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yeah I’m Niels Lana WordPress developer from Germany I lived in Holland for many years I married ancestors few years now and specialized in building custom WordPress and remember system for small and mid-sized companies I run into an issue with several hosting companies in the past so I was willing to move all my cat my extended service and because I was able to test the services of let’s give it a try I’m pretty impressed about their services so its state-of-the-art services when it comes to technology everything runs on an SSD they provide [Music] connections the architecture itself runs on an IV server like speed caching is in place developer can dream up so that’s the technology part but the best technology is useless when it comes to an unreliable customer service they were web is simply fantastic it’s a true 24/7 customer service if you reach them in the weekend you can reach them in the middle of the night you didn’t reach them on national holidays which is mine though but the thing is if there is a problem these guys too technical they usually aren’t too creative people what I love with their weapons the fact that they provide free SSL so it’s powered by less necros so usually when I start working on a new project the first thing I do is create a new subdomain for the project the second thing I do is grate an SSL certificate on that something and the third step is go to the software installer and and rather than what one-click install of WordPress and that’s it so yeah boom pocket which is full package is running total space above 40 gigabytes almost 20 comments and probably be sub-domains running I would highly recommend they were left yeah it’s fantastic um price-wise I think it’s pretty much the best deal you get the quality – the technology is it’s really latest technology lates it’s not some old ancient stuff back here the freelance web developer I see a lot of C panels of clients and someone used was not not really cPanel with some of these needs managing interfaces even though I do have the experience activity and database and all these terms are not not not unknown to me but sometimes I’ll get totally lost in these these interfaces they were where prongs on cpanel which very clean you know exactly where to find stuff and again when you lost get in contact with the ninjutsu monitor and then they show you where to find them stuff and help yeah I was out with a highly recommend using a roller [Music]

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