• nazra7

    PBS Space Time, Is it possible Trappist-1 is a lot closer than Nasa says? I've seen a very large resolution of it which I can tell you how to find it if you want to see it, and conveniently it not only looks like what everyone says, and what alleged pictures of Nibiru show, or its the Nemesis Star System which is supposedly our Sun's Binary twin that orbit each other, is a brown dwarf or a red Giant that is also either supposed to be Nibiru or Nibiru is supposedly orbiting it, the details still aren't completely clear on the conspiracy theory, they both are said to have the same number of planets, the same type of planets, and the same type of star which not only look the same but this image I found of Trappist-1 no joking looks like it has the outline of 7 red dragon heads coming up from it. If there is absolutely no way NASA could be wrong then what is that intense red light on the horizon that has been appearing day after day in the North West to the right of the Sun during sunset just after the sun goes below the Horizon (which is still visibly orange)? The same type of red light can also be seen in the morning just before sunrise when you can see the light of the sun coming over the horizon while the sun still being below the horizon in the South West direction, it may be in a different direction if you'e on the southern hemisphere or are in Asia or Russia

    I have a really good video I'll try to have up on my channel tonight of this red light where its very clearly visible at least two different red light sources start to come up over the horizon just after sunset in the northwestern direction off the coast of California, but I think you can actually see 4 different light sources moving independently when I took a closer look. Everyone here should be able to see it too if you look at the right time in the right direction, northwest during sunset just after the sun goes below the horizon but its orange light still visible over the horizon, it will start to get very intensely red before fading back to normal in only that direction in a small part of the sky, not most or all the sky as red sunsets do. And also its visible just before sunrise when the light of the sun is over the horizon but the sun still being below the horizon in the southwestern direction, to the left of where the sun normally sets, it seems to be in the exact position that people are claiming it would be based on the orbital path its supposed to have where it comes up over the sun (or below to us because our north is actually Galactic South) so you may get a better view of it in the southern hemisphere.

  • Emery Paine

    I thought that your needed 10x the mass of the sun to create a black hole & only 3x to have a neutron star, so couldn't you have two neutron stars collide & just make a larger neutron star?

  • José Conde

    If time stop at the event horizon (from our prespective), how can we see 2 black holes colide?
    Should not it take forever (again from our prespective)?

  • pax

    Only high masses in high velocities produce detectable gravitational waves, right? Do stationary masses produce any kind of gravitational wave? Ty!

  • JaCk JF

    Im trying, but I really cant get how gravity, not being a force (I got that part), accelerate shit….changing the course with the bending concept isnt that hard to get, but how the hell something gets faster and faster if there is no force on it….head…hurts…

  • Scott Glajch

    Which elements came from which stellar events raises so many questions! In the deep future, will life be less carbon-based and tend towards heavier elements? Has life's structure on earth changed in any significant way as we have accrued more and more heavier elements over time, or was the composition of earth at formation time the biggest contributing factor? Will planets with earth-like compositions be extremely rare in some distant future? That periodic table is the estimate of the current compositions. How are each of those slices predicted to change over time? How have they changed? I'd love to run a simulation, take a snapshot of the universe's composition X years into the future, and write (or have real writers write) sci-fi novels set in those futures, trying to imagine what would be different.

  • Grandma Mo Says

    The freaky thing is, we are looking back in time to see all these things. By the time the light reaches us from hundreds of millions of light years away, the stars may have already merged.

  • Philip Ashmore

    The event horizons should distort – I did the math:

  • Golden 1984

    I have always my whole life thought that everything we do , have done and are, as humans has something to do with black holes. What happens when we die/where our souls come from before we are born and may other answers about life death the universe we will find when we truly become sophisticated and technology advanced enough to probe these things and unlock there mysteries. This will be the real inflection point in humans history. Wont be around to witness this golden age? In the future the technology to bring back every conscious being that ever lived here on earth will be created/ discovered imo. I may live and die but im so sure that in the future anyone alive today we will be able to "bring back". Can you imagine an age where everyone who was ever a human can exist again , all at the same time and share the knowledge of the universe as a type 3 civilization ? I can . Infact this is only way ahead imo.

  • Jay Perrin

    What are the sizes (amplitude, wavelength, etc) of the waves when they originate? Let's say a black hole merger or specifically one LIGO has detected? I know that by the time they reach us they're on the atomic scale but at their sources, how big are they?

  • James Elger

    Shouldn't just three optical gyros at right angles work as well, or better than the large buildings with miles of optical fiber in the coils? It's a physical math word problem.

  • final fandy

    .. mother-lodes of gold (among all other heavy metals in the periodic table) with a total mass of probably two Jupiters created in a blink of an eye

  • Claire Celestin

    Confirmed- here's the press release: https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-missions-catch-first-light-from-a-gravitational-wave-event

  • John Gibbs

    Who reported this first? PBS spacetime did!! https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/speaking-of-science/wp/2017/10/16/scientists-detect-gravitational-waves-from-a-new-kind-of-nova-sparking-a-new-era-in-astronomy/?hpid=hp_rhp-top-table-main_no-name:homepage/story&utm_term=.ce242067b0cc

  • Kathleen Sisco

    Whenever I have to confront the gravity wave silliness, I recall the NASA article A Star With Two North Poles which had the extraordinary effect of altering the sun's –our star, Sol–current sheath. https://www.nasa.gov/missions/solarsystem/star2northpoles.html

  • Nimbus Windstrider

    "Half the Earth's mass in gold"^how to get more private businesses and corporations interested in space travel(And yes I know that's not how economics work, lemme have my joke)

  • ufoengines

    Wonder if any of the Weber Bars picked this up.       Weber bars[edit]A simple device to detect the expected wave motion is called a Weber bar – a large, solid bar of metal isolated from outside vibrations. This type of instrument was the first type of gravitational-wave detector. Strains in space due to an incident gravitational wave excite the bar's resonant frequency and could thus be amplified to detectable levels. Conceivably, a nearby supernova might be strong enough to be seen without resonant amplification. Modern forms of the Weber bar are still operated, cryogenically cooled, with superconducting quantum interference devices to detect vibration (see for example, ALLEGRO). Weber bars are not sensitive enough to detect anything but extremely powerful gravitational waves.[8]MiniGRAIL is a spherical gravitational-wave antenna using this principle. It is based at Leiden University, consisting of an exactingly machined 1150 kg sphere cryogenically cooled to 20 mK.[9] The spherical configuration allows for equal sensitivity in all directions, and is somewhat experimentally simpler than larger linear devices requiring high vacuum. Events are detected by measuring deformation of the detector sphere. MiniGRAIL is highly sensitive in the 2–4 kHz range, suitable for detecting gravitational waves from rotating neutron star instabilities or small black hole mergers.[10]AURIGA is an ultracryogenic resonant bar gravitational wave detector based at INFN in Italy. It is based on a cylindrical bar detector. The AURIGA and LIGO teams have collaborated in joint observations.[11]

  • 123Dunebuggy

    We have been detecting common gamma ray bursts since the 50s. They are a telltale for nuclear weapon tests. However we found the bursts coming from outer space more frequently they from the communist block. Ligo is helping solve this puzzle.

  • Antonio Paulo Galdeano Damiance Junior

    i was very happy to be ahead of News.. seems that rumor was True since yesterday it was confirmed

  • Shankar Pothuraju

    How did both light and gravitational waves reach at the same time (gravitaional wave streches and squeezes space-time, then light might be slower or faster wrt to gravitational wave depending on direction) ?

  • Michael Klein

    What proportion of heavy elements in the universe were formed from supernovas and what proportion from neutron star collisions?

  • L O

    I keep seeing that this event has helped determined the rate of expansion of the universe at 70 km/s per megaparsec but I had always heard the universe and/or fabric of spacetime was the one thing that actually expanded faster than the speed of light, which is about 300,000 km/s. How is this possible?

  • mifphilip

    How do we know that gravitational waves follow the rules of the speed of light? What if they move faster. Then these type of events could be that they just happend?

  • Kashif Nathaniel

    Thanks for this video:
    How long it takes to neutron star to collide with its pair star ?
    When did this collide happened?

  • Dave Bowman

    It's interesting to me that this science/physics/space/time PBS channel shows, in its logo, the earth (at 0:33) rotating in the wrong direction. ?

  • johnnybikesalot

    Simple question (maybe?) Are the high rotational speed of neutron stars just a simple function of the mass being pulled in closer to the center of mass? Or are there others forces acting on it that cause it to spin faster?

  • johnnybikesalot

    Another question… Do two merging neutron stars ALWAYS make a black hole? Or are there possible masses of neutron stars that can merge into a larger neutron star?

  • Timothy O'Donnell

    Given how closely Matt's information (amount of gold created in the merger) mirrored the official press release and press conference, I suspect that Matt had inside information (and confirmation) about the event.

  • Benjamin Karazi

    Neutron Stars, twenty times of the mass of the Sun! Try over one thousand times. This is as per lovely lying NASA. Even though, the NASA Organization changes its proclamations as they wish (forced by politicians), they still lie!

  • Alex Ozzie

    A little old for questions but whatever. If you were in a close-ish orbit around 2 merging neutron stars or black holes and watching them collide, what would the intense gravitational waves feel like as they stretch and warp your space-time? Would you even notice it? What would it be like?

  • Dimitian Doss

    Do objects in space cause distortions in gravity waves, like an obstacle in the way of a water ripple? If so, how big does an abject have to be to cause such a distortion?

  • Tess

    Might G waves cause ripples in nebula gas or back ground radiation like ocean currents on sand? And.. have the few LIGOs talked about digging a Z axis?

  • Yelkwood9

    if one object is orbiting an object at like 10 light years and the object being orbited is destroyed and all of its mass is dispersed in every direction at the speed of light, will the trajectory of the object orbiting be affected instantly or will it take as long as the matter being dispersed will take to reach it in order for it to start going in a straight line instead of in an circle?

  • davidkosa

    This event is spoken of as if it has already happened. Is it incorrect to assume that gravitational time dilation would occur as the pair of neutron stars get very close? If so, one could then make the argument that the merger has not and never will occur – the merger is frozen in time. Yet the signal appears to indicate that the event has indeed occurred. Is this a paradox of general relativity?

  • SpaceCakeism

    For some reason, when I re-watched this;
    (Since, I saw a video talking about the kilonova, from this event.)
    my brain interpreted interferometer, as inter-ferro-meter.. (inter-iron-meter/measurer)

    Don't worry! I've seen most, of your videos a ton;
    it's just, that I had a specific reason, to rewatch this time!
    (The Majora's Mask video, is excluded; as I'm not a fan, of spoilers.)
    Yes, I've yet to play the game, I'm not sure when I'll play it, but I probably will.

  • Eric Chassande-Mottin

    This channel does a great job to divulgate new science to the public. I understand the excitement associated with new important scientific results, and the will to share them quickly. While the information given in this video is mostly correct some isn't because it is based on rumors and other indirect sources. The time it takes to announce new findings isn't only about getting the statistics right. It is also about converging on the right explanation of the facts.

    The description of the way the binary location was determined is incorrect. The Virgo non-detection was instrumental to pinpoint the sky position of the binary. The Fermi observation did not help as much, contrarily to what is said. Conveying the wrong picture does not help science, nor education of the public.

  • Dhindara Vrel

    Please don't confuse Star Trek with Abrams Trek & STD – those latter two only bear the name of the great and noble science fiction universe because the current owners don't care about the artistic and societal values and are milking their copyright for every little bit of money it might be worth, now that most people involved in the creation of proper Star Trek have either died or been forced out.

  • Jon Bain

    http://www.flight-light-and-spin.com/LIGO/analysis-gw150914.htm demonstrates the theoretical errors that resulted after the engineers gave us an extra ordinary detection device. Or just keep regurgitating illogical pop physics if that is easier on your little corporate mind.

  • joel rivard

    "If a big enough bomb could be brought to bear" – If you built some crazy several stage device that was like 500,000 MT and dropped it in the eye the plasma dome (over 150 million degrees) would expand far beyond the hurricane clouds and way higher. That alone would turn all water vapor into gasses then the shock wave would absorb all of the energy in the hurricane winds and blow it several times around the earth.

    If a hurricane is like a 1 megaton shot exploding every 2 minutes then using .5 million MT bomb (which is a billionth of a second) the bomb isn't even going to notice the energy in the storm. It will all re-direct into the insane blast wave.
    But then life on Earth would mostly die. If you used an antimatter reaction (not yet real) you could create that explosion without all the fallout. But the shock wave would still flatten all cities.
    This is an experiment for inside a supercomputer only.
    Watch some videos about Castle Bravo. Movies like "The Day After" create false senarios where like small kiloton devices are dropped on cities.
    Megaton devices would not leave a city with piles of rubble and people trapped underneath all over. That would happen to a city next to a city that got nuked. In the target city rubble would have been incinerated then swept clean by ridiculous shock waves.

    Thanks to de-classified video and film makers we now know much more. The gov kept the effects of nukes very quiet for a long time. Not hidden, just quiet.
    This video is from 25 miles away!!! I actually forgot if it was taken from the nearest ship deck which was 30 miles or a plane at about 10,000 feet (pretty low) at 25 miles?
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4LqqA4GdsY Either way.

  • Shawn Elliott

    Half the earth's mass in gold is nice, but get back to me when they discover colliding neutron stars that produce oil.

  • Manoj Saxena

    Merger of Black hole are like water vortex or say bhawar. And black holes are like air vortex. Function is same.

  • Melinda Green

    Let's be forthcoming about astronomical announcements. The LIGO team sits on their data so that they can be first to publish about it, not just so that they are certain about the data. This is not a bad thing, because they deserve to be the first to benefit from their data.

  • Suck Dickman

    The shitty beeps you use every vid is the sound of the cellphone battery being almost empty…SUPER ANNOYING!!!!!

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