Netregistry Web Hosting with AusWax
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Netregistry Web Hosting with AusWax

>>Australian Waxing Company has been in business
for about 20 years. We are specialists in waxing supplies. We have our own brand of
wax called Bare Skin and we also sell the major brands like Lycon, all the major brands. Our business is about servicing, consulting
and providing the best advice to our customers. We’ve been with Netregistry for about seven
years. It’s very important to us to have the website up and running because we do a lot
of our sales through the phone so we use our website to refer the clients back to. Also
we have a lot of international clients, so they do buy a lot of our supplies through
the website. It is very important that our hosting provider
is quick and it’s up and running all the time. We use it as a point of reference to our clients
on a daily basis. Netregistry have been very accommodating,
helped us build the site, they’ve helped us with the optimisation of the site, they’ve
also helped us with the Google Adwords marketing side. They’ve also given us advice on how
to best market the website or how to design it. So, they’ve been really good. I think the says of the yellow pages are pretty
much gone – people are just online now, it’s so easy to search for things. So if you’re
not there you are missing out big time.

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