NEW 24/7 Zone Wars BOT – Play Zone Wars ANY TIME! (Fortnite Storm Wars/Zone Wars)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
I’m gonna be showcasing a bot, which enables you to play full lobby zone wars games pretty
much 24/7, and it doesn’t even require you to have any friends to play with. So as I mentioned in a video from a few weeks
ago, I personally believe that playing zones wars is hands down one of the best ways to
improve as a Fortnite player. Not only is it actually super fun to play,
but you’re also constantly fighting other players, and therefore working on pretty much
ever important skill in Fortnite. Close range aim, medium range aim, playing
from high ground, playing from low ground, editing, quick decision making, the list seriously
goes on and on. But without a doubt the biggest problem with
zones wars, is the fact that you need a certain amount of friends if you want to play it on
a consistent basis. There are other ways to try to play, like
playground fill or searching for certain discords hosting games or even playing with a streamer
hosting sub games, but those options definitely aren’t super reliable the majority of the
time. And that’s why this zone wars bot is such
a cool innovation. So here’s basically how it works. Once you get everything set up, which is actually
fairly easy and we’ll go over how to do all that in a second, you’ll basically have a
friend on your friends list with a username of some variation of “ZoneWarsBot.” The bot account will be online 24/7, and will
always be a part of a join-able creative mode lobby. As soon as that lobby reaches 16/16 of players,
the bot will leave and start up the game with a pre-loaded zone wars map. I believe right now the map it’s using is
the vertex zone wars map by zeroyahero, which is definitely one of the best and most popular
ones. And then once the game has started, all 15
or 16 players will go into the map, and play totally normal zone wars games for up to 4
hours straight. Another positive of this zone wars bot is
that there’s a different bot account for each of the following regions: NA East, NA West,
EU, Brazil, and Oceania, and I’m guessing that covers about 99.9% of the people watching
this video. So now, let’s go over how to get it all setup,
to where you can actually use this bot and start hopping into zone wars games. The first step, is that you need to join the
zone wars bot discord, I’ll be sure to put an invitation link in the description below,
and verify your Epic Games username. It’s actualaly a fairly simple process, and
I should have footage of an example of me doing it in the background right now. It’s basically as simple as typing in your
Epic Games username, saying what system and input device you play on, then adding a random
bot account through your Fortnite friends list named Yunite. Then once Yunite instantly accepts your friend
request, you type in the 4 digit code that appears under it’s username on your friends
list. Like I said, fairly simple process that as
long as you have discord downloaded and you’re on Fortnite, should only take maybe 2 minutes
tops. And Once you’ve verified your Epic games account
you’re totally done with discord, it isn’t needed anymore, you literally never need to
open it again if you don’t want to. So now comes the point where you want to add
the actual zones wars bot account on Fortnite. And just as a heads up for anyone that thinks
they can just skip the verification process, the bot account is programmed to not accept
your friend request, unless you verify your Epic account in the discord first. So, like I said earlier, the zone wars bot
account you choose to add depends on the region that you want to play on. I’ll put all the usernames in the description
below but they’re all actually fairly simple. The NA East version is: MovingZonesNA NA West
is: MovingZonesNAW EU is: MovingZonesBot Brazil is: MovingZonesBR and finally Oceania is:
MovingZonesOCE. So that’s basically the absolute final step,
and once you’ve done that, whenever you wanna play, you’ll just go to your friends list,
join the bot’s game, ready up, wait for it start, and then you’ll be playing zone wars. Now, how long it takes for the lobby to fill
depends on the time of day you’re playing and the region you’re playing on. In my experience playing on NA East at various
different times of the day, I would say on average it takes about 2 minutes for the 16
player lobby to fill, and everybody to ready up. But, if you’re playing on one of the less
populated servers, especially Brazil or Oceania it’s probably gonna take a little longer. However, there’s currently already around
20,000 players registered in the discord, so I can’t imagine the wait is gonna be too
bad. And, the more the bot continues to spread
by word of mouth and also videos like this, the more people will use it, and therefore
the quicker games will fill. Now one thing you may not know if you don’t
play a lot of zone wars is that it can be kinda glitchy at times. Every once in a while you’ll get a game where
weapons randomly don’t spawn or you basically get stuck and can’t move. And for some reason, the storm in creative
mode is a lot darker and harder to see through compared to regular games. So I just want you guys to be aware of that,
and know that it isn’t a problem with the bot and you’re not doing anything wrong, creative
mode is just glitchy sometimes. So, now I’m gonna show you guys some footage
of the zone wars games that I played yesterday using the bot. And I think you’ll see that these are definitely
pretty high quality games, against solid players, that are trying really hard to win. I hope you guys found this little tutorial
helpful, be sure to leave a like, leave a comment, subscribe, do whatever the heck you
want and I, will catch you guys next time!

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