New risks from cloud computing – Palo Alto Networks (10-24-2019)
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New risks from cloud computing – Palo Alto Networks (10-24-2019)

– You could say that cloud
security is not a new topic, but in a way, it always is
because it’s perpetually evolving and placing new demands on
those responsible for security. This is something Paul
Calatayud knows very well. He’s chief security officer
of Palo Alto Networks, a prominent player in the
cybersecurity business appearing eight times at the
forefront of the leader box in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant
for network firewalls. – As cloud becomes more and
more critical to businesses, more than it is popular,
we’re seeing a lot more risks and new risks
happening within the industry attributed a lot to the speed of business. So as IT transforms
and goes into a digital transformation approach, the speed of change increases rapidly. – Their expertise in securing the cloud comes from an in-depth
and enviable reputation. – Organizations that are
familiar with our traditional next-gen firewall, they
will put virtual firewalls in front of their cloud. If you’re focusing on a container security or kind of more bleeding
edge cloud implementations, Palo Alto has a suite of
offerings through the acquisition of PureSec and Twistlock as well. We collectively call this offering our Prisma Cloud Business. If I were to take one step back and say, “What’s the big advantage
of all those options?” It is the ability to
manage unified security, which in other words means:
I can take my traditional security policies that I use on-prem and I can employ them into the cloud. – Visit

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