Netregistry Shared Hosting Testimonial
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Netregistry Shared Hosting Testimonial

>>My name is Haresh Bhojwani, I am the managing
director of New Image Cosmetics. We are a small business and we are wholesalers
of health and beauty care products. Nearly a decade ago our business decided that
we needed an online presence. At the time we chose Netregistry because they were the
best hosting provider and they still are. We wanted to partner with a hosting provider
who was small enough to offer us competitive pricing, keep our costs down. And big enough
who could offer us the technical assistance and support as we needed it. Everyone is out there online, trying to research
and it is important to have presence online for every business including myself. The staff at Netregistry are professional,
courteous, extremely knowledgable and above all, always helpful.

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