NEW SERVER! 150TB server install with Linus!
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NEW SERVER! 150TB server install with Linus!

Hey guys, how’s it going? It’s Justine and today, I have something very, very exciting. It is a very, very special treat. Now, I posted this on Twitter a while ago. This hot mess. This is basically last, i don’t know, ten, eleven years of my digital life. And all of you guys were like, ‘Head up Linus! Linus, help her!’ ‘She needs help!’ Well, guess what? Linus: What’s up guys? I got the solution! Justine: Linus is here to rescue, what’s in here? Linus: A 150 TB of storage. We’re gonna go from that, to just this. Justine: Oh my goodness, this is very, I’m putting this down. Linus: These things? These are so expensive! Justine: I know, but I’d always travel so I would just, like, edit right off of these guys, and then, every time they’d get full, I wouldn’t know what to do with them. Linus: I mean, it’s great, they’re designed by Neil Polton, which is amazing. Justine: Yeah, I love Neil, he’s a great guy. There’s another one. This is basically 16 terabytes from the past I don’t know a few months, and then I edit off of these little guys These are two terabyte solid-state drives, which basically these are all the videos that I haven’t edited yet and so these are all full and then when this gets full I start panicking and then I start taking some files from here and Then putting them over to here But then I’m not sure if I put them on this one and then everything just starts getting really crazy And then my computer is full, and then I start absolutely getting the shakes right now What is your strategy for redundancy well? Sometimes if it’s really important I save it twice on this Drive, and then I’m here hurt. No no this is automated Okay mind you I’m pretty tech savvy, but when it comes to creating servers and all of that I don’t really have any idea what we’re doing let’s take a step back. Don’t I need two steps back I think we can put this anywhere where you have a network plug okay and a power plug That’s all I mean so the ethernet goes to my router Yes, okay, or any one of these so where do these guys cat6? That’s awesome You have cats expiring in here. Yeah bored of the go I Actually have an absolutely no idea where that goes. Okay. Let’s go find your mechanical room Where’s your hot water heater looking for hot water heater It’s just it’s just a place where it would be likely that all these things would gather. I’m not actually looking the hot water oh We don’t need the hot water heater for the server. You know okay? How do you feel about on Lego? Oh? Me too. I would assume it’d be in here right you just come prepared with the screwdriver Yeah, of course don’t you always carry screwdriver. You know I carry knives This is awesome great you are wired up with you have Cat6 up the wazoo in this place, so if I asked you you know do you know where all of these go? No, so what are we trying to figure out where we can put your storage server hmm okay with some networking Rika jiggery? Which would be relatively inexpensive, okay? Like maybe a you know $30, which your solid shopping. No big deal Yes stopping anywhere where you have one of these jacks in the house was that for a high-five Yeah, no they’re not Laye not labeled okay, no, there’s one more here. Oh, I mean they’re they’re all over the place I’m pretty sure there’s one back here, so you could be running all this stuff wired instead of Wireless, just like I Don’t know my server room why did they put it way up on the wall. I think probably for the TV Oh Every room has the ethernet and this one is up on the wall for a TV Why was this house to suck this was made for me? No way, there’s not gonna be one of the bathroom. There is one in my other bathroom. Oh Where would you be expected to put this television? Yeah, well I think if anybody’s gonna figure it out. I think I’m gonna have to have a bathroom TV You know I don’t think I want in the closet. Oh wait I know It’s on the wall again Let’s go find another this house is bizarre. Okay. Well we already know There’s one here, so this there’s another one I lost out So maybe you could sit very nicely in that corner Yes, but what table management wise you’re gonna have to come down the wall over there. Oh, yeah. We’ll use the one done, okay I have never seen anything like this. This is actually really crazy because like I’ve never really paid attention to it All right, so I’m just gonna kind of tuck it there You know here. I’ll make it easier to work on didn’t make any assumptions about your your networking capabilities And I brought a switch yes, but it’s only eight port so it’s actually not even big enough for this crazy place So we’re gonna have to go get a switch But what I didn’t bring and this is a bit of a long shot a VGA cable and a VGA Capable monitor do you have a chance? Do you need some amiibo no okay, cuz you can’t have that okay? I found a monitor so one of the things 45 drives does is They can powdercoat Any color you want And they can do pretty much any graphic you want now you may have noticed that this is sort of ugly I didn’t want to say that but it’s definitely not a good look Beautiful, so I’m gonna quickly swap that out so so perfect. Let’s do this first Okay, then let’s throw all the drives in it, then we’ll go shopping deal. This is the best day of my life alright What I’m gonna Do is I’m gonna set it up so that if one of your drives? Did happen to fail all the data is intact so if one drive fails Yes, it’s still everything’s okay, so just take it out You send it to Seagate they’ve got free data recovery service on these iron wolf Pro drives And then you just pop in a new one and it automatically rebuilds the data that was now that’s crazy So how does it do that? Magic do you want the technical explanation? I think we do yes if you would like to give it to us It’s a method of storing data called parity and what it does is it uses a calculation kind of like the sum of? That bit on all the other drives to calculate some parity a bit So then if you were to lose a drive It’s like an algebraic equation if this Plus this Plus this Plus this equals this and if this is missing and we have everything else then we can just Rebuild it. That’s pretty awesome, and I was that something specific to this whole system The way that it’s handled in this system through unbraid is pretty special because most raids Will have requirements like if you wanted to expand your storage you have to buy like Chunks of eight drives at a time whereas with on raid you just pop in a new one anytime you want more storage That’s amazing and I do have a pair of side cutters Side cutters Clippers. Oh, it’s got a drill and a charger for the drill and a battery for the drill. It’s still me original package It’s kind of like pliers I know what you’re talking like a little bit a little Yeah, a little pinchy there little pinchy pliers have cuticle cutters this may work I don’t know what a cuticle cutter is now you do some kind of personal grooming items This was basically all I had to do. That’s it. This is the perfect tool. Oh my god Okay, so kind of a long shot Do you still have the box that the big server came in that was a long time ago? Yeah, I kept everything in here though I’m actually I’m missing some screws. I don’t think you would find that box in this closet Sorry this fell behind my friends is busy dress Of course you have a Princess, Daisy dress. It’s a really good thing. You showed me this before we went to Best Buy the SSDs So we’re gonna run them in raid one, which means you’ve got one terabyte of solid-state storage and We just have to get Network stuff, okay, y’all mr., Kingston Tina We’re legit on our way out the door to go buy FSF hey. I’m glad you found these okay I still don’t have screws though. I’m gonna put these somewhere safe and Not behind a bunch of Daisy dresses Be parents it’s only one Daisy dress the other is Princess Peach Is this like those weird spider-man Elsa videos So Printers we’re getting into like we’re getting into like pouring stop flames, so that’s good, but now we’re getting into Power Bars We need good. We need the most compact one. Well. That’s real good. Yeah, this looks pretty good This is an $18 cable these things are worth like one dollar that is brutal I really feel like we’re heading the wrong way though cuz like all the IT stuff is over there And this is like toys and drones and games this Would do everything in your house mm-hmm a very successful best buy trip I feel like this has turned into a reality show. Yeah, got a network switches like pimp my Wi-Fi Yeah, this is gonna be like a 45 part series. Yeah, looking that way I have something to confess what I’ve never done a haul video before I’ve never done one either You’ve never done a haul video Oh, I thought that was like a thing, but like I think the beauty guru is doing we got this VGA cable Oh this power strip Okay, this is awkward. Okay, let’s just put hard drive This is great We’ve had this for like two months It’s been several months, and I just like would open it up, and I’m looking at it like oh you’re beautiful 10 terabytes these are iron wolf pros so the pro means that you get a five-year warranty five years of data recovery service Included with the drive and they’re rated for large installations like this where all these drives are spinning and vibrating Next to each other yeah can be run 24/7 Leather Spoken from awake. Yeah, I think it’s okay. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re uh, it’s a bug. There’s a bird beam The smoke was coming up through the thing I assumed this was like a plastic something, and it was it’s a bird bug you fried a bug with your light news about this The things that have happened today are just like it’s unbelievable, and I mean of course this would be something that Decided yeah it and now I got to clean this be out of my light because I want to be real lit Oh My gosh I can’t believe I like my front fire in those houses from a bee, okay. Let’s go god. I hate bugs I hate it. Oh god. He’s so crispy oh Well body is fried. He is like a Kentucky Fried I Think we are look at this Wow, I mean he is in pieces Wow Cut might be empty probably not a lot of flavor left in a minute Okay, electrical tape on here like is this expose where yes, this is not safe That’s why I thought that this is gonna catch on fire line is never coming back I did make a joke about you burning my house down earlier. This is why I flew out to Make sure but it all about assembled yet Guys he got on a plane and flew here just for this just for this that’s pretty amazing only reason, I’m here That was pretty much it we’re legit ready to just plug this in oh and do a quick test Oh, I forgot how much happier these things get little prize. I bet oh you want to do the honors. Yes Yes, yes barb on right on. Okay? You ready? Wow whee So that’s it now we get to change a couple more settings So I’m just gonna go into global share settings so included discs all Excluded discs none. That’s the part where I like hope everything. I did it’s okay. It works here. We go there it is What did it really yes? So I’m gonna show you a cool trick we don’t actually have to just guess here, so you can see these two I just plugged into random ports on the patch panel here can plug in another one lights up. We might Dimity Yeah, let’s go fire it up. We can plug in now. We can fire it up That was the whole thing you just got served. I did this is amazing. Well. Thank you so much This is honestly like the coolest thing ever like I’m so excited Wow, I learned so much about my house about servers about life fires This is it you can go connect to it from any machine in your house boom. This is incredible guys I am so excited about this make sure you go check out Linus’s channel and subscribe and please go on Comment on every one of his videos. Thank you for saving Justine’s life on a huge Thank you to 45 drives and seeking in Kingston and everybody who made this a possibility because I’m so happy so that’s it We’re done. Bye everybody hey Siri play back that thing up And copyright strike for my channel peace out gotta go back my bang


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