Noida (Brahmaputra Market) Food Tour – Afghani Shawarma + VEG KEBAB + Dahi Golgappe
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Noida (Brahmaputra Market) Food Tour – Afghani Shawarma + VEG KEBAB + Dahi Golgappe

Hi Sanyukta !
-Hi ! Welcome to BP market.
-Thank you. So this is Brahmaputra market, one of the oldest markets here in Noida. So basically when the market had started here It didn’t had this many shops then as there are today. But presently It is one of the most happening markets of Noida By evening, this place is fully crowded. So since it hasn’t yet set up, let’s go inside the market complex One of the oldest shops here that I have been frequenting for quite long is the Lakshmi Coffee House. And they serve some of the best South Indian food here. One Paper Dosa and two Filter Coffee. Its quite a large Dosa.
-Yes. And its totally crisp…
-Yes paper thin just like its name. Along with it we have the coconut chutney and the Sambar.
-Yes. One thing that I have learnt in Bengaluru is that… the correct way of eating a Dosa is to have it from the middle so that you can get the masala. But since there isn’t any masala in this, we can start eating from anywhere.
-Yes. Let’s start from the corners. Along with some coconut chutney. So this is the thing. It is so crispy. Wow ! The flavour from the ghee is so nice. So my favourite part of the Dosa is the center that is most crisp. Hmm ! What is our programme for the evening? Which all places are we visiting? I have heard that the Shawarma here is very famous. Here the Shawarma is available at 2-3 places. But I will take you to my favourite place. Very often, we pick the Shawarma from there. We either take it home or stand and eat it there itself. So I think, right after going out from here we should first have chaat. After that there is Chicken Biryani and Dum Biryani. So there is lots of food.
-Yes there is. Brother one Papdi Chaat please. Do you want to eat it right here or get it packed?
-Eat it here. So this is Evergreen’s famous Papdi Chaat.
-Yes. It has Papdi, Chickpeas, pomegranate seeds, peanuts Sev and beetroot juliennes.
-Yes. The unique thing about this Chaat, as per me, is the peanuts. I have eaten Chaat at numerous places. But adding peanuts to the Papdi Chaat is a different style of theirs’. And the peanuts are quite spicy. The Chaat too is on a spicier side. Thank you. These are so pretty to look at. Three of these are whole wheat ones and rest three are semolina ones. And at the side, he has given some of that mixture to taste it separately.
-Yes for tasting. Three different chutneys are added to it.
-Yes. One is the green chutney The other one is that of dried mango powder and chili And along with it, on the top there is the Dates chutney. Hmm ! The kind of flavour that you expect from a Chaat, like the one that instantly hits you… That is not there. It is subtle but has really nice flavours. Absolutely and they have added such spice mix in this. There is Chickpeas(boiled), potatoes and many other things. The truly appetising feel of a Chaat can be found in these Bharwa Golgappas. Just one bite and you get so many flavours.
-Yes. What is he selling? Brother, what is it?
-It is Veg Kebab. It looks like the regular Kebab but it is veg. I didn’t get it. What do you make it with? -Dal(lentils), Soyabean(soya nuggets mince) and raw banana(boiled). Let’s try the Veg Kebab.
-Yes. Give us a plate of Veg Kebab. So this is Veg Kebab. Veg Galauti Kebab.
-Yes specifically so. Wow ! It is actually nice. Its very nice. As if it just disintegrated (inside your mouth). Yes the Galauti means ‘melts in the mouth’. At the back of your throat, the black pepper is…
-Yes it is hitting you there. It doesn’t have an overpowering flavour but a pleasant one. So a storm had just hit this place. It rained and we had to stop our food walk. But we will resume it soon. Some of the stalls are being set up. And I think that in 10-15 mins time all the stalls will reopen. It will take more than 10-15 mins time. because there are many shops over here And they hadn’t all set up completely when they were forced to close it due to the rains. So lets hope that it opens soon. This is the Biryani with the curry of the Korma on top and some Chaat Masala. This is Noida style Biryani -It is perfect for this weather.
-Yes it is fun to have it in such rainy weather. Well said It is quite a different Biryani. It is very mild. Optimum amount of spices are used. Not much.
-Yes. I think that’s why people take the curry along with it. No like sometimes the kids want it less spicy so we keep it mild. The chicken is very soft/tender and fully moist. I like this one. Without the curry. A little curry is there. I believe that a good Biryani should be such that if you just have the rice, you get all the flavours in it. It is totally juicy.
-Yes very juicy. The spice level is slightly high and it hits you at the end.
-Yes it is spicy. But… Here The roll is stuffed right till the end that… Its a very filling Shawarma. But I just saw the process(of its making)… So quickly it got ready. When we arrived, he started grilling the meat in front of us.
-Yes And in five mins it was ready. They give direct heat to the meat stack and the part that gets cooked is shaved off simultaneously… and it is then finely chopped. and to it they add a lot of onions. They cook the onions till translucent and use it. And it has lot of spices. They use a lot of coriander as well It is really amazing. I have eaten Shawarma at many places. There it felt as if the chicken is less and the quantity of onions is more. But here, the combination of onions and chicken is just right. Very delicious and very juicy. And in this rainy weather it is more fun to eat. It is very surprising to get so much chicken at such an affordable price. Yes it is actually quite a good deal. And moreover unlike other Shawarmas, here the use of onion is quite less. Also the bread is quite thick. Like a kulcha.
-Thick and fluffy. And they were telling us that they make it with whole wheat flour, all purpose flour and Yeast. Come let’s try it. Hmm ! Wow ! Very delicious. And the bread is quite fluffy and thick. They have added mayonnaise in it. There is well cooked shredded chicken. Very nice flavours. For crunch, there is lettuce and cucumber is also there as well. Yes cucumber and onion. I ate at so many places in the Bramhaputra market today… The best thing that I ate here today is this. I can vouch for it. This is the Tandoori Momos along with three different kinds of Chutneys. One is the red chili chutney. The other one is garlic and tomatoes(chutney) and mayonnaise. Come let’s try the Tandoori Momos. It is quite hot. It is hot and is drenched in cream and butter. Everything(here all the three chutneys) is mixed together… Frankly it is more fun to have it just all by itself. Chutney is not required. The garlic chutney is very tasty. He was right indeed. That the outer covering of the momos are quite thin. And the chicken stuffing is nice as well. Thank you Sanyukta. It was such a nice experience to explore the food scene at the Bramhaputra Market. For me the highlight of this tour was the Afghani Shawarma. It was very interesting and very delicious. We also tried many other things like the Chaat, South Indian food… We tried the Shawarma at two different places. then we also tried the Biryani We ate Dahi Puri, Bharwa Golgappe, Papdi Chaat and many other things. And as I can see, there are many other food stuffs like Kebabs, Kathi Rolls etc. that are available here as well. For which we have to come again. And we will definitely come again for Noida Food Walk. We had a great experience so Thank You so much.
-Thank you so much for coming.


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