Office 365 Hosted Exchange vs. On-Premise Exchange: Best Business Email
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Office 365 Hosted Exchange vs. On-Premise Exchange: Best Business Email

Hey there, I’m Corey from Accent Computer Solutions, and this is Ask
an I.T. Guy. Today we are going to talk
about why companies are migrating to Microsoft hosted
exchange for their e-mail. E-mail is quite possibly the most
crucial aspect of your business. Think about how you communicate with clients, advertise, or even communicate with your own
people internally. What would we do without e-mail? Where your e-mail resides could
drastically affect how reliable your email is. The vast majority of businesses use Microsoft Exchange for their
services. Microsoft Exchange offers two major choices to choose from: an in-house server or Office 365 Exchange. While both options provide reliable and practical e-mail solutions, using hosted exchange is a growing
trend. Here’s why. Office 365 Hosted Exchange offers all the
functionality of a traditional in-house server without the
continued maintenance or hardware cost. It also isn’t reliant on your office
resources, like hardware failure or a power outage. Your system may go down, but at least your e-mail is still up and running on your mobile devices. Microsoft Hosted Exchange also takes the cost of licensing and hardware and cuts it down to a
monthly charge per-user. If a new employee is hired,
add a license. If an employee leaves, the company
disabled that license. You pay only for what you need. Microsoft Hosted Exchange also adds a layer of spam protection. While it seems there is nothing that
can save us from all the spam e-mail, the more layers of security the
better. It’s a great added benefit to work
alongside your current spam filter. The best part is that the user
experience is virtually the same. In a nutshell, it costs less to run, scales to your needs, and frees up your I.T. department or managed service provider to work
on other things. We know that sometimes figuring out
the question is harder than finding the answer. Ask an I.T. guy was created with you in mind. This bi-monthly series will help you
get to the bottom of I.T. questions you didn’t even
know you had. More questions? Ask us anything below and we’ll answer it in a future Ask
an I.T Guy post. Thank you, and until next timme this
is Ask an I.T. Guy, presented by Accent

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