Off Campus Placement Interview – Tech Round & HR Round – Ankur Agrawal
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Off Campus Placement Interview – Tech Round & HR Round – Ankur Agrawal

So did you have some food? No Sir, I will have it after all the rounds. I had some soft drinks though Ok Ankur! So tell me, what is the scope of IT & Telecom Industry M’am I think the IT Industry is on a boom right now There have been major new inventions The telecom sector is ever growing and coming up with new players like Strong players They say that the mobile industry is is expected to generate a total economic value of 14 trillion by the year 2020 It will create 3 million jobs like Direct Jobs and 2 million indirect jobs So I think the scope is very good You have secured highest marks in Mathematics 10th Board Yes M’am And you also won the Olympiad 2006 I have always loved Maths So ya Good enough Can you write the expansion of E raise to X? Ya Sir, I can Use the paper please Thank you Sir! Ok. Can you draw the graph of Signum X Sir Hmm Okay enough of Maths Can you draw a Flip Flop I can try Nic try ! I wasn’t quite sure about Okay right a code for finding if a number is palindrome Okay sir Sir Tell me how can we get the same output through Nand Gate as through a Nor Gate Just draw and show me You can wait for your Technical Round Results Okay Sir Alright Ankur So why you want to join Ericsson Global India? Kind of a Strong Company It has core competence in the industry And through working here I want to gain the in-depth knowledge of the business processes And hopefully help you and excel myself That was not really convincing but moving on So we have a policy in Ericsson that we cannot marry another employee from the company Now assuming you fall in love with someone in the company What would you do? Would you betray the company and quit Or you would make her quit the company? Sir, I feel Firstly I am here to work And I am not here for my love life So And if at all I do fall in love with someone I’ll make sure I have a discussion with her as well as the management And I think a mutual decision can be reached upon No, no, a policy is a policy So you would betray the company and quit? Sir absolutely not The you would make her quit? Sir we will see what happens in the future If I discuss it with her then we will see where we stand Tell me the last interesting book you read Ankur And if you could give a few lines on it Sir it was Call of the Wild by Jack London So it was published back in 1903 And it is about 1890 set in Canada where Sled Dogs were in great demand The main character of the entire story is a dog named Buck who is a pet dog he gets stolen and sold in the market where he has to face extreme conditions, the harsh environment And he is not used to it Its his development over the course of time And how he emerges to be a leader of the group I liked it because i think we can relate it to our real world Where once you know nature is over nurture so When you go out in the nature you learn a lot of things Ya, interesting In fact, if I can recall they also made a film on it Ya, they did make a movie on it Nice Some of the routine questions Would you be open to working in shifts And any of the locations Ya, ofcourse sir Alright then Ankur, Lets see And thank you for now Thank you so much Hey Friends ! This is the Real Ankur Agrawal I hope you like the enactment of my Ericsson interview by the RU buZZing Team A small tip I would like to share is Just be thoroughly prepared with your CV Do not add any extra statement which you are not familiar with Unfortunately I could not work Ericsson Global India As I wasn’t well when my date of joining came And later I joined some other firm Since Luckily I had some more offers in hand After working for almost 2.5 years I recently left my job 6 months back to prepare well for my Masters And I will be joining a college soon A special thanks & acknowledgement to the RU buZZing team I think they are doing a tremendous job by helping so many students to prepare for the interviews And if you like this channel Do subscribe for it If you have any queries you can always reach out to me on Facebook or Quora And wish you all the best for your future goals. Thank You!


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