NCDOT Now – NCDMV Online Services, Panther Train and Office of Civil Rights Symposium
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NCDOT Now – NCDMV Online Services, Panther Train and Office of Civil Rights Symposium

welcome to NCDOT now I’m Carly Alexa
kiss week we’re sharing ways you can save time at the DMV and it’s all aboard
the train to Charlotte for football games this fall join us the last two
weeks of August can be the busiest at the NC DMV so here are some things to
know before you go check to see if your service can be completed online at my NC
DMV gov you don’t need an office visit to renew a driver license or vehicle
registration order a duplicate license or ID or change your address if you need
to visit a DMV office make sure you have all the proper documentation to complete
your business by visiting my NC DMV gov finally since Real ID applications must
be completed in person the Division of Motor Vehicles recommends you wait until
after the summer peak season to get one but before you make an appointment go
online to determine if Real ID makes sense for you Carolina Panther fans are
you tired of sitting in traffic and having to pay for parking we’ll sit back
and relax and let NC by train get you to Charlotte for the one p.m. football
games this season fans can board train 73 at one of the seven stations between
Raleigh and Charlotte to arrive at 9:40 a.m. and later return on train 78
departing at 7 p.m. while on board ask for a transit pass to easily travel from
the Charlotte train station to the transportation center before in after
the game visit NCBI train org to get your tickets shifting gears this week in
C do T’s Office of Civil Rights hosted the southern transportation civil rights
Executive Council training symposium in Charlotte over four days people in the
transportation industry received training in the federal highway
administration civil rights programs and that’s all for this week’s edition of
NCDOT now from all of us at the North Carolina Department of Transportation
safe travels you

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