Neil Patrick Harris on Hosting the Oscars
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Neil Patrick Harris on Hosting the Oscars

– Where are you right now–
since it’s a week away– in the emotion place? Where are you?
– For the Oscars spectacular? We’re, um–
we’re right in the thick of it. They started loading in
the theater. They’re doing all of the stuff,
now, there at the theater, and my team of writers
are thinking about jokes. And it’s a tricky process
with the content, as you well know. I should really ask you. What was it like for you
a week– you know, six, five days out? – Well, you write as much as
you possibly can, and up until that day,
you’re changing jokes and timing it in rehearsal and– and, really, until that day. I mean, I was changing things
an hour before it started. – ‘Cause I’m finding that
good jokes that we have– that are solid, that we think
are funny and strong– then I’ll watch
a late-night talk show, and they’ll say the same joke. And you go, “Augh!
Need to scratch that out.” – Right. – So–
yeah, that’s been happening. The Grammys. “Augh.” “Saturday Night Live” did–
“Augh.” [laughter] – Well, you start– – I just want everyone to stop
talking until Monday. – I know.
Well, it starts with the Globes. You watch Tina and Amy,
and you’re, like, hoping they don’t do something
that you have in mind, and– but–but it’ll be so much fun. Are you excited? Are you–where–
are you scared? Are you–where are you? – Um, I’m sort of all of it. I’m calm, and I feel good about
the content that we’re doing. I want to make sure
that the people that are in the theater,
that are nominated, that are very nervous
enjoy the show and feel respected
like I’m talking to them. But I think
it’s more important– may–equally important– to be talking to the people
at home and making sure that the people
that are– the larger group of people
that are watching it at home feel that I’m talking to them and that they’re not excluded
from the party. But if I spend too much time
talking to them, I’m excluding the people
whose party it is. – That’s right.
– So that’s kind of the balance. – It’s a fine line.
– The fine line. – It is, because, you know,
you have got a billion people from all over the world
watching, and then you have that room
of nervous people, and so… But it’ll be so much fun.
You’re such a great host. It’s gonna be fantastic.
– Well, I’ll tell you– – You’re gonna be great.
[applause] – Here’s… [applause continuing] Here’s my biggest concern. Your selfie shot…
– Hmm. [laughter] – Was the most spectacular,
successful thing. [cheers and applause] – It worked out. – It worked out so well.
– It worked out, yeah. – And it’s this horrible
dark cloud… – [chuckles]
No. – Above my head now. How do you beat the selfie
that broke the Internet? – Yeah, I don’t know. That was so lucky. I mean, that was so– [cheers and applause] Listen.
– I see that in my nightmares. – Uh-huh.
[laughter] – But here’s what
you have to know. It really–you can’t plan that. I hoped it would happen. I hoped people would jump in. So all you have to do is have
a nugget of a good idea, and if everybody’s onboard
and they’re playing, whatever your idea is,
they’re with you. That just was such
a perfect fluke that happened, and I was so lucky. – That’s–it turned out to be
a great thing. [stammers] Selfie’s in my brain, so I’m gonna try and do
something better, I think. – You have to.
[laughter] You have to–
you do whatever– you can paint them. You can–you get a– – Slowly?
– Yes. – I’ll slowly paint them… both: The whole show. – Yep. Everybody together.


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