• Mart kenyon

    Fun fact: that scene of New York getting destroyed is from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The Norks just stole it.

  • Justin Puyear

    Here's how some propaganda can work.
    If a country has 20,000 people die of hunger. You can technically accurately say there were between 15,000 and 75,000 deaths.

  • Justin Puyear


  • Omar Alor

    HEY! NCIS is a huge show!!!! With 2 spinoff shows that are running just as long as the original!!! You brit cunt!!!

  • Votive Karma

    I can why the DPRK needs their arsenal. Sanctions and threats, hell if I was them I’d stockpile them as well. Western Media lies out it’s teeth just to push an agenda to avoid world peace. Like when a General was supposedly executed well he turned up ALIVE and still high ranking. That is why I don’t by Western Media lies on the DPRK.

  • SuperNovaTV

    3:30 actually, there are weapons that are more destructive than nuclear bombs. they're called hydrogen bombs

  • End-Gamer

    I spent a year at Osan Air Base South Korea, I went to the DMZ and it is freaking crazy, all the burnt out and blown up shit is still there, all the bridges are still wired to blow with TnT, its just a dreadful place. I got to stand in North Korea, in the treaty room, I went on their side, and quickly came back.

  • Martian74

    Why would you ever listen to CNN as to what President Trump has said, they are basically fake news central. At least Trump is doing something to make peace instead of collecting Nobel Peace prizes for doing nothing like Obama did.

  • Mohammad

    I agree with the brain washing aspect … We were brain washed by Saddam thinking that the whole world is wrong and only he was right.. but after the war if you come and ask any Iraqi with 2 operational brain cells working he will tell you Iraq was better in Saddam time because of "stability".
    When the us invaded Iraq they decommissioned the army, police force , security "Amin" equivalent to home land security… Old army personnel who were jobless now started attacking us forces then there was the civil war then alqeda then isis and even now with you threatening IRAN, IRAQ could be a battle field again because of your foregin policy…
    You might convey the image that you like to help other countries but all you fight for is money.

  • Eduard Gherasim

    Well we'll… 1 year later and seems Trump was right and managed to do more in 2 years than the 4 presidents before him combined… Guess all Liberals forgot this video?

  • Kayeigh Piper

    I found you because I googled who is doing zazoo's voice in the new lion king ?? I cannot stop watching your videos now

  • Shane's Book Corner

    About the only understandable thing about North Korea is their love of their accordions. Accordions are charming as fuck.

  • Jim Drake

    It's sad that I found that Korean propaganda news report to be more truthful than the president of the United States

  • Amora Smith

    If you look up North Korea Survivor Stories you can find tons of stories with vivid details of what happens there by first hand accounts… It's grim and depressing, not something you'd expect from this era of supposed progression and it needs to be heard so I suggest watching them and taking in that stuff like this is happening right now…

  • luster joker

    it's pretty stupid, the NK Intelligence could just used collections of screen captures of 4 chan and various Internet Meme Web sites that full of pseudo racism about them rather than spend too much money on "museum" for their propaganda about how western(USA) despised them.
    and also add some Asian descendant (Korean) Immigrant that get discriminated in US and the rampant rise of Alt Right all over the world.
    well adding some nazi feminists rage and LGBT hysteria also can gives some boost to their perception of how the western moral society is "degenerates" since NK still heavily lean to their ancestral traditional values.

  • Krystal Myth

    Like, people are aware every famine they've experienced is completely caused by the United States right? Like we use hunger and disease as weapons for decades. Yetr we have the audacity to say we're not evil psychotic monsters… that they have no reason to be mad at us. I mean, that's just the truth. We've been starving them out of much of the world's economy for decades. That they even are doing as well as they are is absolutely worth respect. I simply can't fault N. Korea for seeking their weapons program. It literally is the only reason the world is even respecting them now. They proved that no negotiations will ever work on terror, only more terror will. Our sanctions didn't work. They suffered, and beat it… but they suffered because of those sanctions. We denied them medical supplies ffs. Food. Education. Tourism. Information. For many decades, we wouldn't even meet with them. Until Trump no President had even tried. We bullied them and they stood up to us, and now that they have missiles, we shake hands. That's the template for every other country to follow… you just have to die, and deal with Americans believing they could do no wrong.

  • MadLane

    this is so dumb omg, they send USB drives, and then what? NK dosn't have PC, no Windows OS, how can they open the usb drive? how can they play the videos? do they have Media Player? VLC? etc.. that felt like a joke in the video.

  • TheAmbientUniverse

    If a nuclear war erupts, exponentially more people will be killed from the nuclear fallout that rises into the atmosphere and circles the globe, than from the initial blasts. This fallout will not only be radioactive, but will block out the sun which will halt photosynthesis in its tracks and cause global famine. Millions more will die of starvation in the coming decade.

  • Yuri Herdt

    You really dont have any solution to north corea, just playing Music to then… So shut up… Do you play Music to your murders too? Asshole

  • David Stevens

    So there's no way Trump will meet with the North Korean dictator? I that he did? Why would the host of this show say he won't?

  • Curtic Carmichael

    And then Murphy's Law kicks in and North Korea nukes us and weather or not it was by accident is not up for debate because by then it's war.


    First episode of this show I've watched that was deeply shit. The "comedy" wasn't worth going there for. Please don't try this again.

  • Sidney Bandy

    PLEASE do a show on nuclear war and how unprepared we are in america for a nuclear threat. i used to live in hawaii and when we got the nuclear attack warning from our base missending a alarm no one was prepared. no one knew what to do if a nuclear bomb was coming, and that's dangerous with the technology we have today.

  • Josny13

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, and the people of North Korea." What, so they fall outside the former "ladies and gentlemen" ? Nice going there. xD

  • Ave True To Caesar

    I kind of enjoyed watching this in 2019, where Trump was able to talk down North Korea; He surprised all of us

  • t mcgough

    Trump : 'Possibly or probably…China is helping us with the NK problem'. Yep and Possibly Or Probably Gal Gadot is walking thru the door and begging for me to make love to her all night long….

  • Surgé Land

    Well… sad to say, the image of America they paint isn't entirely false. Just ask a south American or anyone who lives in Indonesia or East Timor. It's just that North Korea is even worse…. somehow.

  • Hannah Lee

    TFW I'm actually glad that John was wrong.
    I'm not a Trump supporter but he did forget to take into account the efforts of South Korean President Moon Jae-In in helping smooth the negotiations for peace between Trump and Kim. I hate Trump, think that electing him was probably one of the stupidest things Americans ever did and glaring proof of the messed up election system, but I'm . . . (and this is like pulling teeth to say) . . .glad that he's providing the Korean peninsula an opportunity at peace. Not because he's a talented negotiator because he's NOT, but because he's dumb and arrogant enough that he can be pursuaded through some flattery.
    (Of course he could just end up pulling a Trump and changing his mind again and goodbye peace to the Korean Peninsula, it was nice to have you so close to our reach, but still).

  • The Nexus

    That New York city in fla.es is all ripped from the opening of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. And maybe it was the blur they put on or my shotty connection but it looked like the Wii version.

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