Offensive online domain names targets Māori
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Offensive online domain names targets Māori

PhD student Steve Elers
was online researching when he stumbled across
some dubious domain names that all end in dot-maori-dot-nz. The former policeman says
the names he’s found are racist and offensive and he wants the Domain Name
Commission to pull them down. Steve Elers was researching
on the internet and came across
some strange domain names. There were other domain names too. And this PhD student
doesn’t get the joke. So he wants the Domain Commission
that registers domains to take down those that are racist. But the Domain Name Commissioner
says if anyone has a complaint, only a court order can force
the domains to be taken down. So people are pretty much free to continue perpetuating
racism online. But the former policeman warns those indulging in offensive behaviour
online. So the gig is up
for Brett Healey, but Steve may have a long fight
on his hands if he wants to put an end to the dot-coms. Tina Wickliffe, Te Karere.


  • TheAmosnz

    Here's the link that started it yesterday. I like the part where he says "From personal experience, I have to say I experienced less personal racism in Perth. The Aussies love Maori” while completely forgetting about the plights of Aborigine Australians.

    w w

  • Razzle1ner

    I could say the Maori role is racist and offensive. What about all the ergo underprivileged and discriminated Asian, European and Middle Eastern folk to name a few. Rubbish like having a separate role in this country is fuel for racial tension. Have a laugh, or have a cry then get over it. This guy needs to grow up, or does he want to have a whinge at the Qur'an now for calling the majority of us 'infidel'.

  • Katie Kt

    Steve, I am impressed… a PhD.. wow!!!  This is Katie btw – you were the police detective assigned to my family regarding my brother in 2011.  How do I contact you???  Please get in touch xoxox

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