Official 3kliksphilip Servers
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Official 3kliksphilip Servers

I’ve bought servers in both Germany and
Texas. This week they will be hosting Infernew and previous projects of my own, but in future
weeks I will be hosting other people’s in the hope of making map testing easier and
more rewarding. I did something similar yearrrssss ago and it was a great success and I’m hoping
to build upon this, as well as to give future projects of my own a permanent home where
they can be played. The locations were chosen because they’re kind of central so hopefully
everybody can play with reasonable lag. I think that 16-man is a fair compromise for
playtesting purposes. If you fancy getting your map chosen for next
week’s playtesting then check the description for a reddit link where you’ll be able to
post your workshop link, as well as a little paragraph about your map and why hosting it
will help you to make it. I will be judging them on this, since last time I hosted maps
I felt that some entries were simply used to promote maps that the developers had no
intention of developing further. Which made me sad.
Maybe this is being too ambitious, but you could also share an editable vmf file of your
map and I MAY post an edited one in response with quick changes that I think benefit it
on a technical level. I mean, when it comes to gameplay, unless there’s something obviously
wrong it’s difficult to judge a map without playtesting it. I’m going to warn you now
that I’m notoriously unreliable when it comes to committing to projects, but I am
genuinely starting this with the best of intentions and will try to carry it on for at least a
month, possibly more if it’s a success.


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