• paulj0557

    Can someone please tell me if there is anything on the horizon that can without a shadow of doubt replicate the great analog electronic organ Tone Generating systems- An actual example of such an attempt is that of the electromagnetic Hammond 'Tone Wheel Generator' being digitally modeled using VASE technology. This is the 'New B3' organ.
    Another example of organ emulation is Hauptwerk- a pipe organ emulator.
    Q: Can Kemper guitar amp modelling technology be utilized to capture analog tone gen?

  • paulj0557

    If anyone reading my two comments can answer these questions please contact me on the Organ Forum, my screen name is the same as Youtube.
    Don't let the height of digital deter you from expecting purity in tone generation. There is a silver lining in it for any good engineer or developing team who can successfully go beyond our current state of the art in D to A design.
    The Teleharmonium was the first tone generator. Laurens Hammond followed w/ the tone wheel.Build Hartley from 2 TWPU

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