OCD and Anxiety Disorders: Crash Course Psychology #29
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OCD and Anxiety Disorders: Crash Course Psychology #29


  • Alyssa

    I wish my OCD meant I could clean. Instead, i see dirty dishes and my anxiety kicks me so hard that the thought of starting them makes me turn around and walk away. I literally can’t. Wish I was a dishwasher… one day damnit?

  • little hobbitus

    I over come the constant voices telling me exactly how to do things and in what order by challenging them. "Come At Me!" Prove something bad will happen if I do not do it right. We all die in the end. So i have won by being strong and more fearless. You ALL can do this too. Youll set yourselves free.

  • Blue Aesthetics

    I don’t know if I have anxiety but I always have these thoughts that something bad is gonna happen and I obsess over that one thing everyday non stop scared and I try to stay distracted so that way I won’t think of it. It’s gotten bad and I’ve been having this since like February and it causes me not to sleep and to stay alone. I am just in fear everyday that what’s happening can happen.

  • Blue Aesthetics

    Usually my thoughts will take over and I cannot live without my phone or laptop because then I will be alone with my thoughts and that causes me not to be able to sleep,eat,relax. When i think of it I will be still and shake, then make situations in my head that will cause something bad to happen. Now I’m mostly in my room and I haven’t been outside in a week. I don’t know what I have but it’s bad and I wanna feel better and hopefully it will go away

  • Seun Ogunbanjo

    You know what a bad type of OCD is?

    One which has you hit your grandchildren with a sock filled with nickels.

  • Dennis Ac-ac

    Reading and listening to these comments made me realize that I have OCD and anxiety. And what I have experienced before are actually panic attacks – elevated blood pressure, 125bpm heart rate, slight chest pain, limbs are weak, nostrils suddenly and slightly being blocked or something. Now I know. I have anxiety disorder.

  • lil’ mango

    I'm an eleven year old girl who finds this is interesting and wants to learn more, you never really encounter kids like that nowadays

  • Alexis Drnerd

    I have Iatrophobia (the fear of doctors/ or needles). I didnt originally think I had it but found I had blurry moments and panic attacks when needles or doctors tried to do something. I find myself avoiding the doctor.

  • noob master69

    I think i have a phobia i cant climpt stairs that have a gab between them without sweating crouching droping to the ground and its kind of debilitating i was on a school trip and we walked at some glass stairs and i was so scared i felt like the glass will crack under my feet it took me 8 minutes to climp the stairs and yester Day my litle cousin put a doll at the edge of the balcony i tried to stop her from droping it (i was on the sixth floor) i coudnt go near the doll only pull her away i Just froze in the though of it droping

  • Katie K

    There is hope out there my friends ❤ I went from having daily panic attacks and suicidal/self harm tendancies to being a lot healthier and more functional through lots of therapy, finding the right medication, and getting out of an unhealthy relationship. If you're going through anything like what I did I promise there is hope, your state is NOT permanent

  • Connor w

    I have OCD and I used to wash my hands and use hand sanitizer about every 10-15 seconds because I'm terrified of getting sick, you can imagine how terrible it feels when your hands are already cracked and bleeding and you use a heck ton hand sanitizer. I also have a compulsion to write and say the number 7 over and over again otherwise my brain tells me that I'm going to hell or that I sold my soul, it is e x h a u s t i n g living like this 24/7

  • Three Jewels

    I'm actually experiencing a mild/moderate attack right now from a social move I just made. Facing it, hoping I'm not making my fears worse. Listening to the science of it helps me detach a little bit.

  • Gabriel Tobing

    2:08 I slipped off the steps when I was younger and almost drowned. The fear was no fun and actually traumatised me for years until I finally started getting swimming lessons a couple years ago until now which has helped as before I wouldn't even let go of the pool edges.

  • Night Owl

    I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder when I was in elementary school due to trauma. I also struggle with OCD by picking at my lips beyond bleeding, also a trait I've had since I was a child. Since then I tried killing myself several times before the age of 14. Everyday is a struggle. I wake up feeling panicked for no reason, so much so it will make me feel nauseous all day. I'm constantly on edge and dealing with intrusive thoughts. I can't sleep till 4am no matter what time I wake up in the morning. Work is a constant freak out for me despite it being a regular retail job. I have panic attacks several times a week and I am always finding new things that trigger me. As of recently, I am finally being treated with CBD oil and its the only way I can sleep, eat, and feel like an overall normal human or what I assume normal people feel like. My lip picking is still hard to kick as it is very subconscious yet irresistible. Today I do my best using art as an outlet and educating people on mental illness and the lack of help for children who suffer with them here in America. Thank you for helping people understand. ♡

  • Teddy Golberg

    I scratch my self really bad when I am anxious. Like I have bleed and have scars all on my arms and hands.

  • Celene

    I have GAD and panic disorder cause my child is severly disabled. I'm here cause I feel like I'm having a panic attack.

  • Pussy Pirate Berg

    I’ve definitely made fun of friends for their physical disorders, just as they have made fun of me for having OCD and Tourette’s. It’s called having a sense of humor.

  • Tall Girl

    I have OCD and I just can't stand it. Constant thoughts, constant rituals, depression, tantrums, fear .. My rituals are distinguished by the fact that one has to not eat for almost whole days. I am really depressed, no matter how much I take the pills, they will never take away that fear and panic when I do not perform the ritual. Some thoughts are replaced by others every day. But at the same time, when I laugh at my OCD, it becomes easier for me. I think it's cool that my thoughts will never let me try cigarettes and drugs, because I’m afraid of them and stuff like that. But still OCD is scary.

  • pink wixard

    oh wow, my mom might suffer from OCD. at night, sometimes she feels the need to run around the house constantly asking about the whereabouts of someone within our household. despite them being right there accounted for-

  • Kenzie Russell

    I hate when people say they have anxiety but they don’t because it’s not a trend it’s crippling and hurts ?

  • lemon! pop

    I use comedy to hide my anxiety because if I don't it will eat me up from the inside out and it woukd be a slow, painful death. Where I feel alone, my feet and hands feeling like ice as I slowly loose feeling of my own surroundings and wish that something could happen. Like faint, or get hurt or just be out of the situation because I just want to stop seeing everyone's eyes on me asking me if I was okay as hot tears flow down my face and my heart feels like it's pumping out my chest.

    That's what a panic attack feels like to me.

  • Littlebratz02

    i have OCD Anxiety and Depression i developed Ocd last month i dont like aloe vera and im supposed to be allergic to it i constantly wash my hands arms clothes. I have a problem with people touching me or standing to close i dont allow people to touch my hair unless they are aloe vera free or wearing gloves. i hope i win my case

  • Evelin Martinez

    I’ve had panic attacks and it’s one of the worst things that I’ve lived through. I was at the mall and my mom gave me money because I wanted something to drink all of the sudden I was having trouble finding the store in the mall and i started crying and as described in this video i felt a sharp pain in my chest and had trouble breathing. I have only experienced these kinds of attacks about 4 times in my life and I’m 13 the attack came on to me from no where and after I found the store I felt like the attack had no reason to happen. I also felt trapped and as if for some reason had to get out of there quickly.

  • Tamlyn Adolph

    It's very upsetting that people attach such stigmas to mental illnesses. It makes it so much harder to admit and seek help. Be more tolerant.

  • Alejandro Basaldúa

    I don't have obsessive thoughts. But I do perform mental compulsive checking when i leave my house (keys, phone, money, keys, phone, money, and so on and so on), and I also count numbers. Does anyone else here have the same symptoms?

  • R S

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  • Miss Lane

    The worst part about having a mental illness is.. people expect you behave as if you dont.the best part? Everyone has one

  • M S

    I have an intense fear of monsters. So when I get a boner I panic and scream and I close my eyes and just start running while flailing my arms. I have run into walls, people eating at a rwatsrant restaurant table and I've even run into lakes and oncoming traffic. I'm scared of anything monster. Oh no wait what's happening to me…. ahhh ahhh ahhhhh!!!

  • Thegame .Dev

    I like the video, dislike faulty, catch-all solutions. Most adults have tough enough skin not sweat it when people use a word "incorrectly" because language is not dogmatic. Words can have multiple meanings based on context, and at the end of the day sticks and stones might hurt you but words are just vibrating air. You shouldn't joke about things you know someone is specifically sensitive about but if you spend all your time preemptively and phobicly avoiding offending people there won't be anything left to say but whatever soulless drudgery one is up to.

  • Michelle K

    I’ve had social anxiety since I was five and I had my first panic attack the night before my first day of school, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. Now I just meditate before going to bed and it helps a little bit. ?

  • Pat An

    Why are only degenerates (preferably from the United States or the UK) affected by this ominous desease? Reminds me of these UFO´s which also, for some strange reason, exclusively obduct American citizens

  • Kassandra Delarosa

    I suffer from ocd since I was 6 or 7 but that later on in life couse me to develope anxiety disorder it’s awful I had an anxiety attack infront of all the middle school I could not breath and I found myself gasping for air when I coughs my breath I broke out crying and sweating while being escorted to the bathroom by my teacher then she said hey can you still present please? Like wtf no

  • Natalie Connolly

    My anxiety makes me nauseous and when I’m nauseous I can’t eat and not eating makes me more nauseous it’s a nasty circle I can’t escape.

  • Natalie Connolly

    My anxiety makes me nauseous and when I’m nauseous I can’t eat and not eating makes me more nauseous it’s a nasty circle I can’t escape.

  • Nicholas Lopez

    I have the worst anxiety that I literally cannot escape and get rid of and constantly think of it all the time and stops me from moving forward and enjoying life

  • hUe

    I have pureocd and sometimes I just want to disappear and end my life so I won't have to live like this. Its pure torture.

  • Tinotenda Victor Mujakachi

    Girlfriend has OCD , carries a tub of Vaseline and hand sanitizer everywhere so she can keep her hands moist .

  • Thistlepurr

    I was wondering something for a while. I don't know if it's some kind of disorder, or if I'm just a wiredo. But if, for example, the tip of my middle finger on my right hand brushes against a doorframe while I'm walking through it, I have to go back and touch it with my left hand in the same place. Let's say I accidentally touched it with my ring finger instead. I have to touch the doorframe correctly with my left middle finger and then touch my right ring finger in the same spot. Sometimes this can go on for minutes trying to replicate how I touched it. And, this goes for anything too (if my leg touches a table, if I scratch my head, etc). So, can anyone tell me if this is a disorder, or if this is just normal?

  • Starfall 16

    Thank you. Thank you for doing this. It is so hard to explain my anxiety disorder and other mental illnesses to other people. Thank you for doing this.

  • yumyum

    I had a panic attack today and I told my mom I felt like I was dying. She has very bad anxiety and has had panic attacks, so she knew what was happening. I thought I was having a heart attack.

  • C Klan

    Jesus Christ is not about time some kind of reasonable medication came out for ocd. What's available on prescription are zombie pills, you can have ocd or be a zombie, the choice is yours. It's 2019, surely it's about time a new medication came out

  • Leppalimes

    I have diagnosed OCD about my car. I check the lug nuts about every 100 miles, I compulsively check fluids, whenever I hit a bump I'm convinced my struts are failing or my wheels are going to fall off. I get literal shakes, tension, and other adrenaline symptoms at the thought of driving. I think it's hilarious when people make fun of it because, while it's very real and horrible for me, it's a ridiculous disease. Obviously don't make people feel horrible for what they can't control but people rip on each other all time time get used to it.

  • ゆめぽんた

    If only the government will pay people with these diseases so they can live normal lives.
    My mental state keeps me from working outside, and I’m poor as hell, but because the doctors won’t diagnose me(who are they to decide?!?!?!?!) I don’t get any financial support.
    PLEASE don’t decide whether someone is depressed or anxious based on physiologic studies. It’s never 100% right. LOOK AT ME

  • Logan R

    I believe there's the unconscious thought of "What if they are faking it?" Cause to the layman, theres no physical symptoms.


    I always want to visit a psychiatrist just so i can understand myself. I’m 90 percent sure i have anxiety disorder. I do hang out with people, but i don’t want to. I celebrate when they cancel plans. I just fear that the next day i don’t have friends anymore. Most of the time, u can see right in my face that i’m not fully happy that i’m over there. I fear meeting my relatives. I fear judgements from them. I fear going back to school for college as an adult. I fear failing in my driver’s license test for the 3rd time. It stops me from doing things that i actually wanna do and it sucks. I look like a happy normal person but no one knows what’s really going on inside my head. I hope one day i will be able to visit a doctor and get checked

  • Jocelyn

    Cue the self diagnosed, I truly wish you suffer for a day with these illnesses , and then tell me if you actually have it

  • Baisale36 _

    No lie, when I saw the drawing of the bridge I felt everything in my body drop so hard. It made me so nauseous and reminded me why I'm scared of bridges. I have a very irrational fear of water deeper than 6 feet piled on my social anxiety that caused my depression. I had to go on a boat for camp and it was hell even though I could see the other side of the lake. I was made fun of because I was too scared to do the swim test even with a life jacket. And I couldn't change in the stalls until the bathroom was empty. My fear of spiders had nothing on that experience…

  • andgate2000

    I have a relative with anxiety…. but she has clinical perfectionism…..so she thinks she’s perfect and nothings wrong. …and won’t believe you and get help.

  • Gregory Edgerton

    I understand anxiety-based disorders all too well. This dis-ease can be everything from bothersome to completely crippling a person's whole life. What's gonna be nice is when research chemists will be able to isolate and then reproduce "OH-it's just all in your head- Get Over It" ! Until then, thank God it's not That easy have As I become older, I am encouraged to believe that 'anxiety' is self-limiting. Meaning that should every other effort fail you, time will
    eventually eliminate it. But waiting isn't necessary. In the mean-
    time, today there are an almost count-
    less number of things that will help or
    even eliminate your 'nerves'; but, if it's
    possible, nail down cause – in the
    meantime anyway. This is of course
    because it is likely the surest, most efficacious,
    and perhaps quickest sure-fire 'cure'. But whilst sprinting out of a bus-station
    screaming your way in-and-out of heart failure – you'll probably think of 'cause' and only be interested in throwing out the god-damn window.There are of course many other ways of dealing and treating anxiety, but
    most people will probably do the two
    most frequent, medication along with
    relationship therapy.
    Benzodiazepines are popular, they're
    a great anaxiolytic (anxiety-killer), but they're problematic unless they are
    used infrequently. This is a problem
    in any event with anxiety-disorders because the
    problem is too pervasive making the
    probable result; tolerance, abuse, and
    eventually addiction. It's been some time, but I learned of a medication counsled about from three different users. It was, for them, nothing short of miraculous. The precise 'genre' I cannot say, but it is calle Escitalopram.
    It's works much-more quickly than your anxiety would preclude – believe me. I have to stop typing now. U-Tube's pissed.

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