No Big Deal with Ariana Grande
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No Big Deal with Ariana Grande

[ Cheers and applause ] -What up? You’re watching “NBD.” It’s a show where we talk about
things that are no big deal, and that’s what NBD stands for.
It’s the name of the show. It really needs no explanation,
but no big deal. [ Laughter ] I’m K.C., I created the show,
and I host it. I also…curate over
10 Spotify playlists with over 35 followers on each,
no big deal. Anyway, let’s bring out
my first guest. Our birthdays
are two days apart, so we’re practically
the same person. I’m younger, but no big deal. Please welcome Cassandra. [ Cheers and applause ] -Mwaaah. Mm. [ Cheers and applause
continues ] -How’s it going? -It’s good. I just saw
Timothée Chalamet at Au Bon Pain.
No big deal. [ Laughter ] -It’s actually pronounced
“ah bow plan.” No big deal. -Um, no, actually, if you’re
from France, it’s… “Chow ban pan.” I know because my stepdad’s
from Paris, no big deal. He taught me how to say
“crossaint.” [ Laughter ] -Anyway… [ Laughing ] Anyway… [ Cheers and applause ] Anyway, we ordered
the same drink — a large-medium oat milk, decaf
macchiato, no oat milk, please. And an extra shot
in a sippy cup, no big deal. And the “Queer Eye” truck
was parked right outside, no big deal. -That is so cool.
On my last flight to Paris, I got upgraded to first class. I used points from my JetBlue Jet Black Platinum Silver
Bronze Copper Mastercard. It’s made out of real copper.
It bends when you sit on it. No big deal. [ Sighs ] [ Cheers and applause ] -Well, actually, um, I actually
go to Paris every other weekend. I pet-sit for Katy Perry.
-Oh. -Her cat lives there.
It’s named Kitty Perry. Get it? I did in the beginning. [ Laughter ] -I used to have a cat, but then
I got into baby hedgehogs. They’re illegal to have as pets,
but it’s totally worth it. -Oh, okay. -I named him Xanders.
He’s verified on Instagram. Bella Thorne follows him.
No big deal. [ Laughter ] -Actually, I deleted
my Instagram last year. Oprah says that you have
to be more present. We were doing a
“Super Soul Sunday” podcast and we were laying in a hammock
under a willow tree and she looked at me
and whispered, “You have something
in your teeth.” [ Laughter ] It was a chia seed.
No big deal. -Anyway, it’s time for our first
segment called “But, Whatever.” [ Cheers and applause ] Cassandra? -I have so many weddings
to go to this summer. One of them is in England.
It’s an open bar in a castle. It’s Prince Harry and
Meghan Markle, but whatever. -That is so rando. [ Laughter ] Because I just got
my 23andMe results back, and it turns out I’m 280th
in line for the throne. I also found out I’m prone to
anemia and allergic to chicken. But…whatever. -Yeah, I’m, um…I’m pretty
stressed out, too, you know? I’m opening my own
goat yoga studio. It’s called Yogoat. I have to, um…I have to find,
like, 40 goats by Saturday and get them vaccinated,
but whatever. -I…used to do yoga, like, five years ago
when it was still a thing. Uh, now I do SwanCycle. It’s like SoulCycle,
but they release an angry swan into the class anytime
someone stops pedaling. She bites your ankles.
It’s really intense. Anyway, let’s move on
to a round of “OMG or NBD.” [ Cheers and applause ] -Pickles.
-NBD. -No, but, like,
artisanal pickles that are literally home-made
with farm-to-table brine… -Then OMG. Me next. Sand. -[ Sighs ] I mean, sand. I feel like there’s
a lot of it, so OMG, but maybe there’s, like,
too much of it, then NBD. But then maybe because it’s,
like, so beautiful, then OMG, but also, like, it’s kind of
scratchy, so NBD. But then also it’s kind of
exfoliating, so, like, OMG, but then also, like, kind of
can be too wet sometimes, so, like… -Why don’t we just call it
a solid TBD? Okay, all right. -Okay. Last one —
Kentucky Derby hats. -OMG.
-OMG, yeah. I actually just got mine.
It’s made from llama hair. The llamas crochet it themselves
with their little hooves. [ Laughter ] It literally takes them
10 years. But whatever, it’s okay, because all the money literally
goes back to the llamas. It’s totally environmentally
friendly, and it’s really expensive. Here, check this out. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] I paid for it using Euphorium.
It’s a new cryptocurrency. I could basically be a
billionaire, no big deal. [ Laughter ] -Oh, really? Because my derby
hat was designed by Elon Musk. It’s a drone. [ Laughter ] And I don’t even
have to put it on. It just hovers over my head.
No big deal. [ Cheers and applause ] Me and my hat are actually
going to Kentucky tonight. We leave tonight, and I’m taking
the Walmart Yodeling Boy as my plus-one.
No big deal. Anyway, that’s all the time
we have for “NBD.” Join me next time when my guest
will be Bella Thorne and some angry swans.
No big deal. [ Cheers and applause ]


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