Network Solutions Website Builder Review & Tutorial
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Network Solutions Website Builder Review & Tutorial

Everyone wants to save hugely but still have
the best website on the internet. Sounds like an impossible dream? It is not. Because Network
Solutions has got your back, as you are about to find out in this in-depth review of Network
Solutions. Let’s move along…
Network Solutions has a plan for everyone, each site with a free domain. The idea is
to create a versatility of differing plans that help everyone find the best package for
their site. Even more amazing about Network Solutions is the flexibility it offers on
shared hosting plans. You get a basic plan with the standard features,
and from there you have the liberty to customize your package to suit your needs and specifications.
This includes customizing your own marketing credits and an eCommerce option.
When selecting packages on offer, no one beats Network Solutions. You may love the Do-It-For-Me
package that frees you of the hurdle of creating your own website as they do it all for you.
There is the advanced hosting option with three different package levels: Essential,
Professional, and Premium. The basic hosting package starts at $2.99
a month. This includes 300 GB disk space and unlimited data transfers. It also comes with
1,000 email boxes of 1 GB storage and three aliases for each box, 25 FTP accounts, and
a statistics software. For professional pricing, you’ll fork out
$3.99 each month. This option comes with a 500 GB disk space and unlimited data transfers.
You also get 2,500 email boxes of 1 GB storage and three aliases for each box, 50 FTP accounts
and of course, the statistics software. The last one, the premium package starts at
$36.99 a month. This comprises of unlimited disk space, unlimited email boxes, unlimited
data transfers, and unlimited FTP accounts. All these service levels include a free domain
along with 100 domain pointers. Creating a website has never been as easy.
For one, you can choose to sit back and let the Do-it-for-me package get you covered.
But if you are the do-it-myself type, your work is cut into three simple steps. All you
have to do is come here, sign up and get a FREE domain! Then, design your new website
in a couple of minutes on a la carte hosting solution. Then, you can go live and start
growing your business online! It’s that simple. The Network Solutions
website builder essentially has everything, and all you have to do is choose.
Do you want to know something exceptionally cool? You can actually search your themes
and stock images by industry. Then using the drag-and-drop tool, you can add just about
everything from text, media, images and apps to social media icons and other add-ons.
The process is just as simple as we make it sound. It may appear overwhelming at first,
but that is just before you get a handle of it. With your plan selected, go on and pick
a preferred template. Play around with it. You want a professional
looking website, so you’ll want to personalize some things. Take your time.
The drag-and-drop editor is there to make your website creation process not just easy
but enjoyable too. Identify what you want, drag and drop it where you want it. That simple.
You’ll want to start with a text, so let’s add a paragraph. Let’s then give it some
life with a few images. Network Solutions has more images than you need in their database,
so just pick the ones you find perfect. Alternatively, just go to your PC and upload one. Great.
Looks plain, doesn’t it? Let’s do something about the design. From the ‘design’ tab,
we can change the template’s background images, color, and font. If you don’t like
the template yet, you have the option to choose a completely different one.
With a few clicks, you can add new pages to your website. You can also change titles,
text and the whole structure of your current pages to give your website a completely different
look and feel. Amazing, isn’t it? Network Solutions does not rank very competitively
on SEO. Though with its flexibility, you are allowed to add your own customized eCommerce
solution and marketing credits. All website packages allow you to put PayPal
buttons on your site. But the standard plans have no actual e-commerce options. You have
to pay an extra fee to get a full-fledged eCommerce functionality. The fee is $7.89
per month. The web templates offered by Network Solutions
are not responsive. You will have to fork out some extra $4.95 for a separate mobile
website. The same template won’t work well on mobile and desktop alike. The advantage
with this deal is, you have additional convenience at customization for your mobile platform.
Network Solutions boasts of 99.9 percent uptime, with an automatic backups system. It offers
24/7 email and phone support service, website builder tool, easy FTP access, programming
language support, the ability to use your own domain name and a single click WordPress
installation. All shared hosting packages are different,
each with access to a technical adviser. This only means that you can always get help with
FTP access, files transfer and setting up security for your website.
The website builder also has a premium technical support solution MyTime Support™. This is
an advanced help that goes beyond the regular client support call. You can choose from 2
different options available for help with setting up of services, remote walk through,
or completion of technical tasks on your website. MyTime Support™ solution is designed to
help you focus on what’s really important- running your business!
Network Solutions is mostly popular for its domain registration services. However it also
provides a host of web solutions, including website development (Do-It-For-Me), email
solutions, online marketing services, and various web hosting options.
Specifically, here are some of the pros and cons we have sampled up:
Pros:  High level of flexibility
 Broad variety of packages to choose from  Premium technical support MyTime Support™
 Expertly designed templates great for personalization
 Cons:
o High eCommerce fee o Interface can be rather cumbersome
o Inadequate customer support

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