefully sync tabs between iOS and Macs, Opera mini is great but it's the only option on the App store since opera coast was killed off a while ago. Tabs don't sync with opera mini on iOS and the desktop at all if they did Opera mini would be my main browser for iOS but I still use firefox on iOS. Hopefully this new browser will work and be a permeant app from opera not just something they abandon in a year. I love Opera for desktop but I just want that same experience on my mobile devices, iPad & iPhone

  • Leo S.

    Thank you for giving me the option of Flow I love you Opera <3 p.s Would be awesome if you could try to include some Data transfer of (Documents, Images) in Flow, in the future updates <3.
    Thank you for this Update.

  • ThatWas Me

    Guys where is that for IPhone. I am old user of opera, i would appreciate to have it on my iphone with the new opera touch.

  • Wiatru

    FLow to super sprawa zawsze czegos takiego potrzebowałem, mam nadzieje ze rozwiniecie projekt jeszcze bardziej.
    "Flow" option is very usefull I always wanted something like this

  • ulil absor

    opera, have been my favorite browser for along time. and you guys always make an inovation .great job !!

  • János Simon

    Flow: It's a very good idea, it's an amazingly bad developing / implementation.
    I could not connect more smartphones. It should be basically and fast.
    Take the company an example of Firefox's great feature: Send Tab to (multiple!) Device !!!

  • Денис Е

    Как сохранять картинки? При нажатии на картинку появляется 3 пункта: перейти, отправить и сохранить. Нажимаю сохранить и что дальше? Куда сохраняется изображение? Как тут скачивать картинки? В хроме, например, всё очень просто

  • Baron M

    PLS Opera Touch 4 Iphone
    & Opera Account Sync 4 Neon to store customizations
    & Flow even to Opera Neon

    I prefer the standart opera on desktop because i don´t like bubbles like in opera neon on desktop (stuff like that is more useable 4 mobile like u implemented in opera touch i saw)

    anyway pls don´t add ad shortcuts to operas quick start homepage :/

    because i was customizing these shortcuts to my needs … hours later i get the ad stuff back … again and again and with an behaviour like that operas quick start shortcuts page (homepage) isn´t useable …

    I´ve personally ended up using both on desktop:

    Standart Opera 4 browsing the web & Opera neon to accessing social stuff 😀
    which feels very great together 🙂

  • Эдуард Олейник

    any nonsense crammed into the browser, and the fonts changed to larger ones, like in the good old mini opera, it is impossible. Further we go, worse it becomes. Not all the same as fools in social networks photo loads of cars, many and to search for the necessary information the browser uses

  • Ye. Ni.

    Вместо одной Оперы, поставить другую? Потом снова другой браузер предложат. Может быть можно обратиться к лучшему опыту и обновить существующий продукт?

  • GmanAtheist Nell

    Not for Apple yet. When?. I have been using Opera on my PC's for many years. Opera flow is not on the Apple store . :/

  • Christopher Kirkbright

    Very fluid connection between my Android phone and my Apple computer. Which is very exciting. Now if I can get my iPad in the loop I'll be over the moon.

  • Roman Shagaliev

    Все данные хранятся на Гугле… Был бы перенос поролей и настроек, как на ПК, так и на смартфоне, я бы пользовался.

  • Leonid Saykin

    I don't really like Flow because I liked Bookmarks system better, the ability to organize your content is gone, and they oversimplified and dumbed down everything

  • David Carballo Retana

    Soy mu exigente con mis software y apps, en este caso Opera es simplemente el mejor software del mercado en su area! Realmente un excelente trabajo, flow es excelente!

  • Anuchit Janda

    ครับผม ขอบคุนครับ ครับผมดีใจมากที่ได้ร่วมงาน

  • Ilana Zargari

    I fell in love with Opera when first I sought out a different browser for my Mac over three years ago. Literally love at first sight. Glad to announce my new iPhone now has Opera Touch on it too. #ILoveOpera ❤️

  • Scan End

    Opera is about the most pointless browser out there now. It started off as a good idea in the age of slow internet connections. But today what’s the point. The one market you could have mastered was those in developing countries that have connections too slow to deal with the modern web by creating something that could help create ultra lite websites through your old caching methods. But as it is you’re not really doing that. And if you’re going to put out a promotional video use someone who can speak with clear diction this voice was difficult to listen to and understand. I mean it’s almost as if you’re not even bothered about the end users at all and just about maintaining a company just because.

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