No Hassle Tutorials: The Difference Between a Domain & Hosting and How to Point Your Domain
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No Hassle Tutorials: The Difference Between a Domain & Hosting and How to Point Your Domain

– Hello, hello, Neta Talmor here from No Hassle website and
from all things No Hassle. In today’s videos tutorial
I’m gonna talk to you about the difference between
hosting and a domain. This seems to be something very confusing for a lot of people. I get asked about it a
lot and from the emails, and questions I get I understand
that this is something, that most people until
it’s explained to them don’t really understand how it works. So this is what I’m gonna do
now and once you understand it it will make so much more sense, and you’ll be able to always
know exactly what you need, and where to look of it, okay? So hosting is where your website content, the actual information, the files, the database is hosted, okay it’s saved. And then the domain is simply
the name that people type into a browser to find
that information, okay? But you need to connect both of them. So you may often buy your
domain in one company. For example GoDaddy being the
most famous and oldest one. And then you can have
your hosting with Bluehost or with SiteGround, or with a
HostGator for example, okay? So you can have a domain in one place and your hosting service in another one. The great thing about
it is that you are not always restricted to
the same hosting company that you started with, okay? Because they are separated, there’s the domain and
there’s the hosting. Once you connect them then
your domain will point to the right place and
people will see your website. But, you can move your website to a different hosting
service for example. And then all you really need
to do is point your domain to the new hosting and say hey, instead of looking for the files on this hosting that I used to be on, I’m gonna look for the
files on another hosting. You can look at it similarly to a phone number and your phone company. So you know how you can
have the same phone number but switch between providers,
it’s the same exact thing. The phone number is your domain right? That’s what people dial to connect to you that’s what people put in their
browser to see your website. And the hosting company
is who actually activates and holds your phone information, or allows you to make phone
calls and receive phone calls. Or in our case the hosting
company is the company that hosts all your information. So that when your number is
connected to your account or when your domain is
connected to your hosting, you can actually talk on the
phone or see the website, okay? So, if you bought your
domain with GoDaddy, and then you got your hosting
with SiteGround for example. SiteGround are going to give you Domain Name Serves that’s
what it’s called, okay? They’re gonna tell you these
are your Domain Name Serves. Now it’s your job to connect your domain with your server using
these Domain Name Servers. Okay so I’m gonna show you how to do that. So let’s say your with GoDaddy and this is the domain the you bought. And now you have hosting
with a certain company and you need to connect them right? So what you wanna do is
you’re gonna log into wherever you bought your domain. In this case this is a GoDaddy account. And you’re gonna look for
something that tells you either to manage your DNS
or your Domain Name Servers. Or says the word DNS or
says the word Nameservers, this is what you’re gonna look for. In our cases we can either click on manage or straight go to DNS, so I’m
gonna click on the DNS one. And what you’re looking for is somewhere where it says Domain Name Servers, okay? So in our case this is here. In GoDaddy, it will show like
this it will say Nameservers. And it will tell us what name
servers are currently used. In this case that I’m showing you now these are the Nameservers that are used. However often, you are going simply see that the Nameservers are the default ones. So let me show you how that would look. So you may come to your account and you will see that it’s
showing the default Nameservers. Some kind of a strange number
that the domain company immediately put in as the default, okay? But now we want to change
it and we wan to switch it to the Domain Name Servers that
the hosting company gave us. Okay, so now I just need to go to it again because it’s not showing
me the option again. So let me find, in my domains the domain we were looking at before. This one and I’m going to click on that. And let’s see where it takes me. Here, I’m gonna scroll down and I’m going to go to manage DNS. You see it just brought
me to a different page but you are always looking
for something that says DNS. Okay, now I’m gonna scroll
down and here we go, here are the Domain Name Servers. Now we wanna change them. So your hosting company will give you your Domain Name Sever and tell you, point your domain to those. So I’m just gonna switch
from domain to custom because we want custom ones. And here I’m going to put the two Domain Name Servers that I need. In this case it’s what it was before. Sorry, it was So it’s usually two numbers. So NS1 and then something
or NS2 and then something, you need to put both of them, okay? Nohasslewebsite, it will
look something like this but not exactly this. Once I put it in I save
and that’s basically it. Now I connected my domain to my hosting, to where the server is. It make take up to 48 hours to update, this is called propagation. And that’s the time that
it takes all the servers and all the computers around the world, to update with this new information. Okay it’s basically
telling all the computers around the world that from now on when people type my domain,
they should be redirected to these servers, you understand? So that’s basically it, I
hope that now the difference between a domain and a
hosting is clear to you. And you know how to point
you domain to your server by changing the Domain Name Servers. Let me know if you have
any other questions or need anything else. Bye, bye, ciao.

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