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    Table of contents:

    Step 1 – Download & install Neve 0:48

    Step 2 – Change Neve settings 2:56

    Recommended actions: 11:36

    Step 3 – Importing full websites 12:52

    Step 4 – Frontpage Setup 14:10

    Step 5 – Setting up the subscribe section 16:37

    BONUS Step: How Neve works with the Block Editor 17:26

  • Anthony Eneje

    Sorry to keep asking, but at some point in the future can you do a step by step tutorial on how to build an automatic blogging site using Feedzy and The Extra theme by Elegant Themes. i would have to say this tutorial would be epic. Don't get me wrong your tutorials on the plugin is good, it's just extremely hard to follow. Also if you can do a tutorial on how to auto-post your content on a business facebook page. Or if i can pay you to create a step by step tutorial on this, please.

    I know a tutorial like this would benefit overs like me in the same situation.

    kind Regards

  • Eliza Gabryś

    Is there any way to make the main menu slide with the page (so-called sticky menu)? I've tried with plugins and without them and nothing works.

  • Donacenneiil Concept

    @ Robert – Nice video. Question, i’m trying to use the default neve layout. But i’m having issue in contact form. I put my email address in form setting field but the message doesn’t go through the email address that i define. Can you help me on this. Thank you in advance

  • Ramen Das

    Yeah! this is an awesome theme… thanks. Please make a video with the AMP page builder. Because of my website getting slow in mobile.

  • spn spn

    Hi Robert. I have instaled and activated Neve but when I scroll with the mouse, the next pages (about us, testimonials, our team, etc) don't appear. I tried to uninstall Neve and install again but i have the same problem. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong please? How can I recovery the pages? Thanks and sorry! I'm a beginner… :S

  • Simon P

    Hello Robert, Neve is a beautiful theme, thank you for sharing. I really like 'Vet Center' is there a way of changing the blue sections under the main header to a different colour?

  • Alberto Bengoa

    I just discovered this theme and I think it's incredibly good but i miss a few thing:

    ➢ Change the size of the menu letters and the separation between each menu item.
    ➢ Set a color gradiant in the background.
    ➢ Set the sticky menu with a color diferent of the background

    I think your theme is very good and i would pay for a plugin with this features for the theme.

  • tidusfantasy

    Can elementor replace all the editing work? I asked because, many times when i want to make changes with wordpress customizer, i couldnt change anything. But I could only make the changes in elementor, so thats why i ask

  • Amsa Venktesan

    Hi Robert, I get an error while uploading this to my WP that says "The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini." How should I rectify this?

  • Laura Sil

    I want to know what I need to do to change the background image from the frontpage when I import zelle pages. I have tryed from "appearance", "costumize" and clors & background. And I have uploaded a new image but that not works…
    Is there any other way to do it?

  • Simon P

    Thanks again Robert, love this theme, I am struggling with one thing, changing the colour of the header and footer sections. They are currently dark grey and I don't seem to be able to find how to change them? Thank you in advance! Simon.

  • Juan Gärtner

    Hi Robert, I installed the theme and the animations when scrolling donw are not working, do you know how to fix this?

  • Marcel Müller

    I really like Neve but I can't import an demo.
    It always stops at importing and the last line in the error log says "No front page ID."
    Has anyone any tips about what I can do.

  • Jos Bogers

    Today I saw the video. Looks nice. I wonder how I can use Neve together with elementor PRO. Neve added something extra to elementor pro

  • Jos Bogers

    thanks for your reply, I'm using elementor pro (3 licenses). Currently still for testing and learning what elementor PRO offers and what is possible. Use the Hello template. I now have 2 joomla sites, which I want to convert to elementor Pro and give them a somewhat more modern look. (one site for machine and elevator maintenance company, one is static site, and the other for charity organization, which site is much more dynamic and often with new items). If Neve can make an extra contribution to that, especially in the extra choices of templates that are suitable for that, then that is very nice for me and a reason to integrate Neve.

  • Jake Barritt

    Hi, after I've imported the Neve theme fully, is it possible to change the colour of the default buttons/borders? When I select the style tab of these areas trying to change to colour of the buttons from green to blue for example, it just come up with a blank box. Many thanks your video is still excellent btw.

  • Ivan Martin

    is this for neve pro / neve only? I can't access elementor and some other pro features since i don't afford to buy the neve pro.

  • Megan Brain

    Can neve pages and posts be designed to be responsive without using the AMP plugin? And do the settings affect blog posts? I have the pro version

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