NEW Illustrator 2020 Updates: Good Or Bad??
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NEW Illustrator 2020 Updates: Good Or Bad??

so Adobe Illustrator 2020 is finally
here and you guys want to hear my opinion on the updates of this program
so I’m gonna fill you in on the updates of Illustrator 2020 and walk you through
exactly how they work also making today’s video possible is
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more now the first update to Adobe Illustrator 2020 is something that is
really really appealing to me and it’s something I’ve been waiting for for a
whole lot of time now that’s because I know Taipei King what I’m working on
videos for you guys I constantly make typos and you constantly pull me outside
as well but in my graphic design work I do take more time and rush as much but
illustrator has a new a built-in spell checker then I’m gonna show you now
exactly how it works and why it’s so awesome so by default
normally pre 2020 if you wanted to check the spelling on your typography you come
up to edit and then you know check the spelling you’d have to go through this
process of going through each individual word and I personally like to uncheck
the uncapitalized stop sentence because that is get annoying and you know
graphic design artwork doesn’t necessarily need to be capitalized at
estava sentence for some reason my illustrator is actually in Spanish at
the moment was just ignore that let’s just assume it’s in English
you go through each of the individual words and you know it takes a lot of
time and it’s just an annoying process in general but now illustrator I’ve
actually come up with a new altos spellcheck that you can activate which
will redline any kind of typos on your artwork across the entire board and
again – traitor is set to Spanish even though in the character window it says
English which is something I need to sort out after this video but as you can
see I can easily use the type tool and go around and change each individual
spelling mistake or error on my hard work for me this is a big big change and
it’s something I’m really happy to see now the second update is revoked around
the free-foam gradient tool which was introduced in 2019 and that was to kind
of replace the gradient mesh tool I’m gonna quickly make a shape here and add
a free-form gradient to show you exactly how the update works so of course you go
ahead and you add the free-foam gradient and then you can add your spot colors
and you know change the colors and make your gradient look pretty awesome and
sleek which is a powerful tool in itself but it’s actually now a new update and a
new slider if you come into the Edit artwork option in Illustrator you can
actually edit the individual colors on the free-foam gradient from this menu
which is really really handy and it’s something either waiting for as well but
there are still a few problems with the freeform gradient tool which I think
illustrates that needs to address but you can also use other options in this
refill artwork window and this is another great update that I have
personally been waiting for now the third update is revolved around
anchor points and gradient paths in Adobe Illustrator there is a tool in
Adobe Illustrator which can actually delete anchor points and prior to 2020
when you use this tool it would actually change the shape of your line or your
design which is no ideal of course because you want to keep the same shape
and the same style but now when you use this tool you can hold down the shift on
your keyboard and it will pretty much hold true to the shape of your design as
you can see on my curved line here it’s not always going to be ideal depending
on where you use it but this is a huge improvement and it’s something that’s
really really great for digital illustrations and just a vector work in
general so for me this is a winner and it’s a great choice from Adobe now the
last update is again relating to anchor points and I’ve actually gone ahead and
made my anchor points the largest size that can possibly be by coming into the
preference settings and changing the size of them right here so as you can
see this shape has way way too many anchor points and less is more when it
comes to anchor points on vector designs the new update is found here under paths
and then simplify you have this new really cool slider you can adjust the
amount of anchor points on the shape and you want to retain the same you know the
same style and same coverage of the shape while having the least amount of
anchor points possible on your design you can also click here to have more
options on you know the exact style and then you know the outlook of your design
and again I think this is a really smart move illustrator because the simplify
option wasn’t actually all that great before but now in 2020 I think it’s been
really really improved but what are your thoughts what do you think
about these improvements for 2020 and are you going to update to a deputy
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  • Loktion Banger

    perhaps update 3 and 4 are a bit helpful. but overall there is a hardly any difference, i would expect adobe to be making illustrator way better. they should add a crop picture option also rather than making a clutter of clipping masks

  • Edward Seeber

    These are nice updates simplify a perfect feature to clean up points I also like the gradient update, thou I hope even more updates on features we been needing come out soon once the 2020s begin

  • fraser hardmetal

    The marketing drip feed of "new" features which should have been included 10 iterations ago. Similarly the bugs in earlier editions which were not addressed until the replacement "new" edition, which , of course, had to be paid for – again. Similarly – get ready for the incremental increases in subscriptions, year on year.
    It's basically a good programme but Adobe are intent on milking their users to the nth degree. A bit more credible competition is called for and Adobe need to focus more on intrinsic programme development rather than marketing and subscription jiggery pokery.

  • Ari W.

    Simplify: It's modal! SMH, that's just not good for workflow. Also, it's not nearly as precise nor as easy to use as Astute Graphics Smart Remove which is available in two of their plugins and as a separate tool. Nevertheless all these changes are helpful, especially auto spell-check. Thanks for the overview!

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