• Ian McGrath

    What I want to know is if you guys think it's a good idea to just ignore the actor's network awake states entirely and just let custom events drive everything. i.e. not replicating the player movement or aim offsets and instead having an event that pushes the player's transform and aim offset rotation to the server every 0.1 seconds and then pushing that server update to the client, having each client lerp those transforms between updates.

  • Joep van 't Hof

    I'm trying to understand the difference between Set Net Dormancy "DormantAll" and Flush Net Dormancy. They look awfully similar inside of the source code as well. Anyone knows when you'd use which?

  • Thorium CatBit

    I have a problem with joining a server that has a lot of replicated actors on the map. It's kind of hard to reproduce because it's not happening in the editor but only if i have multiple players on a server, which played for a while. The more enemies and the more items on the ground, the more likely the client will crash on join. If that happens it's constant, crash on every try. However all players, who are already joined have no problem and can keep playing just fine without any glitches. Only new clients trying to join crash. Any ideas what could cause this? Do i need to take special care of actor replication on join? Or any ideas how i could debug this, i am kind of new to C++ (worked mostly in other languages) and Visual Studio.

  • Nick

    If a player outside an actor's Net Cull Distance Squared then comes into range of an actor which had Flush Net Dormancy called on it while the player was out of range, am I to understand they will not see whatever property was updated?

    Example: I change the color of a dormant building on the game map, then call Flush Net Dormancy to update it. A player from the other side of the map makes his way over. Will he see the original color or the new color? It seems like a huge optimization, but if it's the former, I can't see the use case for it.

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