On Topic – Dr. Celine Latulipe Discusses the Women in Computing Initiative
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On Topic – Dr. Celine Latulipe Discusses the Women in Computing Initiative

We need more women in technology because technology
matters, it’s making a big impact in people’s lives. The Women in Computing Initiative is a collection
of strategies, it deals with recruitment and retention. One of the big things we’re doing is creating
a new course that’s going to be aimed at undeclared majors on campus and we’re trying
to get women to self-select into that course. It will be a course that involves exposing
women to different kinds of coding so that they learn a vocabulary…get their feet wet,
so to speak, and, umm, also bringing in a bunch of female speakers who are having great
impact in the tech field, and then also having ongoing discussions about some of the issues
of gender and technology because it isn’t always a hospitable environment out there,
and we want to have women going out into that environment prepared and knowing how to deal
with situations that come up. This initiative is really exciting to me because
we have the ability to make the environment here something that is revolutionary in how
hospitable it can be for women…and I and my colleagues are so committed to making sure
that women in this college have a fantastic experience studying computer science, so it’s
just really fun to be able to try lots of different things to make that happen.

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