.NET Conf 2019 Teaser
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.NET Conf 2019 Teaser

>>On this episode of
ON.NET we’re going to cover all things.NET Conf with.>>Beth Massi. [MUSIC]>>Hey, everyone. Welcome back
to another episode of ON.NET. I am not Richard Lander. I’m [inaudible] , and today
we’re here with Beth Massi.>>Hey, Gomez, is great to
have you interviewing me.>>We want to have
the women who actually produce.NET Conf,
talking about.NET Conf.>>Exactly. I mean we are behind the scenes of
this entire show, right?>>Yeah.>>So we want to get ON.NET here and give you guys a little sneak
peek of what we’re planning.>>So let’s start at the beginning, what year are we on right now for.NET Conf How many
years have we done this.>>This will be my fourth one. But it started in the community. It started at ASP.NET Conf. I think it started even like
outside of Microsoft, right?>>Yeah.>>So I think it’s, I don’t know, like 15 years maybe.>>Wow.>>I really don’t know because
I wasn’t around that long.>>But it was so successful.>>Yeah.>>That you guys are just
doubling down on it.>>So actually marketing, Mike, once he came into Microsoft, Microsoft started funding it
basically to make it bigger. So they used to be it’s just be a communities stand-ups
if you guys watch those, like actually those look really
nice these days but they use to look like call-in, dial-in, and everybody is on
the phone video conference. It used to be like that format.>>Wow.>>I think marketing ticket
over before I joined Marketing. So David Salgado, my predecessor ran the show
for a couple of years. So we ended up using the
studio at that point and bringing it in and like
much higher production value.>>Yeah.>>It just looks better. It’s executed much better.
It’s a little bit.>>You have a more love and care.>>We also have a lot
more viewers as well now. So it really got a huge following, and so this will be
my fourth one,.NET Conf 2019. It’s going to be September 23rd, we’re launching.NET Core
3.0 at the event this year. So that’s new. That’s actually great. Usually, we always do
it in September now, I mean we were doing it in June for a while and we started
doing it in September, I think the last two years
were in September.>>So is this the first
time it’s an event coinciding with a launch.>>With a launch, exactly. Yeah.>>It’s going to be huge.>>Yeah. So we announced at Build, we announced the roadmap
for.NET Core, like releases, and so we
will release now every year. So starting next year, we’ll release.NET 5 in November. So we’ll start, we’re
doing.NET Core 3.0 here, on September 23rd, 3.1 will be at Ignite in November and from then on will release every
year in November.>>Perfect.>>So we’re starting to
work out our schedule. So you might have
a much more predictable schedule, which means I can have
a much more predictable launch.>>Nice. So what’s going on
for 2019? What’s different?>>So yes. So by the way
it says 34 days, 18 hours, we’re recording the show, so by the time you watch
it’ll be even sooner. So please save the date on that. So September 23rd,
we’ve got subscribe to notifications by the way right here and we’ll actually know
what everything is happening. We actually have a lot
of sponsors already. We’re getting more every day. So we have a lot of
sponsors this year much more than we had last year. We’ve got a couple of new things this year so I’m going
go high-level agenda. Here’s the thing, we are still
selecting content right now, and the reason is is because this year we’re going to
do 30-minute sessions. So the first two days
we broadcast right here with the product teams and
Microsoft folks on in studio, we’re going have
30-minute session zones will be bouncing back a little bit faster, and then the last 24 hours
of the conference is like community members that submit in their local time zones
all around the world. So we go into back studio back
there and pull an all nighter.>>Yeah.>>But because we had, if doing 30-minute slots
instead of hours lots, this year, we,re like
double the contents.>>Yeah.>>So we have a lot of
great session submissions.>>I mean this is all
data-driven decision-making. We have seen where you go drop off.>>Right.>>So we’ve noticed that 20 minutes, 25 minutes is like perfect amount of time to sell the message
and the story, and so it’s great that you guys
are adjusting for that.>>Well, yeah, I mean there’s
so much stuff to talk about.>>There’s so many stuff. Yeah.>>I mean like, for instance, like just in the.NET Core release, you’ve got new C# 8, we’re doing gRPC, Blazor. We’ve got WPF on Win Forms Support, we got new Xamarin stuff, ML.NET, ASP.NET, EF Core. I mean, we also have VS and VS for Mac updates are going to
coincide at the same time.>>Yeah.>>We have a lot of Azure
to talk about with this. So I think what we’re going to do, so we’ll announce the agenda
probably next week. We’re still working on
some of these things out. I honestly still trying to get
some product team people to come, hey, we want to use this.>>It’s not a hard sell.
It’s not a hard sell, Wednesday, you can’t say
no what we’re doing. But some other things that
are new this year is we’re going to have two code parties. So we have these virtual
attendee parties, like they run on Twitch and
Mixer after the day here, that are sponsors you answer trivia questions and they
give out prizes online, and we’re going to get two of those; one is going to be after
the first day here at 5:00 PM local time, Pacific time. We’re also going to throw
one at 4:00 AM Pacific Time, so that it will capture some other times zone so
they can join in the party. What’s going to be
interesting is we’re doing this experiment with
our sponsors this year. We’re going to do
a technical treasure hunt. So each of our sponsors’ going
to give a URL and a clue, a technical challenge basically, you got to figure out the answer. So if you want to play, you’ll just need to get an account
either on Mixer or Twitch, and you’ll whisper your answers
to those bots there and they’ll record your answers until you whether or
not you got it right.>>Wow.>>That will get you an entry
into like win a grand prize. We’re still figuring out what
that grand prize will be. But it will be big, it will be monetarily worth a lot
of money and yeah, our sponsors are fulfilling
the prizes and all that stuff. So it should be fun.>>Yeah.>>It could either work
out really well and be completely fun or total mess.>>Super-interactive, on
top of that you’re going to have Q&A as usual.>>As usual.>>Conversation chats and have
moderators managing all that.>>Yeah. We were just talking about Q&A format changing
a little bit this year. We’re going to take questions
on Twitter this year, use Tagboard in here and we
always ask Hanselman if he wants to do the Q&A hosting.>>Yeah. Hold up
the questions up for people.>>We will have Hanselman,
we’ll have Seth there.>>Sure.>>We’ll get somebody like good.>>So this event is for
the audience, the viewers. You guys have questions
definitely be tune in and answer, and then win some surprises
along the way just for fun.>>Right, I mean just
follow the hashtag, hashtag
D-O-T-N-E-T-C-O-N-F,.NET Conf. You’ll be all up to date
with what’s going on. So you should see a lot more. I think social posts
and stuff like that. Now that we’re coming
into T minus months now.>>Yeah.>>So you’ll start seeing some
Visual Studio and.NET posts.>>The favorite question, will everything be on-demand?>>Of course, everything
will be on-demand.>>Yeah.>>Visual Studio channel, I think we were talking
about that, right?>>Visual Studio, YouTube channel, and then on Channel 9 itself
has its own event page.>>Exactly.>>Everything will be on-demand, the stuff happening on
the Twitch day 3 on the Mixer.>>Exactly.>>So don’t worry. If you miss it, don’t worry we got you
but try to be there live.>>Try to be there because
you could win some prizes. You can’t win prizes after
the conference is over.>>Are you doing what
you did last year, was it a community run
events [inaudible] parties, what are they call it?>>Yeah. So right. So we got
the local events already. I just checked, 98 right now signed up which I think over 30
of them on the day of. So it’s not just about being in your own home
watching this online, go check out this map. Go dotnetconf.net “Local Events”. Join your fellow community
and watch the event together.>>Yeah, and tweet out some pictures
too and we’ll share those.>>Yeah. Absolutely,
tweet out some pictures, definitely share them
with the Tagboard. Now, that should be easier
actually It’ll be fun, right?>>Super fun.>>I know, I’m like
super excited actually. Well, you also have
a different format, a little bit different
format for the keynote. We’re not going to prerecord
the keynote, anything like that. It’s still going to be live. But we typically do Scott Hunter, Miguel de Caza, and
Mads [inaudible] ; those three guys, the
three main .NET dudes, cover all of the topics. This year, we try
a little bit different, we’re going to cover
more of a parade, that’s going to be a lot
of the PMs that are responsible for each
of those features are going to come through and show off. So we’re going to have a rolling set
of people just so you know.>>[inaudible].>>This is a new stuff.>>Yeah.>>By the way.>>More seats is what I mean.>>More seats. Sorry, yeah. So Scott Hunter, will still be like
the main anchor at that point, but yeah we’ll have
more people to come in.>>That’s so fun. Great.
This a setting, anything else?>>Yeah. I think that’s about it. I mean we just gotta get this, get through the content, and get it up on the site. So yeah. So keep an eye out
for that, probably next week.>>Nice. Follow hashtag .NET Conf.>>Yeah. Save the date.>>Save the date. We’ll see you then. [MUSIC].>>Hot stuff.

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